Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Color Rush 2

Color Rush 2

Genre: Thriller, Romance, Mystery, Youth
Origin: South Korea
Episodes: 8
Air-date: Jan 21, 2022
Starring: Yoo Jun as Choi Yeon Woo, Han Sang Hyuk as Kim Se Hyun

Choi Yeon Woo is a high school student and a “mono” – a person who sees the world only in a dull and lifeless black and white. But for every mono, there is a “probe” – a kind of soulmate who allows the mono to see the world in vivid color. Yeon Woo’s probe was a boy named Yoo Han, and the two developed a beautiful friendship that blossomed into romance. But as their relationship intensified, mysterious goings-on suddenly got very unpleasant for Yeon Woo, who eventually found that Yoo Han had disappeared, with his mother also vanishing.

Yeon Woo vows to do whatever it takes to track down his “probe” and his mother. A classmate named Se Hyun learns of Yeon Woo’s quest and resolves to help and protect him – as a close friendship develops between the two students. But Se Hyun hides a secret, and Yeon Woo could be about to discover the truth… Meanwhile, Yeon Woo is not alone – other monos are nearer than he might think, including a female mono who is looking for her own probe. And a TV producer is also on the scene, hoping to get to the bottom of the mono-probe mystery!


Overall, it is so hard to rate this drama, because it wasn’t horrible by any means, it was just very disappointing to say the least. I would absolutely be interested in watching a season two though.

– Sugar Baby Unnie on Color Rush

Don’t ever say that I am not a woman of my word! I am cause I did it, I watched season two of this drama even when I noticed that they did not have Hyun Jun returning to reprise his role as Yoo Han. Interestingly enough, I was curious to see what this season would offer especially since the whole idea was that probes were essentially soul mates to monos.

Umm sorry to disappoint you all, but I enjoyed season two way more than I did season one. Especially when you consider the fact that I literally did not even remember what happened in season one. When homeboy was all Yoo Han got kidnapped because of me I was like damn do I need to rewatch? Hahaha. But yeah, umm season two was better to me. I enjoyed that there was more of plot and we got to see more of the world. I would like to complain like the others about the fact that there wasn’t a lot of romance, but I am not complaining because I know that there really shouldn’t be a romantic angle here especially considering the whole premise, rather I am complaining because Se Hyun and Yeon Woo have WAY MORE CHEMISTRY and therefore there should’ve been more romance. SORRY TO YOU ALL.

Another reason why I enjoyed this season better was that I thought that this was a really good continuation of what we had already established and what I really enjoyed about Se Hyun’s character is how ok he was with being a mono. I think the whole idea of two monos finding love with each other instead of the probe which we have been told often turns into a codependent stalker type relationship is beautiful. I know, this is contradicting to what I said in my last review but as a continuation of story isn’t it kinda good?

Anyways, not too much praise for this though cause the acting was still mid. LOL. I did find Se Hyun to be cute though, but is it me or did the music quality get worse? All in all not too shabby. I imagine that the next season will be Yoo Han with a new face. I guess at this point, I am committed so see y’all when season three comes around.

Story: 7/10
Acting: 7/10
Music: 6/10
Rewatch Value: 6/10
Overall: 7/10

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