Hit It or Skip It – December 2021 Week 2

I forgot about this… Also ohmygod how many people released???? I got overwhelmed. It’s December! Give me Christmas songs. Oh speaking of Christmas songs, yes I put all the Christmas songs in hit cause it is Christmas! Well.. almost all … hehehe

BIBI ‘The Weekend’

Am I high or is this kinda sexy?

Davichi ‘Everyday Christmas’

Living for christmas!!

Onew x Punch ‘Way’


MINO ‘Tang’

Mino is not hot but makes hot music… cannot compute.

Ravi (ft. Soyeon) ‘Ani’

Yall know I don’t be liking Soyeon but this is vibes.

Lucy ‘Rolling Rolling’

Something here is working for me… mmm

Lil Cherry ‘Pye Life’

Ugh the hild afrobeats inspired music has on me….

LUNARSOLAR ‘Christmas Is You’

So cute!

SKYLE ‘Our Christmas’

Holiday vibes

NCT U ‘Universe’

No, but it’s actually good ://

FTISLAND ‘Unthinkable’

It’s the emotions for me..

The Boyz ‘Candles’


Xdinary Heroes ‘Happy Death Day’

I see the vision, but this one isn’t the one.



LØREN ‘All My Friends Are Blue’

John Mayer/1975 wannabe ass..

GHOST9 ‘Control’

Idk just listen to Stray Kidz instead..

Monsta X ‘You Problem’


ATEEZ ‘The Real’

I love oriental instruments, however, this just sounds like noise to me.

Super Junior D&E ‘Need U’

Zzzzzzzzzzz x 2

Ailee x Whee In ‘Solo Christmas’

ZZzzzzzzzzz x 3

Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

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