And the winner is…

Happy year 5 everyone! Can’t believe I’ve been doing the LUKA’s for 5 years now. Just feels like yesterday I was saying fuck the MAMAs and making my own awards to see the people I want to win win. We have evolved into something much bigger and I hope it continues to grow as the years go on. This year in music was a wild one for me. Half of the year I felt like everything was meh, while the other I couldn’t stop singing certain songs. For me, this was the year of the girl group and I hope that the nominees reflected that. If you haven’t seen the list of nominees, head over there to see or you can see all the videos made on our Youtube channel!

I love doing the awards every year because it gives me a chance to see what everyone was into over the year. I hope your faves snatch the title. If they haven’t make sure to get your ass into gear and vote next year!

ATEEZ– Guerrilla (Moving Ver.)

TEN – Birthday


XIUMIN – Brand New

Xdinary Heroes


PSY & SUGA – That That

ENHYPEN – I Need The Light (Mimicus)

JAY B – go UP

ZICO – Freak

Jackson Wang – Blow

SUHO – Grey Suit

Stray Kids (Changbin, Hyunjin, Han) – VENOM

ATEEZ- Cyberpunk

The Rose – Sour



Stray Kids – CASE 143



ENHYPEN – Blessed-Cursed

NewJeans – Hype Boy

Stray Kids – Maxident


2022 for ATEEZ could be summed up in one word: Dominance. With two world tours under their belt and multiple Korean and Japanese releases, Ateez made 2022 their own. In 2021, ATEEZ showed their pirate lore and unique stages on Kingdom: Legendary War but in 2022, they showed how they were not done evolving and growing. ATEEZ with their hard-hitting music that not only gets you hype but with powerful vocals from their Maknae Jongho, they also touch your soul.

8 Makes 1 team. That is their welcome and they truly go by it. This team of 8 shows how well they work together and how it is not just a group but also a family between them. Their dynamic is infectious and their music is just as so. The ATINY fandom grows every day with new people discovering and falling for their unique charms. With their hip-hop and electronic-influenced sound, ATEEZ shines when it comes to performance. Since their debut in 2018, there is no wonder why this group has been nominated and won both 2022’s The Fact Music Award for Best Performer and a Bonsang from Seoul Music Awards. The only way is up for this group. With the way they are ending 2022, there is no question that they will kick the doors down in 2023.

Finally, the pirates explain!

Want to relive all of the nominees? Follow our Spotify and add the playlist to your library!

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