Battle of the B’s: Best B-Side Tracks – ATEEZ

It’s been a while! Trust me, I have been thinking about this for a while and sometimes these battles take a bunch of time because I have to listen to EVERYTHING! Anyway, since 2022 was their big year and they did all the things, I decided to start this year off with a look back on everything ATEEZ. Monster rookies in their own right, they really know how to make an era.

Treasure EP.1: All to Zero (Debut EP, 2018)

Stay – I remember when this EP came out and no one was feeling it but I was here in my KQ Fellaz feels and loved it. Stay gave us the island vibes and it felt fun compared to the title tracks. It is a little secret gem that more need to know about.

Treasure EP.2: Zero to One (Second EP, 2019)

Promise – I have been saying this since 2019, this is probably my favorite ATEEZ song. I can’t really explain how well this song just works. Maybe it is Jongho and that crescendo of a chorus but it just builds something inside that makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs.

Treasure EP.3: One to All (Third EP, 2019)

Dancing like Butterfly Wings – With a title like this I expected a nice ballad but not with ATEEZ. Giving us an early 2000 pop-punk bop. Also shows off how dancing is definitely ATEEZ’s strongest suit.

Treasure EP.Fin: All to Action (First Studio Album, 2019)

MIST – DID NOT EXPECT THE SEXY TO JUMP THE HELL OUT! That’s all. This is a baby-making song and I live for it. Mingi sounds amazing against the slower beat and I’m gonna go faint in a corner.

Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer (Fourth EP, 2019)

Precious – What I think makes this song so special is it feels like a direct link to Treasure, ATEEZ’s debut song. This being the last album in the Treasure series, it just brackets the whole era perfectly. It’s not the same song but definitely is the sister to that one.

Zero: Fever Part.1 (Fifth EP, 2020)

One Day At A Time – If Promise is my favorite song in the Treasure era, this one is my favorite in the Fever era. 1. it’s an all English song and no one hypes that up enough because it’s PERFECT. 2. IT IS A VIBE! It’s not the typical in your face yelling of an ATEEZ song. It’s subtly powerful and it just pulls at my heart because the message is so touching.

Zero: Fever Part.2 (Sixth EP, 2021)

Take Me Home – I don’t know why this is the bitch, but she just is. It feels more adult than anything they have done and also dangerous. I also like the 80s feel this song has. I just love when you throw a sax on a song.

Celebrate – I couldn’t just leave my baby Celebrate out from the conversation. I love soul music and this is that. You add a choir underlining on a track and I’m gonna perk up. It’s so different and shows that ATEEZ can switch it up on you hoes.

Season Songs (Special Collaboration EP, 2021)

White Love – I don’t know why I love this but it makes me feel warm and good inside. Again, it’s ATEEZ doing something against their grain and it works. Who knew Hongjoong rapping on a big jazz beat would work? Not I.

Zero: Fever Part.3 (Seventh EP, 2021)

Not Too Late – I have to admit, this album came and went in my head. But again, ATEEZ doesn’t really do things nice and slow but just like Tina Turner told y’all, gotta do it sometimes. And they did. When it is soft and easy, it really makes Jongho and the rest’s voices stand out more and see the growth.

Zero: Fever Epilogue (First EP Repackage, 2021)

The Letter – Hard to go against an album that has The Real on it. But this is ATEEZ doing Christmas and it’s cute! I like seeing them do something very different and this is that for sure. It’s like Christmas meets a little Latin vibe with a bit of hip-hop.

The World EP.1: Movement (Eighth EP, 2022)

Cyberpunk– There is no better song and performance than this right here. Just watch the video and see for yourself. I won’t even explain.

Spin-Off: From the Witness (First Single Album, 2022)

I’m the One – Eden-ary Remix – I loved I’m the One and I love a house mix. This is kind of the best of both worlds.

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