To All The Oppas And Unnies We Loved In 2019

Hello! We’re back at the end of this year to tell you about the “oppa” and “unnie” that we loved this year! We have actually decided to revamp things a bit and starting next year we will be doing a quarterly “oppa” and “unnie” to help alleviate our love and thirst! As usual, don’t forget that these won’t necessarily be Korean stars, but they will for sure be of Asian descent. We just thought it was better to use these phrases verses the million others.

Sugar Baby’s “Oppa”

Wang Yibo aka Yibo

Dear Yi-BOO,

I come to you humbly on bended knee to tell you that I will give you the best suck of your life that Xiao Zhan can’t even come close to. Wait, that’s a little inappropriate….. Please don’t sue me! It’s a joke! But seriously though, boo, you snuck into my heart this year. And no, it was not due to The Untamed, as I still haven’t watched that. DON’T SEND THE DIVORCE PAPERS YET. I am just waiting for when I can enjoy it without the hype because I don’t want to be disappointed if it doesn’t go well. I am doing this for us!!

I actually started falling for you a lot more this year when I saw you on a random variety show. Why are you so cute and funny and why have I just discovered it this year? I also had a period where I decided to watch Produce 101 China and boy you can danceeee. I didn’t even notice it was you when I watched Love Actually. Next year, I’ll be receiving the gift of seeing you in Legend of Fei and Private Shushan College (fingers crossed), I am excited to fall deeper into the characters you will bring to life. Thank you for this year and let’s get shit all the way fucked up next year!

Sugar Baby’s “Unnie”

Chen Yuqi aka Yukee Chen

Dear Yukee,

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Girl, how did I fall so helplessly in love with you when I only saw you for ten minutes when I attempted to watch Ashes of Love!! I even heard that your character was great, but I never saw it to fruition all I know is that YOU are freaking PHENOMENAL. I miss you so much. I find you so cute and endearing and I want all the best and good things for you. I am so obsessed with you that I even watched Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre which is funny as fuck because I initially had it on my radar cause of Bambi and then I fell for you and was so nervous that you weren’t the main female lead and wasn’t gonna get the guy LOL.

I loved seeing you blossom and grow and I know we have a bright future ahead of us. You served me so many lewks during fashion week that a bitch was completely stunted. I will be honest though, I lacked dramas and I know it is not your fault because you have filmed so many but I am hungry and I want it all. OBVIOUSLY I WANNA SEE PRIVATE SHUSHAN COLLEGE CAUSE LIKE YI-BOO, but like girl you have dramas with Alan Yu, Leo Wu AND Qu Chu Xiao coming up.. Do you see why I am impatient?? So here’s to the fun we’ll have next year baby girl! More filming and more dramas to air! Mwah! xx

Lazy Unnie’s “Oppa”

Hu Yi Tan aka Tall Squishy

Dear My Tall Squishy,

I fell for you out of no where! One moment I’m looking at Li Xian in Go Go Squid and then the next I’m begging for you to have more screen time as the broody cousin. The whole time I watched, I waited and wished for you to get the happy ending you deserved or just something. But that tells me, even though your lines were minimal, my love for you was grand. What you did with just a look, spoke volumes.

But it was in A Love So Beautiful that I realized that my love for your subtle acting and drop dead looks that made me catch my breath. Jiang Chen was in no way a lead that I should have fell for. But it was your portrayal of the way a love doesn’t have to be in your face to be meaningful was so touching, my heart clenched every time you were on screen. 2020 already looks like you’re lined up with show after show, and I really hope they they showcase all you can do. You’ll find this unnie right there cheering you on!

Lazy Unnie’s “Unnie”

Nam Ji Hyun aka Bubble

Dear my sweetest Bubble,

Whew! I know I’m late to the Ji Hyun party but at least I’m here. I finally discovered what the magic was when I sat and watched 3 of your dramas this year. I was enamored completely from the beginning and am now a forever fan. I don’t know what it is, maybe your adorable little overbite? (Caps probably but I’m not judging.) The way you make us fall for you the same way we fall for your male counterpart is amazing.

But it was more than your cute adorable looks that had me going in major girl crush mode. It was how I connected with each one separately. Even though the characters didn’t vary much from all three dramas I watched. I felt wronged when you were wronged in Suspicious Partner. I had empathy when you did in Shopping King Louie. I longed for a brother and life I never lived in 100 Days My Prince, all because you did! You have the ability to make us as viewers connect with you, no matter what the plot. And with that, you’re my Unnie of the year!

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