Hit It or Skip It – January 2022 Week 3

Seems like everyone is back from their Christmas vacations. So many songs came out this week. Were they all good? Not a chance. But I gave them a listen and this is what stood out.

Whee In “오묘해”

Not a bad song. Very her and very chill.

fromis_9 “DM”

Fun little disco-lite track. Might actually learn who members.

DRIPPIN “Villain”

I always forget about Drippin but this is actually really good. Reminds me of something out of the VIXX wheelhouse.

ASTRO’s JinJin & Rocky “Just Breathe”

EVerything about this is just fun. I love this combination of members and a song to match their personality.

YENA “Smiley”

For a solo debut, it’s cute. It feels very late Avil Lavinge.

VICTON “Chronograph”

Was gonna give them a skip for the off beat rap but the SHINee chorus keeps bringing me back.

Moon Byul “LUNATIC”

Usually don’t vibe well with Moon Byul but this is a bop.

Taeyeon “Can’t Control Myself”

Something about this screams Taylor Swift and I hate that for Taeyeon.

AB6IX ” 1, 2, 3″

I don’t dislike it but something about it makes me uncomfortable. Like it’s supposed to be a faster song but they’ve slowed it down .05 speed.

BamBam “Slow Mo”

Love BamBam but this is just a no for me. It’s really not my cup a tea.

LUMINOUS “All Eyes Down”

Feels like it went through the typical BG ringer. Nothing makes it stand out so it ends up being boring.

Mark Tuan “My Life”

Like the lyrics but not the execution.

YUJU “Play”

Sexy but that kind of boring sexy.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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