Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Together With Me

This story takes place before the events of “Bad Romance: The Series.” Childhood friends Korn and Knock reunite in college, but their relationship complicates after a night of passionate sex. Knock has a girlfriend but at the same time has mixed feelings for his best friend. Korn loves Knock but he is doing his best to keep his best friend living a happy life with his best friend. How will they learn their feelings for each other? Will they date? How will they face a backlash from society?

  • Starring: Max | Tul | Aim
  • Episodes: 13 (50 mins.)
  • Aired: August 24 – October 5, 2017
  • Network: LINE TV
  • Where to Watch: Youtube

Since I watched Bad Buddy, I was just in a BL mood and I needed another couple with amazing chemistry, so a friend suggested Together With You. Last year my least favorite drama was TharnType, rightfully so. There were things in this that would bring me back to that negative place I felt with TharnType but let me explain why it just never got there.

To start off, the whole premise is a little tropey with the best friends who accidentally sleep together but one has always been in love with the other. The difference here is Knock is in a hetero relationship with his girlfriend, Plern Pleng. I mean, I would have broken up with her based on the name alone. Anyway, the beginning felt a little muddled and I was confused about how we went from Knock and Korn reconnecting at college after not seeing each other for years, to them drunkenly hooking up. Either way, once the deed is done we are thrown into the awkwardness of Knock trying so hard to keep his girlfriend and ignore what he and his BFF had done.

It was really funny to watch Knock and Korn navigate the new (for Knock) feelings that come up. But I knew right away that Pleng was going to be horrible. And I was right. The whole show I was asking why he was still with her. They had only been together a month and obviously letting Korn hit it had opened up some feelings he had repressed. It was nice to see the jealous moments when Korn’s ex was introduced. And I loved how it seemed that they were just going to give in to this relationship. But then halfway, dumb boy hours came and he stayed with Pleng. I was SO frustrated because it is like when you know who the killer is but everyone is so oblivious.

So Knock and Korn’s story kinda goes the way you expect it to but a reason why I loved this and not TharnType was because their relationship wasn’t rooted in toxicity and a level of self-hate. Knock never hated himself for actually sleeping with Korn cause he was gay but more so he hated that he was now a cheater. Which was logical.

Another part of the show I really enjoyed was the supporting cast and their storylines. I loved how their friend group was supportive of both Knock and Korn separately and together. And I had such a soft sport for Phubet’s love line with Korn’s sister who was his teacher. Reminded me of my Dawson’s Creek days when Pacey had an affair with a teacher.

The show wasn’t without toxic moments. As I said before, Pleng was the worst. She was manipulative and a cheater herself! I could not stand her fake ass. Another character I couldn’t stand was Bright. He was a doctor who was also Knock’s cousin. But he was so predatory. He would hang around the bar and basically hook up with any and every piece of ass. And poor Farm fell victim to his charms. Even after he tried to force himself on Korn! This man was THE WORST! He belonged in the TharnType universe lol.

At the end of the day, what made this stand out was the chemistry. Not only between Max and Tul but between the whole cast. I just loved loved loved it.

Acting: 8/10
Story: 7/10
Music: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

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