Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Couple of Mirrors

Couple of Mirrors

Genre: Thriller, Historical, Mystery, Drama
Origin: China
Episodes: 12
Air-date: Aug 12, 2021 – Aug 26, 2021
Starring: Zhang Nan as Xu You Yi, Annie Sun as Yan Wei, Liu Zhi Yang as Zhou Heng, He Feng Tian as Jiang Bin, Zhou Dai Wei as Xie Yi Fan

You Yi is a young, innocent, and kind-hearted socialite and a successful author, living with everyone’s adoration and envy. Her perfect life is turned upside-down when she discovers a betrayal by the two most trusted people in her life. With no one left to turn to, she finds refuge in the friendship and support of Yan Wei, a young photographer with a cold personality. Unbeknownst to all, Yan Wei has a deadly secret identity.


Do you guys know how long I have been watching this drama? MONTHS! And it wasn’t because it was boring, it was because I was lazy. Honestly, at this point, I think it is unfair of me to deem other Nikki the lazy one in our duo. Oh well. I finally noticed that this was on Viki this year and then the binge was on! I picked this drama up because you guys told me it was a girl love drama and to be quite honest, you are all nasty dirty liars!! I know.. I know.. Censorship and whatever, but umm need I remind you how gay Shining Just for You was and that was an hetero romance where we were supposed to be rooting for these motherfuckers.. I’m just saying.. They could’ve tried harder.

As stated, I started this because I kinda had a little crush on Zhang Nan when I watched her in Royal Feast and then everyone said this was good.. I had no idea what the actual story was supposed to be and I have a hard time sticking with Republican Era Chinese dramas, but with this one? I had no problems. When I started you know my messy ass was like on the floor when the cheating dropped but you know what settled and had me glued? When we started finding out bits and pieces of Yan Wei.. I loved seeing the way they unraveled the yarn after Hong Mei got killed via the hit and run caused by the betraying demons. Yes, that is what I will be referring to them as. Anyway, after that this story got so damn topsy turny and wild, I was like okay what is going onnnn? But I was hooked and that right there is what I need from my shows. Even if you are feeding me bullshit, I wanna see it through. The finale was very … umm… interesting? I can only say that it must be because there will be a season two.. allegedly.

So story aside, the acting was pretty good. I thought that everyone played their roles in a believable manner. I was actually quite impressed with Annie Sun’s acting simply because she pulled off this role quite well. I want to see more of her because yeah, I got me a crush. What I really loved was the score and animation used for the introduction. It was really beautiful guys.

All in all, I would definitely rewatch this and recommend it to others. It was good, it just needed to be gayer.

Story: 8/10
Acting: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Rewatch Value: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

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