Whatcha Watchin’ – January 9th – New Year, Who Dis?

We in this and there is no turning back! Happy 2022! Feels good to leave all that chaos that was 2021 behind, right? Well, 2022 is looking more like 2020 each day and all we have to cope with is food, alcohol, and a bunch of TV to binge through.

Sugar Baby Unnie

Happy New Year! I am in drama slump. lmfao. I need a new vibe. There are things I’m waiting on to finish or get a few more episodes but for the most part it’s been dub.


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim: We haven’t actually watched any new episodes.

Our Beloved Summer: I just started this which is cute.

Lazy Unnie

The end of the year kind of fell apart for me but I’m hoping that this January will be better than most have been.


  • W – 6 years and now I’m watching. I can’t help but feel frustrated cause I don’t see how this can have a happy logical ending. But there I go looking for logic where there isn’t any.
  • Let Me Be Your Knight – Finally the romance is kicking up. This is so cliche in the best way. And the music is actually really good!
  • F4 (Thailand) – I feel like I was waiting for this drama forever… and now I have to wait once a week for one episode. I HATE THIS! But love the show so far.
  • Best Mistake 2 – I adored the first season and I thought I would breeze through the second but I feel a bit of a drag with this. I watch when I remember.


  • LOUD – We are taking our sweet ass time with this…
  • Street Woman Fighter – Figure it is time to get into the hype now that it’s dying down I think.

On Deck

  • Happiness – Still on the top of my watch list. I just keep getting distracted.
  • Bad and Crazy – I’m hearing wonderful things so this needs to be started asap rocky.

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2 thoughts on “Whatcha Watchin’ – January 9th – New Year, Who Dis?

  1. I’m barely pushing through Bad and Crazy. 😭 Just looking at eye candy on screen isn’t enough anymore lol.

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