Hit It or Skip It – October 2022 Week 2

Of course on the week when my carpal tunnel is killing me, I have to listen to all the songs.

JUNE “Got U”

It’s a vibe for sure. I love the chill-hop R&B from him.

Dreamcatcher “VISION”

Talk about knowing your brand and delivering! This is serving Evanescence and I love it.

TAN “Beautiful LIE”

For a 4th Gen boy group song, this is pretty fun. Dancey and just a good vibe.

Lee Chaeyeon “HUSH RUSH”

Outside the EXO beginning, I really liked this. It’s cute and I love the Halloween themed video.

Kwon Eun Bi “Underwater”

Giving me Hyolyn vibes without the vocals. But the vocals aren’t bad.

Youngjae & Yerin “Colors”

The retro vibe is cute and I swear Youngjae sounds so much better since leaving JYP.

UP10TION “What If Love”

I’m not an UP10TION stan but this song is a bop. The hook does its job and stays in my head.

RAVI “유행 지난 춤”

FInally, something I can booty pop too. And now he goes to the military.

Loca, GRAY “Tasty x Tasty”

A whole commercial song is slapping harder than some of these other songs. I love it.

N.Flying “The Night”

Not bad but just not something I would listen to on repeat


I would like this more if it wasn’t the same song they’ve been putting out for the last couple of years.

Park Jihoon “NITRO”

Feels very basic. Nothing really special.

BAEKHO “No Rules”

Feels like a Wonho song but in the reject pile. The MV is hot tho.

Kep1er “We Fresh”

It’s almost something but it just doesn’t stick like it should.

WONHO “Don’t Regret”

I don’t think I’ve liked a Wonho song since his solo debut.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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