Asian Drama Bingo : January Check-In

Who knew when we started Asian Drama Bingo, it would be the gas in the tank we needed to pump out the content? Like said in our original post, we each have a bingo card we’re trying to achieve and each month we’re going to check in on the progress. As the first month comes to an end (on a sad note, RIP Kobe) we get to show what we’ve been watching and checking off the list.

Lazy Unnie’s Card

Even with all the shows I’ve been binging, I found it hard to pick which square they were going to occupy on my card. A lot of them could go for multiple ones so in the end, I just picked what aspect helped the plot or dynamic of the show.

Sugar Baby’s Card

This month was interesting and now I have an idea that I wanna try and if I do it right, I think it will be fun! Hehehe. I kinda don’t know how this is going to go guys.. I don’t see a lot of promising shows airing soon and fuck my to-watch list. LOL. Wish me an ounce of luck! So anyways here ya go! Similar to Lazy Unnie, the block marked off would have been a key story point to the plot.

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