First Impressions: F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

When in doubt, go back to plots that never change.

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

Gorya is a simple girl who works at a flower shop. She passes an exam and gets accepted into a prestigious and luxurious school attended by the wealthy, which is ruled by an elite clique known as the F4, consisting of 4 rich, handsome, and spoiled boys. Gorya is the only one that stands up to their bullying ways, leaving all the boys in awe, especially Thyme, the group’s leader. Almost instantly smitten by Gorya, Thyme romantically pursues her, but she has no interest in him because of first impressions. She then falls for his best friend Ren, but Ren is in love with his childhood love, Mira. In all the chaos of school, Gorya can’t help but find herself falling for Thyme because of his generosity to her and her family, and his change of character.

  • Genre : Youth, Romance Comedy
  • Origin : Thailand
  • Episodes : 16 (1 hr. 5 mins.)
  • Aired : December 18, 2021 – April 9, 2022
  • Where To Watch : Youtube
  • Starring : Tu | Bright | Win | Dew | Nani

Thoughts: This is a story I feel I’m way too familiar with at this point. This is my third adaptation of Boys Over Flowers. And with each one, I say it’s better than the last, but this time I REALLY mean it. Even though the story isn’t different, certain aspects feel fresh and seen in a different light with these new actors taking on the iconic roles. There are already 3 episodes out but I can already see that this might be my favorite one. However, I am nervous about how they are going to fit everything in only 16 episodes whereas the Korean and Chinese versions have been a bit lengthy. For now, I can just fangirl over how amazing everyone looks and how Bright and co. are really handling F4. I think Bright’s acting abilities are a right fit for the immature Thyme. But standouts for me right now are Dew as Ren, our broody second lead, and Tu as Gorya, our steadfast female lead. She is a little annoying but not as much as her Korean and Chinese counterparts. For now, you can catch me each Saturday morning, waiting for the subbed version to be loaded on Youtube like a crazy person.

Are You Still Watching? : ADDICTED

First Impression Score: 8/10

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