Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: The Blue Whisper [Part 1 & 2]

The Blue Whisper

Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
Origin: China
Episodes: 42 [Part 1 – 22, Part 2 – 20]
Air-date: Mar 17, 2022 – Apr 1, 2022 [Part 1] Apr 4, 2022 – Apr 25, 2022 [Part 2]
Starring: Dilraba Dilmurat as Yu Jin He, Ren Jia Lun as Chang Yi, Xiao Shun Yao as Lin Hao Qing, Cristy Guo as Shunde Fairy | Ning Xi Yu, Wang Dong as Ning Qing

An Oriental fairytale follows the romance between a demon master and a merman. Their relationship started from that of control and being controlled. After a series of conspiracies and misunderstandings, they break free of the barriers between their worlds to become each other’s salvation.

There are only four remaining places in existence where the use of the ability to control monsters is allowed by imperial rule. In a certain region in the South lives a woman named Ji Yunhe (Dilraba Dilmurat). She is the most powerful demon master with the ability to tame any demon. However, she falls in love with merman Chang Yi (Allen Ren) and sets him free even at the expense of deceiving him while she becomes imprisoned in endless darkness.


Guess who’s back? Back again… Sugar Baby is back! Tell a friend!

Umm let’s see, happy all major holidays of 2022 that have passed. Happy New Year! Listen folks, I was just not in my writing state of mind and even though I allegedly watched thirty dramas last year (this is an underestimation), I couldn’t bring myself to write anything. It was like, surely I could’ve gotten out my Eve, Royal Feast, First Love, A Romance of Little Forest reviews after my Love Between Fairy and Devil review, right? WRONG. Idk but anyway, new year new me! We’re starting the year off with a bang and by that I mean a drama that made me want to put a gun to my head. Too dark? My bad. Let’s get into it. 

I preface this by saying that if you have followed the blog for a while, you know that I was actually really into this drama for like the first 6 episodes or so.. It very quickly went downhill by the time episode 10 rolled around. I still stuck it out though! All 42 episodes. FORTY-TWO! Now, it doesn’t make sense to review this as Part 1 and Part 2 because once you watch this drama it becomes abundantly clear that there is no Part 1 and Part 2, this drama was just split down the middle because of the censorship and episode count rules. Which is just the tip of a long line of complaints with this foolishness right here. 

The Blue Whisper is a bad drama. It is a bad drama in terms of acting, storytelling, pacing and directing. If you picked this drama up as something to fill the fantasy itch after watching Love Between Fairy and Devil like I did then it becomes even more sour in the mouth. There was a clear lack of direction here with a plethora of unlikeable characters. The plot holes were the size of a little island. So many unanswered questions to stories that could’ve and should’ve been interesting. All these sacrifices that people made and it was for what exactly? Why did Chang Yi even become the king of North Abyss in the first place when Qing Yao was alive and well? Also what about Chang Yi’s actual kingdom in the water as a merman royalty? Oh and let us not forget that he gave her his tail and his pearl which according to their own lore means that he shouldn’t have much spiritual power yet he was on par with these folks even before the fox king healed him. And forreal what was the deal with spiritual power? It seemed like everyone had enough and then no more.  Kong Ming and Ji Cheng Yu were best friends and found themselves to be enemies now because of all the stuff with Immortal Master, but once the big fight happened it was like.. Okay moving on? Like why did they even set up their scenes like that if Cheng Yu wasn’t going to betray the immortal master? How did Yunhe take 20 episodes to die and then come back as a full grown immortal while the immortal king is still looking like he’s 12, a couple hundred years later? WHY TF DID SHE REINCARNATE AS A MERMAN TOO? WHAT IS GOING ON?!

However what makes this drama bad rather than average is because it had the most fatal flaw with a story like this–THE LEADS HAVE NO CHEMISTRY. I have said this once and I will say it again, if we are doing some epic love story in which people do things to and sacrifice for each other and the greater good, I have to feel chemistry. We as the audience have to believe in this love. We HAVE to WANT the couple to be successful and overcome the odds but when these two touch lips, it is very much giving dead fish. This was a dry desert without any water anywhere. Why did he have more chemistry with quite literally everyone than he did with Dilreba. Yes, yes chemistry is subjective or whatnot, but you cannot look me dead in the eye and say that any romantic dialogue between these had your heart go pit patter. What also sucks is that if you decide that the lead couple isn’t for you, you would want to turn to the side couple and trust and believe there were quite a few but, you guessed it, also dry as hell. 

So with no couple to cling to and less than stellar characterization with generally weak acting performances what did this drama have going for it? Three things. The first only applies to the first fifteen or so episodes when they were still in Thousand Valley and that is the cinematography. The CGI for Thousand Valley was fantastic! The colors were rich, everything was so beautiful and stunning. It was a beautiful visual treat which went down hill once Northern Abyss began to be the prominent place and then everything seemed to have a dull filter on it with the exception of the actors’ faces that were casted in white and oh so pristine. The second thing that goes hand in hand with the cinematography would be the costuming. Those lace fronts were laid. Lace wear? It was giving scalp! And the beats with the face? Yeah they ate that up. Nevertheless, the third thing and greatest part of this drama was the absolutely remarkable, astounding, and incredible performance that Cristy Guo gave as Shunde Fairy. She acted circles around the rest of the cast. She delivered on the unhinged, ‘evil for fun but then for real because turns out man only like me cause I look like his other bitch’ performance and the amazing contrast that we got when she played Ning Xi Yu. I already peeped her talent during Love Between Fairy and Devil, but this solidified it for me and I want more of her. It’s a demand at this point. Therefore even though I am giving this drama an average acting of 7, just know that Cristy was a 10/10. 

All in all, I will say that the only reason this drama is rated highly is because of the main actors’ fanbases. That is the problem I am finding more prominently with Chinese dramas–there’s no chemistry testing, they just toss popular actors together and call it a day. Honestly? Save yourself the boring misery of this and just skip it. You will thank me later. Until next time! xx

Story: 5/10
Acting: 7/10
Music: 6.5/10
Rewatch Value: 1/10
Overall: 5/10

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