Whatcha Watchin’ – October 17th – Bodies Bodies Bodies

Spooky season is upon us!

Sugar Baby Unnie




A Romance of the Little Forest: I am still watching this and in awe of how much I really like Miren’s characterization.

The Blue Whisperer: Sigh we’re on thirteen and I am over this arc. Like we know she’s not dying stfu.

Bad Prosecutor: Pleasantly surprised by how funny the comedy bits are. Also I have a kyungsoo voice kink.

Couple of Mirrors: Well. idk what I was expecting when I started but it wasn’t this….. lol

On Deck

Soundtrack #1: I swear imma watch this… x2

Lazy Unnie

I am starting to get that overwhelmed feeling again. Maybe this is a good thing.


  • Love In Contract – Still can’t stand Park Min Young’s face but the budding romance is good. Let’s just get rid of the miscommunication PLEASE.
  • The Law Cafe – It’s almost over and I’m at the part where it’s starting to either drag or reveal everything. At least the kisses are amazing.
  • Today’s Webtoon – Might finish this, might not. Let’s see.
  • Love is for Suckers – Lee Da Hee will always be my queen. She looks great in this and finally, we are getting to the good shit.
  • Cheer Up – I like it but I’m not in love with it. But I am intrigued by the slight spooky element in it.

On Deck

  • The Eclipse – I need back in my BL vibes and looking at First is so addicting. I will start closer to the end.
  • Love in the Air – Same with The Eclipse, I wanna watch but I need it to be almost done so I can binge.
  • Little Women – People keep telling me that this is good. I might binge it now.

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