Hit It or Skip It – January 2022 Week 1

Happy New Year! Feels like a fresh start. And with fresh starts there are changes. The biggest is our post schedule for Hit It or Skip It. Instead of it being from Monday to Sunday, we’re doing Sunday to Saturday and posting on Sundays now! Only a day off but it just feels better for us. Luckily since the first fell on a Saturday, I’m including it in this week’s releases. So let’s see who set the bar high for 2022!

GOT the Beat “Step Back”

I like the song but something tells me this is too much talent for one supergroup…

Jay Park “To Life”

I’m just gonna keep playing this on repeat and cry in the corner.

Kep1er “WA DA DA”

I need a song with a concept and this ain’t it but the song is a bop.

UP10TION “Crazy About You”

Surprised this group is still going. Either way, solid comeback.

P1HARMONY “Do It Like This”

They are such a good group giving me that more hip-hop boom bap vibe.

WOOZI “Ruby”

At least there is one person at HYBE who knows how to do English tracks and not be cringy.


LOVE the rock elements in this.

woo!ah! “Catch the Stars”

WAY better than their last comeback. This is a catchy one.

Eric Nam “Lost On Me”

I always forget how talented Eric is and how much his music is a total mood.

BZ-BOYS “Find You”

They followed the current recipe but it actually came out sounding good.


This is no Dear My Family. Way too much rapping. Who would have thought I would say that.

ONEWE “Universe”

Not bad but I’ve heard better rock ballads from them. This one just doesn’t compare.


Pretty sure this was a KARD song like 4 years ago.

WJSN CHOCOME “Super Yuppers”

Straddles the line between cheesy and catchy. Leaning toward being more cheesy.

H1-KEY “Athletic Girl”

I couldn’t decide if this was bad or not. They stayed on concept that is for sure.


Not bad, just not special and different from anything other groups are putting out there.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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