Monthly Roundup – January

Sighs… New Year same bullshit. Yes, I am back to doing these god forsaken round ups. This year, they will be done all the way through December! fuck my life Will they be quality? Of course not! I don’t have time for that shit. I will try to elaborate and give more in-depth analysis… Hahaha Kidding! If something is worthy of me actually giving a shit then it will get its own post. In order to hold myself accountable because we all know I am a flaky ass bitch, I will be doing initial vs now thoughts on songs. ‘Initial’ will be the first time I heard the song, often day of release at 6:30am when I’m on the toilet taking a dump or on my drive into work. While, ‘now’ would likely be approximately an hour or so before I hit publish on the post; a day if I have to schedule it. Granted songs that are released later in the month will be at a disadvantage, but that aint no problem of mine. Also, in order to spice things up, I will have a worst song of the month and a best song of the month. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS IS BASED ON PERSONAL PREFERENCES. As each month goes on, I will update on whether my initial best/worst from the month still remain because as we all know, KPOP is literally the proof of Stockholm syndrome’s existence and that our mind is conditioned to believe that noise is good and worthwhile. However, the same thing happens in reverse, I can think a song is GREAT upon first listen and as time goes on it becomes insipid trash that I should only play once in a blue moon. Likey. Red Flavor. I will also be adding OSTs as just bonus listens as well as a few other fun things to poke at.

Okay so that’s enough of that. Let’s take a look at the lameness that was January 2020 in KPOP. It was a dry month unlike me who failed in doing Dry January. YOLO.


Younha – Dark Cloud

I like Younha her music is pleasantly boring, but like I definitely wouldn’t call myself someone who obsessively checks for the sis. So yeah… Didn’t even know she had a song with one of the BTS boys until I saw this.

Initial: This song has the same tone of most Urban Zakapa songs. So for me, it wasn’t quite hitting as much as it should. Actually the song with the BTS boy was better.

Now: Yeahh….. undefined

ph-1 – Nerdy Love (feat Baek Yerin)

Yerin literally making moves since escaping JYP’s dungeon. I swear we’ve gotten more of her in the last four months than her entire career at JYP.

Initial: Chill song.. Nothing really much to say. I love the animation of the music video.

Now: I actually added this to my playlist.. it’s kinda a vibe.

Zico – Any Song

Listen Zico is trash, but I don’t hate him. Take that up with management! I bop to a lot of his songs and it is what is. With that being said… HOW DID THIS NIGGABOO MANAGE TO GET EVERYONE AND THEIR MOMMA TO PROMOTE THIS SONG? Chunha, Hwasa, Mino, Tiffany, Lee Hyori, Bai Lu, I meant what I said, I want his PR team.

Initial: Lame ass annoying ass song that I can already tell will be stuck in my head until I die.

Now: I don’t care how many PAKs this song gets, you will not con me into thinking it’s good. Call it what it is, terrorism.

Taeyeon – Dear Me

Taeyeon. Taeyeon. I should just let this song do all the talking for me.

Initial: I am crying. I am not being dramatic. I am crying. Taeyeon’s voice is exceptional. The lyrics are exceptional. Fuck.

Now: This really is no Blue.. I couldn’t even remember it after I listened. It’s a cute girl though.

Paul Kim x Chungha – Loveship

Don’t really care about Paul Kim in any special way. I was a Chungha fan until she stole Jennie’s awards! Now it is on sight!! I am happy to see Chungha’s fillers have settled in. She is aiming for the digitals by teaming up with Paul Kim… I see right through you boo! Hehe! Get it!! Secure the bag!

Initial: Boring as fuck. Also I am pleasantly surprised by how good Chungha sounds. Has she been getting vocal lessons or did the audio engineer work magic?

Now: undefined x2

Dynamicduo x Chen – You

Well…. lololol… Idk man I just find the situation so funny. Never really been a huge dynamicduo fan. I think the only song I liked that they featured on was Attraction by Bumkey.

Initial: I like chill rap. I like the music video a lot and Chen sounds great. The rap is cute too.

Now: I like it when I listen to it, but I am not actively playing it.

Yezi – My Gravity

Yezi is back!!!!! Ugh I have missed this queen so badly!! She is and will always be a legend among legends in my book. Bring back Unpretty Rapstar cowards!!! Trudey sucks btw.

Initial: I follow Yezi on instagram so I knew her ass was coming back with a ballad. I am a bit disappointed, but not surprised. She sounds excellent. I did miss hearing her vocals. I don’t like whatever filter is used on the MV but she looks fucking great! She is a well rounded talent and if she had gotten the right push she could’ve had it all! #FuckTrudey #FuckMnet #FuckFaveEnt

Now: I still think Yezi sounds great. TBH. It hasn’t been too long but I still like it.


Ateez – Answer

I used to think that ATEEZ were a group of Kai cosplayers and I still believe this, but imagine my surprise to see that they made it into my top songs list for 2019?? So yeah that’s wild. Granted, I still couldn’t point any of them out of a line up except for Yunho and his big nose.

Initial: This song is pretty good. Like, it’s very enjoyable and not annoying at all. If they keep this up, I may become a Atiny.. That’s what they’re called right? I like the music video and I like choreography.

Now: I haven’t listened to this song since I listened first and I forgot that I actually like it. Heehhe. It bangs. No cap.

Verivery – Lay Back

I hate to say this and I hope I don’t sound too ridiculous, but I have no idea who these boys are and the music didn’t make me want to do any research.

Initial: Very forgettable, both song and music video.

Now: I think I may like it better now on my second listen.. Not enough to add it to my music though.

SF9 – Good Guy

I think I have mentioned before that I would give everyone that is in SF9 and of legal age a blow job. You see there was something about this group that made me really like them back when they first debuted. Last year was very underwhelming in terms of music, but I love watching them perform nonetheless.

Initial: FINALLY—a good song. I had begun to lose all hope that they would deliver something. Granted, I kinda still wish they would go back to Mamma Mia or O Sole Mio era, but this is decent and I can live with it.

Now: I actually like this a lot more after seeing it live. It still isnt any Mamma Mia or O Sole Mia though.. Hehhehe. I am a bad bad bad girl.

DreamNote – Wish

I like to pretend every now and then that I stan this group solely because they are all Blackpink x Jennie x IU stans. Yes, the direct proportion to how much I like a group is equivalent to how much they like my favorites. I actually didn’t mind Hakuna Matatta because once again, if you like my favorites, I will tolerate a lot.

Initial: I fully intended on fake liking this shit, but I actually do like it wtf. I was about to turn it off once I heard the first 10 seconds but then I continued listening hehehe. I feel like the song could have been so much better though. Side note: They sound really good on ballads/slower songs.

Now: It’s so funny but this actually may be the only song I’ve listened to more than a few times since release. The instrumental is cute. The mini is cute too. I like La Isla Bonita a lot probably because it is so straightforward and basic sounding.

ANS – Say My Name

This is another nugu group that I have no idea who they are. It’s been a slow month guys, I couldn’t very well have zero songs on this post now could I? They debuted last year and I listened to their debut song just so I could do a comparison between the two and omg Boom Boom is literally just random ass English words on a beat… what.the.fuck.

Initial: Certainly an improvement to their debut song. This feels like Adios by Everglow and to no surprise it is the same producer so that explains everything.

Now: Empty thoughts.

Super Junior – 2YA2YAO!

I just feel like we should stop giving men rights and I know I am valid with this one. I genuinely think this should be Suju’s last comeback and they all continue on with their own shit and then do a reunion every five years but the song is like a remix of Sorry or Mr. Simple. I guess because I am not a Suju fan, I am not excited whenever I hear that they are coming back. Maybe when EXO do this shit when they’re all in their 30s I will understand the true haggertry of this. Call me an ageist, I don’t care.

Initial: I saw a comment saying this is serving “Hot Ahjussi” and omg this is nowhere near serving hot. Only the ahjussi part tbh. The song is unmemorable and so interchangeable with everything that boy groups release. It could be a NCT song and I wouldn’t know the difference. Their faces look plastic, they look so try hard and I can feel the dread in Kyuhun’s eyes whenever he stares into the camera. Listen, I don’t hate Suju, I quite like bopping on occasion, I’m just saying that if they are gonna release music well into retirement age then at the very least release something that is good. Do not release shit that we can get from better looking people!

Now: I think I dragged them enough in my initial so lets try this again…….. *50 secs into the second listen* NOPE….. Moving on.

Sech Kies – All for You

I have no opinions on this group as a whole tbqh. I’m just hella bitter at every group under YG that has an album… I understand their legacy and what not, but I really don’t be listening to anything by them.

Initial: Unlike the Suju ahjussi’s this song is not try hard modern day garbage. It is chill and would be a vibe if I liked them. Look! Even though they have done work on their faces, it doesn’t look so pristinely plastic like the Suju ahjussi’s do.

Now: Waste of my time to listen again tbh. I don’t wanna and I won’t.

Golden Child – Without You

I remember really liking this group when they had just debuted but back then I really liked KPOP in general. As we’re all aware by now my interest has been dwindling because—you know what? Nevermind that’s a conversation for another day. 

Initial: Song is okay and I guarantee that I’ll forget it by the time I eat lunch. As I was listening to it though, I thought to myself that I’m the mood for some noise from these boy groups. 

Now: I went to listen to this again and accidentally clicked on DamDaDi which is so much better. Heheheh. I wanna hear a boy group bring back that style.


B.O.Y – My Angel

I know nothing about these boys. I tried googling it, but my eyes glazed over because I just could not give a single fuck. Apparently they were a part of some flop group called MyTeen and they did Produce X? Idk whatever.. Google it yourself.

Initial: Well… It is a song? Boy groups either give you this or give you noise. No in between.

Now: undefinedx3

Ong Seongwu – We Belong

I don’t even know if this is his debut single or not and I don’t particularly care. My blog, my rules. When will I see you acting again you handsome king?

Initial: Better than Kang Daniel’s lame ass debut song. Will stream once a day because he’s so cute.

Now: This song has grown on me. Hhahaha. Babe yuh look good and yuh sound good!

Siyeon – Paradise

I enjoy Dreamcatcher a lot. I don’t talk about them much but they’re a group I’ve liked since debut and keep up with. Siyeon is a part of bias line with Bora so you know I loved that we were getting a debut single from her! I can only hope for my suayeon subunit now! Heheheh

Initial: Siyeon’s voice is so beautiful and sweet. It’s emotive and powerful. I absolutely knew she would compose and write something like this. Just you wait though! She’s gonna come out with a heavy ass punk rock song soon! Mark my words! Let’s revisit the iconic Treasure and Overdose covers! Also ugh Apple Music doesn’t have it as yet. I suppose this is why I have Spotify! Smh.

Now: Not much has changed. I am craving a Dreamcatcher comeback though and my suayeon subunit.


Dr. Romantic 2
Queen: Love and War
Dr. Romantic 2
Crash Landing On You


Hiatuses: Three Hiatuses, that I am aware of, were announced this month: Jooheon (Monsta X), Haseul (LOONA) and Jiho (Oh My Girl). Each were suffering from some form of anxiety and it is nice to see companies allowing their artists to take break when they need to. I would also like to see companies provide their artists with on site therapy. But enough of my seriousness… Haseul is the official winner of this batch because now she don’t gotta share the waiting room at the music show with 11 other girls.

Stay healthy!

Disbandments: Well we all knew it was coming due to the whole dragging on of this whole produce 101 manipulation shit… Like duh we all know shit is fucking rigged… Who gives a shit? Anyways… RIP X1. I literally cannot even recall your debut song so there’s that. At least WOODZ is free again!

Guess they not flying that high no more.

Scandal of the Month: LISTEN… I TROLLED WITH ALL MY FELLOW EXOLS THAT JONGDAE HAD A WHOLE ASS SECRET FAMILY THAT WE ALL KNEW NOTHING ABOUT AND WAS SECRETLY MARRIED AND WELL….. Hhahahhaha. Like??!!! Everything that happened that week feels like a fever dream. Anyways good luck to Jongdae. Also, lmfaoo at the seven kexols who showed up to demand he get kicked out of the group only for him to drop a feature with Dynamic Duo the next day.

Chose this gif cause he looks like a lightskinned that knocked someone up..Oh.

Best Song


Worst Song

Zico – Any Song

See ya next month!

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  1. 1. I ♥ your round-ups!
    2. Zico is generic AF
    3. Hahahaha > “Boom Boom is literally just random ass English words on a beat…”

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