Hit It or Skip It – January 2023 Week 3

This week felt like a hodgepodge of releases. I am not really sure where the vibe lay but let’s see who came to slay.

GOT the beat “Stamp On It”

I like the bad bitch vibe and Seulgi slayed.

YENA ” Love War (feat. BE’O)”

Didn’t expect this at all from my smiley Yena but this jazzy r&b vibe is a killer

Jinyoung “Cotton Candy”

Not what I was expecting from Mr. Park but I LOVE IT! Kinda fell for him cause this.

cignature “AURORA”

It’s giving early IZONE or not annoying Gfriend vibes and I love it. Just a fun song.

DJ Wegun “Ground Zero (feat. punchnello)”

Was really expecting to hate this but I kinda like this weird DJ vibe and punch killed his verses.

Jay Park “BLUE CHECK REMIX (Feat. Blase, 365LIT, JUPITER, KHAN, XINSAYNE, Roh Yun Ha, sokodomo, KOALA, Jambino, Lee Young Ji, Chillin Homie, NSW yoon)”

I love a cypher style song and this just delivers. Some did better than others but I love how addicting this song is.

Yoo Yeonjung (WJSN) “Secret Love”



This gets a skip just because they have done better and this just feels hella recycled.


I feel like they just wanna be like Blue Check but can’t. Expected better from the standouts of SMTM11.

Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

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