Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Forecasting Love and Weather

A romance drama about the work and love in the office of National Weather Service, hotter than tropical nights and more unpredictable than localized heavy rains. Jin Ha Kyung is an intelligent and highly organized individual who does everything by the book and is fastidious about keeping her personal and professional lives separate. Due to her cold demeanor, she has few friends at work and has become an “outsider by choice.” Lee Shi Woo is a free spirit who is always thinking outside the box. Although he can appear clumsy, he boasts an impressive IQ of 150 and is able to achieve anything once he sets his mind to it. However, in spite of his intelligence and abilities, all he cares about is the weather. Han Ki Joon is a handsome and quick-witted character with a silver tongue. Using his formidable powers of persuasion, Han Ki Joon eventually gets scouted by the spokesperson’s office after struggling in the early days of his career at the service. However, because he has lived his entire life as a model student, he has a hard time dealing with failure. Chae Yoo Jin is a daily weather reporter. Although she went into her job with lofty dreams of breaking news, exciting scoops, and on-site reports, Chae Yoo Jin was ultimately assigned to the “weather and lifestyle team.” While she was initially disappointed by the assignment, she eventually comes to grow fond of her job.

  • Starring: Park Min Young | Song Kang | Yoon Park | Yura
  • Episodes: 16 (1 hr. 10 mins.)
  • Aired: February 12 – April 3, 2022
  • Network: jTBC
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

I think I have a curse when I do first impressions of shows. It seems that when I do one I end up thinking the show is horrible or it underwhelms me way too fast. The latter was the case with this one. Forecasting Love and Weather was like a partly cloudy day. There were moments of real sunshine and things to keep the show interesting. But overall the show just felt gloomy and dull. The aspect that I originally thought was going to drag the show, the weather, was actually one of the most interesting parts.

It is hard to pinpoint one thing that made this show just mediocre. Each week until the 10th episode, I was watching religiously. but I quickly realized I was watching more for aspects that had nothing to do with the main storyline. Let’s start with the good things. Song Kang. Just looking at him on screen brightened every scene. But his character started to become repetitive and dull. There was no big revelation with him and if he wasn’t as attractive as he is, it would be ten times more boring. Also good was the team who worked with them at the KMA. I found myself becoming more invested in their side stories. Especially the one between Shin Seok Ho and Jin Tae Kyung, Jin Ha Kyung’s older sister. Their love story was way better than the second lead’s. Generally, the whole first half of the show was pretty good. I liked the drama that the exes of Ha Kyung and Lee Shi Woo created. Han Ki Joon and Chae Yoo Jin were the worst and it was nice to see that their relationship wasn’t sunshine and rainbows.

Now that is basically where the good ended because the rest of the show felt like shambles. One of my biggest issues was Park Min Young. Usually, I am here for her as an actress but in this, she felt as stiff as her facial expressions. Maybe a few too many trips to the doctor made that happen. But outside of her physical appearance, Jin Ha Kyung just didn’t feel like a character I could root for. I neither could like nor hate her. By the end, I really wondered what Lee Shi Woo saw in her. Another big bad for me was the relationship between Lee Shi Woo and his father. His dad was THE WORST! He basically ruined his son’s life unapologetically. And when Shi Woo was like he doesn’t fuck with his dad, I was like yes, rightfully so. So why did the show need to do this whole redemption arc with him forgiving his dad? It was unnecessary. He was a shitty dad and that was okay, let him be that. It was annoying to see at the end that all was forgiven.

Another bad was the redemption arc for the second leads. The appeal, in the beginning, was hating them. It was actually fun because they were the worst. But after some scenes of Ha Kyung’s ex Ki Joon being absolutely ridiculous, they started to make the viewers feel sorry for his relationship with Yoo Jin. Sorry, nope. Did not like it. I wish they would have just left things alone and actually keep them as terrible people. We didn’t need to see them struggle as a couple. And I really wish they would have had the balls to go through with the abortion storyline. They need to normalize women having the choice.

Overall, I was left hate watching the last few episodes. The show could have easily ended at 12 episodes with the last 4 being only about the side characters and their troubles. I no longer cared if Ha Kyung and Shi Woo ended up together because their relationship felt empty and all they had was some good sexual/kiss chemistry. I only liked how open they were about being physically attracted to each other. These adults did act like adults. Sadly I had a hard time loving this by the end. Damn Park Min Young and her horrible new face and even more horrible hair. Was she wearing a wig? Maybe so.

Acting: 7/10
Story: 8/10
Music: 7/10
Overall: 7.5/10

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