Hit It or Skip It – November 2022 Week 1 & 2

So because of the tragedy that struck Korea at the end of October, the nation went into a mourning period and because of that a lot of things were pushed back. So we also pushed things back. That is why there is soooo many songs here.

YooA “Lay Low”

I love her and will always want her to do solo stuff.

YooA “Melody”

I would have loved this even more if it came out in the summer time. It’s adorable.


The production is way better than the actual vocals and the raps are the best part of the song.

Highlight “Alone”

I was expecting a ballad and was pleasantly surprised! This slaps.

Rolling Quartz “Sing Your Heart Out”

I need more of them ASAP.

NINE.i “Young Boy”

I love the pop punk vibe this song is having. Don’t know who these boys are but I like this.

ASH ISLAND “Everything”

I usually hate Ash’s sad rap vibe but this song is good.

TREASURE’S Hyun Suk x Yoshi x Haruto “VolKno”

Was gonna skip it just because I’m in my feels about Yedam but I can’t hate on this early 2000’s LinkinPark vibe.

CRAXY “Poison Rose”

Wish more groups would do this sexy concept with the vocals. This is good.


The good vocals saved this production. I liked the verses more than the chorus.

Xdinary Heroes “Hair Cut”

If DAY6 and Stray Kids had babies, it would be these kids. I love this so much.


The chorus change was not pretty.

Newkidd “Victory”

The way I forget about this group is sad and the song is also forgettable


Cute, but not cute enough.

AleXa “Back In Vogue”

I don’t get it.

Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

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