Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Peng


Genre: Comedy, Romance
Origin: South Korea
Episodes: 10
Air-date: Oct 7, 2021 – Nov 5, 2021
Starring: Yoon So Hee as Go Sa Ri, Choi Won Myung as Pi Jung Won, Joo Woo Jae as Ki Sun Jae, Lee Seung II as Jeon Woo Sang, Kim Hyun Jin as Yeon Ha Rim

30-year-old Go Sa Ri is trying to start fresh as she says goodbye to her 20s. She faces a difficult situation when her ex-boyfriend, a younger guy, her best friend, and her boss simultaneously try to win her over.

Jeon Woo Sang dated Sa Ri for almost 10 years since she was 20, but now she doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore, but he continues to cling on to her. Yeon Ha Rim is a young model that Sa Ri meet at a club. He is a fearless and isn’t afraid to express his feelings.

Pi Jung Won is a successful and talented media artist who runs a gallery cafe. He develops feelings for Go Sa Ri, who he has been close friends since they were young.

Ki Sun Jae is the CEO of the fashion brand that Sa Ri works at. A nearly perfect guy with both looks and skills, he shows warmth in his actions although he appears cold at times. He isn’t present at the office often as he is busy with other meetings, but as he becomes interested in Sa Ri, he starts showing up more frequently.


Whenever I get into a kind of slump, I usually just toss on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Coffee Prince or Goong. However, I have already rewatched WFKBJ, I am at the edge of finishing Coffee Prince and I refused to watch something that I can’t take credit for with Goong. That being said my next option was to turn to one of viki’s ‘bite sized’ dramas to just pull me out of a funk. Thus, this Peng review was born….. Ending Scene was a contender that I may go back to.

I actually didn’t even read the description for this drama before I started it. I just thought that Yoon So Hee looked pretty and so I hit play. I was very confused for the first episode, but then I settled in and quickly realized what this story was gonna be. I went into this drama with no expectations and they were aptly met. NGL. I enjoyed watching Sa Ri with her friends and honestly, the guys were cute to look at. I thought that it was the type of drama were the cast had fun making it cause it wasn’t supposed to be taken serious. Everything was thoroughly predictable and that was exactly what I knew it would be. Sa Ri really was a push over cause the amount of times these men would grab her arm and wrist and she would just be like ‘ohno’ girl… That hotel scene? I would’ve walked away.

I know what the intention behind this script was supposed to be and I could see it sort of developing there, if it had the right molding and polishings to it. However, with a short run time everything just ended up being surface level and that was fine. I came for pretty people, I saw pretty people and giggled a couple times. I can’t complain.

You know.. I am many things and being a hypocrite and petty are the biggest ones. As someone who does yell at dramas a lot, I don’t know why anyone goes into a drama like this and has expectations? Like what exactly were we expecting here? I think this drama is getting a lot of hate for no reason! Yes, it was poorly made with inconsequential stakes, but like who really thought this was gonna be a deep dive into human relationships? I have learned that the key ingredient to enjoying many dramas that are being released nowadays is that you just gotta not have expectations.

Story: 5/10
Acting: 6/10
Music: 6/10
Rewatch Value: 5/10
Overall: 6/10

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