Hit It or Skip It – December 2021 Week 1

We have entered the last stretch of 2021 and where I thought that we will just have a bunch of Christmas songs released, people decided to actually come out with music. Not sure how I feel about all of it.

Stray Kids “Christmas EveL”

Not your traditional Christmas song, but I’m vibing with it. It’s catchy as fuck.

Stray Kids “Winter Falls”

This is not the Christmas songs from 3rd Gen boy groups but it’s nice. Some of the best vocals from the SKZ.

Chung Ha “Killing Me”

Cute enough to get multiple plays. I like the chorus a lot.

LUNA “Paranoia”

I know this is a fake group, but this needs to be a real one. This song is something I can see from either N.Flying or ONEWE. It’s a fun pop rock song.

Cignature “Boyfriend”

I like and dislike this song too but I like it enough that it will get the streams from me.

Everglow “Pirate”

Reminds me of an old Blackpink song but done right. Dancey but not annoying. Don’t know what it has to do with pirates tho.

IVE “Eleven”

Even with the weird moments, a decent debut from ex-IZONE girls and friends. I think the chorus is catchy.

T1419 “Red Light, Green Light”

Finally a T1419 song I like!!!

GSoul “Natural”

I am in love with his classic R&B voice and it makes me feel at comfort when I hear songs like this.

2Z “Greeting”

Weirdly I like and dislike this song.

Kai “Peaches”

I wish, wish, wish I liked this song. It’s the equivalent of paint drying to me. Pretty to look at but man am I bored.

ONF “Goosebumps”

I wish I liked this more. I love ONF as a group but this song didn’t hit like I thought it would.

Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

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