Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Love Is Sweet

Love Is Sweet

Genre: Business Romance, Comedy
Origin: China
Episodes: 36
Air-date: Sep 27, 2020 – Oct 27, 2020
Starring: Luo Yun Xi as Yuan Shuai, Bai Lu as Jiang Jun, Gao Han Yu as Du Lei, Xiao Yan as Xu Li, Riley Wang as Li Xiao Chun

Jiang Jun is a girl who is allergic to tears and has a double degree in economics and psychology. She is unrestrained and idealistic due to her family’s superior background. After graduation, she worked in a philanthropy organization where she pursues her dreams. However, her father’s sudden accident leaves her in a dilemma. Eventually, she decides to work in a top investment company to fulfill her father’s dying wish. In MH, Jiang Jun meets her childhood playmate, Yuan Shuai. However, the current Yuan Shuai is no longer her gentle protector, but her rival. In MH, where the “culture of wolf instinct” is rampant, someone is plotting against Jiang Jun while someone sees her as an eyesore. However with her kind nature and attention to details, along with her high EQ and sense of judgment, Jiang Jun eventually attains success in both her career and love life.


If I am not mistaken, I believe that the last time I was reviewing a Chinese drama, I said that it was like a comforting bowl of soup. If I had to describe this drama, I would say it was like a pleasant dream which quickly turned into a nightmare. This drama was 18 episodes too long and it was felt every moment of the way. I didn’t start off disliking this drama, quite the opposite actually. I was obsessed with this drama it was giving everything even with all the cheesiness.

This story was the greatest downfall. It was predictable and not worth the 36 episode run that we had. There were so many portions where you can see that the story should’ve naturally ended. However, that was completely trampled once we got to the last six episodes that had a time jump which completely derailed Du Lei’s character, I was like yeah no fuck this show. I am never one to truly be into second leads and their stories, but when I tell you that this truly just kept going and going and going until I was getting a headache every time I sat down to watch. Like let’s not even talk about the business aspect and how nothing made sense there and then pure CCP propaganda that existed when she argued with him about quitting her job and then deciding she wanted to quit her job and be a wife and mother. Umm ok. And let’s not even discuss the fact that her dumbass friend was also so wildly annoying during those six episodes as well as a married woman.

In all honesty and what people know to be the truth is that Yunxi and Bai Lu had alllll the chemistry here and they were the reason for the season. Like the only reason I am not giving this drama like 2 stars is because of their chemistry. Yuan Shuai was IN LOVE with her and the BIGGEST SIMP ever that I was so sold. I was enamored by this. The kisses were everything! The confession scene during the first snow? I was gagged for days just dreamy about it. It was so beautiful. Never have I ever wanted to go on a date at an aquarium as much as I have since watching this drama.

This drama is a standard case of we could have had it alllll… All they needed to do was cut this by 12 episodes, not make Du Lei become this random psycho perv all of a sudden and make sense of that stupid breakup. All in all, I had a hard time with this one and don’t know if I would recommend it beyond just watching scenes of Yunxi and Bai Lu make out.

Story: 5/10
Acting: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Rewatch Value: 6/10
Overall: 6.5/10

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