Whatcha Watchin’ – January 9th- Crying in H-Mart

A week in and who else has had an emotional breakdown? Just me? Alright then…

Sugar Baby Unnie

I came, I watched, I dropped.



Song of The Moon: I pay Vin Zhang’s bills. I watch anything with him in it.

Forbidden Marriage: Okay, but I just love Young Dae and his little lisp.

Couple of Mirrors: I intend to finish this week.

On Deck

One and Only: I really will start this. Pinky swear.

Lazy Unnie

I didn’t want to bring a bunch of baggage over from 2022 but here we are with shit that just wasn’t finished and neither am I. But I’m proud to say I’m still in my BL phase.


  • Plus and Minus – I keep forgetting to watch the last two episodes. They aren’t bad but I’m kinda over it maybe?
  • The New Employee – I’ve read half of the manhwa and I’m loving this adaptation. However, I wish more episodes came on. This once-a-week is a bummer.
  • The Director Who Buys Me Dinner – The concept is really interesting and for it to be a KBL, I’m proud of them.
  • The Forbidden Marriage – GIVE ME A FUCKING POLY ROMANCE PLEASE! The chemistry between everyone is just THERE!
  • Between Us – I like BounPrem and I am loving seeing WinTeam get their shine but am I a bit bored? Maybe So.

Up Next

  • Island Season 1 – You had me at Lee Da Hee. But this is on Prime! I hope more shows go there. However, my faith in Eunwoo isn’t there as usual. At least he’s pretty.
  • May I Help You -The leads alone are enough for me to start but this is another amazon prime show so I should def get my subscription worth.
  • My School President – Between all the BL groups I’m in and tumblr, this has been being pushed on me hard, and I’m almost ready for it.
  • Never Let Me Go – I watched Fish Upon the Sky and the dynamic that is PondPhuwin is ADDICTING. I just need more episodes to air before I jump in.

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