Whatcha Watchin’ – November 15th – Friendsgiving

It is the month of thanks! And the birth of Lazy Unnie! Double thanks!

Sugar Baby Unnie

I have watched so many things but the energy to write reviews is just not there.



The Blue Whisperer: We’re on episode 28 and nothing has happened tbh. Mainly, I’m rooting for Shunde to kill everyone. The leads have no chemistry.

Cheer Up: Slowly enjoying this one when I remember to watch it. So far there isn’t much meat on the bones.

Couple of Mirrors: If this was on a proper streaming site and I wasn’t watching on Youtube, I would be finished already. Soooo good.

On Deck

She and Her Perfect Husband: After 900 years, it is finally airing. I’ll start when there’s more than 10 episodes. Might do a first impressions.

One and Only: Finally realized this was on Viki now and I have been in Ren Jia Lun mode, surely he must have chemistry with Bai Lu.. also I read the book.

Silent: I hate second chance romances, but also I am very easily influenced by Marian in regards to jdramas.

Lazy Unnie

It’s my month and I can do what I want.


  • Love In Contract – I am binging the end as we speak. Here is hoping they get back in my good graces.
  • The Law Cafe – Maybe this weekend I’ll finish it.
  • Love is for Suckers – The only show I’m really staying up with. I am starting to wonder if they should even be together.
  • Choco Milk Shake – The cutest and stupidest show about boys being gay with his reincarnated pets. I love it.


  • Street Man Fighter – Even though the winner is out, I’ve been pretty good at avoiding. I just love the drama.
  • Show Me The Money 11 – That time of year when I laugh my way through the fake gangstas of SK.
  • The Game Caterers: Starship – I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE EVERYDAY

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