Whatcha Watchin’ – February 6th – Legendborn

Even though every month we should be celebrating Black lives and voices, this is the month we can be in your faces about it. If you haven’t noticed, we are titling our Whatcha Watchin’s after books this year. Go read Legendborn ASAP!

Sugar Baby Unnie

I spent the last few days obsessed with reading which means not much watching happened outside of Naruto and finally finishing Couple of Mirrors.



Song of The Moon: Mannn.. I love this drama? I am enjoying it so much it is wild. We have just about ten or so episodes to go so anticipate this being completed by the end of the week.

Unchained Love: I think the complaints for this one are so annoying.. Is this the best drama to exist? No. Was it fine enough to pass time? Absolutely. Almost done.

New Life Begins: Haven’t watched much since last time but we’re doing it.

On Deck

One and Only: If you see this sitting here for like twenty years, mind yo business. It is happening. Don’t worry.

GAP: Let’s go lesbians!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crash Course In Romance: Ssshhh. Say nothing.

Lazy Unnie

I’ve been in a reading mood and a lot of the shows I want to watch, I’m just waiting to end or start.


  • The New Employee – We are nearing the end and I just feel like this could have benefited from being a full drama. There is enough material for it.
  • Crash Course in Romance – The one bright spot in my weekends right now.

Up Next

  • Island Season 1 – You had me at Lee Da Hee. But this is on Prime! I hope more shows go there. However, my faith in Eunwoo isn’t there as usual. At least he’s pretty.
  • Work Later, Drink Now Season 2 – Gonna start now that’s done so me and SB can review together.
  • The Heavenly Idol – The premise sounds ridiculous and I’m here for it.
  • My School President – I am over watching BLs as they air so since this is on episode 9, I think it’s time to start.
  • Never Let Me Go – See above.

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