Whatcha Watchin’ – January 23rd – The Girl With the Louding Voice

It’s still January. Why is this the only month with 84 days in it?

Sugar Baby Unnie

You see the funny thing is that I am watching so much but also so little at the same time? I don’t know.. I’m feeling the vibe.



Song of The Moon: We’re on episode 13 or so and it’s such a contrast to Blue Whisper for me, personally because at this point in Blue Whisper, I was already checked out.. I am still kinda invested? The story is like predictable but also unpredictable? Does that make sense? Anyways, I like it for now… We shall see..

Unchained Love: Yukee and Dylan.. why not? I am sick to my stomach because I keep watching and it’s not good so I genuinely don’t know why. I am literally on episode 20!! SEND HELP!

Couple of Mirrors: I’ve been on episode 3 for a long time but not because it’s boring. It was because I had to watch on Youtube but guess what??!!!??!?!? IT IS ON VIKI!! So yeah we’ve got this.

New Life Begins: The way I am in love with Bai Jingting? What? I can’t even. I am on episode twelve and I want another kiss already.

On Deck

One and Only: If you see this sitting here for like twenty years, mind yo business. It is happening. Don’t worry.

Somebody: I’m trying Kdramas and seeing which sticks.

Crash Course In Romance: Technically, I started this but I was very high and don’t remember much beyond the first few minutes so I’m saying “its on deck” but ifykyk…

Lazy Unnie

Why is there nothing and everything to watch at the same time?


  • The New Employee – I am surprisingly loving this because it doesn’t feel like a typical KBL web drama. If only it was longer.
  • Between Us – I am pretty much speeding through this. It feels like they didn’t have enough plot and are dragging the noncommunication and I’m over it.
  • Crash Course in Romance – I didn’t think I would like it but here I am wishing for the weekend so I can watch the old people’s hilarity.
  • Alice in Borderland – I don’t dislike it but I am struggle busing to get past the first episode.

Up Next

  • Island Season 1 – You had me at Lee Da Hee. But this is on Prime! I hope more shows go there. However, my faith in Eunwoo isn’t there as usual. At least he’s pretty.
  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – I’m heading into a slump, I feel it. So a rewatch might be in the future.

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