Whatcha Watchin’ – January 24th – From Here to Eternity

Maybe it’s just me or did January not feel like forever and a year this time around? Either way, here we are about to say goodbye to the end of the month and I feel like yesterday was new years eve.

Sugar Baby Unnie

Well..well.. I am cured me thinks. As usual, it was never a me, problem! Just a drama problem! xP



What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim: Sorry to you all, but this is not giving.. lol I’m still gonna watch though cause Nat loves it.

Bulgasal: Binged this over the last week and I am oddly really enjoying it. I think the reason I don’t get along with certain fantasy kdramas is cause they do that fated love shit and the actors don’t be having chemistry.


On Deck

Reset: Apparently this is getting all the wows so I gotta judge it. Ya feel?

Mirror Twin Cities: I gotta give a view cause of the cast. I am a simple woman.

All of Us Are Dead: One thing about Korea.. they gonna give us zombies real good.

Not Me: Gay but not a college story? Yeah, we in this.

Lazy Unnie

I am feeling overwhelmed but just whelmed at the same time. But at least maybe this year the shows will be bussin, right?


  • Our Beloved Summer – Didn’t expect the fall in love with this one the way I did. But then episodes past 12 happened and now I’m like eh….
  • Let Me Be Your Knight – Have I mentioned that I hate one episode a week shows? Cause I fucking do. Love this show but the airing schedule sucks.
  • F4 (Thailand) – I’m still watching this but I’ve decided to let some episodes pile up because it’s so good, I need a nice binge.


  • LOUD – We are taking our sweet ass time with this…

On Deck

  • All of Us Are Dead – I love a good high school show and what is better than high school and zombies?
  • Bad and Crazy – Maybe? Maybe not? All I know is they hot as fuck.

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