Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Kissable Lips

A sweet and bloody campus romance between Jun Ho, a vampire who is walking the path of extinction, and Min Hyun, a human with pure blood. Jun Ho is a vampire who is about to die. To survive, he will need to drink pure blood and thus become a human. One day, while searching for this pure blood, he meets Min Hyun, a human with pure blood. But another vampire named Hae Soo, who knows about Jun Ho’s past traumas, causes Min Hyun and Jun Ho to fall out. Living a normal life as a human and protecting Min Hyun, what will Jun Ho have to face?

  • Starring: Kim Ji Woong | Yoon Seo Bin
  • Episodes: 8 (11 mins.)
  • Aired: February 3 – February 25, 2022
  • Network: Viki
  • Where to Watch: Viki

You know that feeling when the concept of something is so good that there is no way it could be bad? I think Kissable Lips is that except that it was actually not all that great. It was a quick watch about a dying vampire who needs to drink the blood of a pure-blood to survive but instead of doing that, he falls in love with his intended target. Or at least that’s what it should have been. Where this suffered was in budget and faith.

The plot idea was great but it was so short and rushed, nothing felt meaningful. However, both Kim Ji Woong and Yoon Seo Bin did well with what they were given. They proved that they had chemistry with each other despite not having the best script and production to work with. What really made me drop this lower was the pacing. Everything just felt rushed and because of that, there was no real feeling that Junho was in love with Minhyun. It felt like he was more hung up on killing the last pure blood he was with than him falling for Minhyun.

As for the title being Kissable Lips, you would expect some really good kissing scenes, right? Well, they didn’t fail there any honestly, because the chemistry was so good between the leads, this is why it was bearable to finish to the end. Speaking of, I was sooooo mad. I know that some people didn’t mind it but, spoiler, HE DIED! All that and they couldn’t find a solution that didn’t involve Minhyun dying and my dude died. UGH. It felt like they were dashing all hopes of a sequel to rectify the problems of this. What this whole show boils down to was give Korean BLs a better budget, PLEASE.

Acting: 5/10
Story: 5/10
Music: 6/10
Comfort Score: 7/10
Overall: 6.5/10

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Fave Song : N/A

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