Monthly Roundup – February

I think its safe to say that January was lame and boring compared to February, but I also have a confession to make. Some of these will not have a “now” thoughts because ya girl was so busy she hardly had the chance to check out any music that was out between Feb 21st to Feb 28th. So sorry to those people. Hhehe. Okay let’s dive in.


Bibi – Restless

I really liked Bibi’s debut song Binu cause it was such a vibe. I don’t really follow her much though.

Initial: She has such a soothing voice. This is very chill.

Now: I still enjoy how chill and sweet her voice is. It is so soothing and soft.

Vince – Emergency (feat Zion T)

I have no strong feelings about either of these two people tbh. I just wish they weren’t stingy and would throw a spare collab to Jennie or Rosie. Especially considering that they’ve been doing charity and promoting them for no reason.

Initial: Why is Zion T so fucking ugly? At the start of this song I was like “k” but my midway I was kinda feeling it. Dammit. Pull up on the block when you calling.

Now: Honestly… it’s good. Being a niggaboo works from time to time. This was probably way Jay Park was having an identity crisis on Twitter the other day.

Kittib – psycho (feat Vincent Blue)

Yall already know that I love me some Kittib. I also love me some Vincent Blue. When we put them together we get certified Sugar Baby unnie crack.

Initial: Everybody wanna be psycho again ever since Red Velvet made it cool. Heh. This song is legit so smooth and Kittib sounds so sexy. This is a whole chill vibe and I absolutely love it. The music video isn’t anything, but with a song like this, it doesn’t need to be.

Now: I have been vibing hardcore with this song. It’s so good with the bass in my car. asnksjnsa. lol

Saay – Winter (feat Woo)

I like Saay’s vibe a lot.

Initial: The music video and concept is really nice. The song really doesn’t do anything for me though.


Sumin x Zion T – Dirty Love

Damn Zion T just be fucking everywhere huh?

Initial: This song isn’t quite memorable, but it’s like okay. Ya know? Like I like the beat more than I like the singing. I liked the song with the boy better. Maybe I am sexist.

Now: x2

Moonbyul – Eclipse

Moonbyul is my least favorite member of Mamamoo and I don’t even really like Mamamoo anymore. She just brings down the average enjoyment in the group down to zero every time she opens her mouth or the screen pans to her. I also don’t think she’s a good rapper nor dancer and you will never convince me otherwise.

Initial: I see why KPOP stan twitter was yelling about breaking gender roles and whatnot cause this is definitely the vibe of a boy group song. However, there is nothing that is breaking gender norms about the androgynous member of a group debuting a song in the style that you would expect. That being said, song is okay, I don’t know if I would listen to it more than once.

Now: This is my second time listening to it and I contemplated adding it to my playlist but then I listened to it once more and was like-pass.

Crush – Digital Lover

Crush isn’t cute.. Like at all.. But like… I’d fuck him.

Initial: Quite obviously added to my library. Does Crush have a bad song? Maybe.. Have I heard it? Definitely not.

Now: Ugh I love it so much.



Everglow may be noise, but you know what? They are valid! I like their noise more that I like Itzy’s cause at least the girls can give me life and performance! Plus Mia and Aisha are monsters and always serving.

Initial: MIA JUST STAYING EATING THIS 4TH GEN GIRLS UPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!! Visually speaking, the girls look so good. There is some truly gorgeous shots of them that are breathtaking. Aisha as a rapper is serving what I always needed.. Girls yuh look good. The song doesn’t immediately jump at me, but I was staring at all the pretty and servitude. I like the “dun-dun” hook a lot as a standout moment. Everglow are Blackpink’s daughters. Check that.

Now: Yeah… I listen to it everyday. These girls are gonna be a force to reckon with once they go on tour and become better performers.

Gfriend – Crossroads

Gfriend and I are simple acquaintances. I feel nothing other than boredom 9/10 times that I hear them. I don’t believe I have liked any song from them post-Fingertip era. They are often a girl group I consider to be just there..

Initial: I like this music video. Eunha looks so pretty with that color hair wow. In general while watching this I felt like I was close to them…Song still a skip tho.

Now: I’ve been busy listening to Labyrinth, the superior song instead.

Loona – So What

Ahh Loona!! Hard to believe they hadn’t released anything in almost a year.

Initial: I like this LOL. I know I am in the minority but like I didn’t like Butterfly at all and for my tastes this is so much better. I read that Lee Soo Man helped with producing and such and it shows tbh.. I am kinda reminded of Red Velvet’s Happiness a bit and the EDM beats from Dalla Dalla. I like this song. I like the MV too. Wow.

Now: It’s aging badly folks lololol. I keep skipping it.

IKON – Dive

Listen I have no strong feelings about ikon. I just want all these YG boy groups to stop using Blackpink’s hard earned money. Let’s see what the first post-Hanbin comeback sounds like.

Initial: This is a cute song. OMG why does Bobby look sooooo fine. I would suck him off in a heartbeat.

Now: Imma be honest… I forgot about this.


I am little mad this isn’t a real comeback and wish I knew that before I got midway into the song.

Initial: This MV is so cute. I like it and the song is so good and I didn’t even notice it was in English. Watch the real comeback be crap though. Sighs.

Now: This. Is. So. Good.


The only things I know about this group is that they lost a member last year,  that one of their members is a super Beyoncé fan (I think his name is Kevin?) and Knetz thought that Eric(?) was getting bullied by his classmates.

Initial: Nothing really out of the ordinary. Kind of expected of a boy group release nowadays and HOLY HELL why are there so many of them?? I really thought there were only like seven members??

Now: It’s not something I would add to my playlist, but it’s easy to listen to.


I forgot all about this group until someone tweeted about their comeback and I was like wow Cherry Bullet lost hella members.

Initial: The MV is very vibrant and colorful. Also why do they all look so young? I really wish the girls had some charisma because I absolutely like this chorus so much. This song has some really fun parts to listen to. I Bouncy ballll.

Now: This is definitely a grower song. I randomly find myself at times singing the chorus. It really is their best song so far.


Poor one out for my homies Mirae, Kokoro and Linlin! Linlin was a part of bias line with Chaerin! I was very very sad. I wish her well on her future endeavors.

Initial: A bitch is shooketh…. This is Cherry Bullet???!!!???!?!? Wow this is just wow. I am somewhere in between liking this and kinda being underwhelmed. It is overall enjoyable and holy shit so much Chaerin!! I like the classical loop of Beethoven and is probably what allows this song not to be dreadfully dull. As for charisma they definitely pull it off—Well Chaerin does hehehe.

Now: This fucking bangs! Like idk what to tell yall but I have been having a hardcore jam session every time this comes on shuffle. I make no apologies for this.

Pentagon – Dr. Bebe

Do you know that Shine and Naughty Boy are still my favorite Pentagon songs to this day? Are they the only ones I have listened to? Yes, but that does not negate any of my opinions on them being the best. Wooseok and Hui are the biases.

Initial: I am feeling a feeling in which I feel like I like this only because the music video is nice and the boys are so expressive. It has the same style as most boy group releases, but maybe it’s because I like Pentagon’s together and I wanna suck Wooseok off… Either way something is working for this. Full album review HERE.

Now: I will be honest and tell yall that I have only been consistently listening to Zoom Up that I forgot this was the title track hahah. Dr. Bebe is still a cute girl though.

Black6ix – Call My Name

When I saw this name I felt like 6Lack should sue them and I stand by this.

Initial: It’s just noise without personality. Anyways. They kinda remind me of GOT7.

Now: x3

KARD – Red Moon

For all the shit that I talk about KARD on a daily basis, I would still like to see them in concert. I have to support #1 Jensetter, Jseph.

Initial: Nothing special typical KARD. Gonna listen to Dumb Litty again at least I could rage to that one. Yes I liked the noise that was that song, what yall gonna do? Beat my ass?

Now: I actually like this more as I continued to listen to it. Hehehe. Stockholm Syndrome.

Iz*one – Fiesta

This poor group went through so much because dumb people couldn’t figure out that all these competition shows be rigged as fuck. Anyways welcome back cuties!  The way they be breaking records whew LOVE TO SEE IT. In all honesty I only remember La Vie En Rose by them, but SAKURA IS THAT GORL.

Initial: Cute song. Cute girls. Cute video.

Now: This was another case of Apple Music not providing the material and such this is my second listen and nothing has changed.

Dreamcatcher – Scream

My girlssss. I was literally just saying how I wanted the comeback and they said “ask and ye shall receive!” Blackpink could never.

Initial: I have been religiously watching this music video. It is so good. And the song is freaking everything. Full album review HERE.


Weki Meki – Dazzle Dazzle

I know everyone things that Weki Meki is just a noise making group and that Itzy took their concept of teen crush and outdid, BUT I still have a soft spot for them because I really really really like Doyeon so much and I don’t understand why she hasn’t been cast in a full time lead in a drama as yet. Out of their five lead singles, I think Crush was my favorite and I didn’t mind, Picky Picky.

Initial: The first listen I was like sighs at least Doyeon is pretty, but then by the second listen I was like shit.. This doesn’t suck. Of course the rap breakdown is the worst part. When will this trend die?

Now: I am addicted to the pre-chorus. I really am. It’s so good. I wish the whole song was more along those lines. Oh well. Still a banger.

3YE – Queen

I really fucked heavily with their follow up single OOMM which was lightyears ahead of Do My Thang. I loved the pre-chorus so much in that one. Hehehe.

Initial: Okay but lets talk about the way they are getting better with each release? THE POWER! THE GROWTH! Ugh if the damn trap breakdown wasn’t in the second verse. I mean they ate that shit up yall.

Now: The way this be hitting in my car when I drive to work! Gets better with each listen I swear.

BTS – On

I guess I have to post the official MV verses the one that released when the album drop because Big Hit had to Big Hit… So technically I did listen to this when it was released, but I hadn’t gotten to write down my initial thoughts. So I am just gonna quote my text messages to lazy unnie.

Initial: “I like bts’ song.” “I was kinda shocked LOL. I liked it immediately.” “I will listen to the album out of curiosity.” “Why do I legitimately forget Jin is in the group?”

Now: I will admit to having not listened to it since the 22nd adbcdhnk so this is like a new inital listen with the official MV. I think I still like the song but I’ve been on this journey where I realized that I do not like Jimin’s voice..oops. Was it always this autotuned? Taehyung looks hot though.

Elris – Jackpot

It has been forever since Elris’ last promoted comeback. When I saw that they were coming back I had hoped just for the sake of diversity that they would be doing something like Summer Dream to help with the variety amongst girl groups as everyone is making shouty noise.

Initial: Disappointed but not surprised. You literally can’t distinguish any girl group sounds these days. Who do I blame for this?

Now: N/A


DKB – Sorry Mama

Personally I think Brave Entertainment should stop producing groups.. #JusticeForBraveGirls.. But anyways… It’s kinda wild to me that we’re now at the point where ’04 and later can now be maknaes in groups.

Initial: I should’ve known today was gonna be trash when I saw Megan and Gerald making out.. I should not be taking this many Ls during black history month when it only day three….. I reiterate that Brave Entertainment should stop producing groups. #JUSTICEFORBRAVEGIRLS

Now: Honestly they shouldn’t apologize to their mom and apologize to me instead.

Cignature – Nun Nu Nan Na

Good Day dies so that they could get repackaged into Cignature. I am not sure why C9 is obsessed with the Cs but whatever. So here we have CIX’s sisters debuting and I wasn’t particularly fond of the cover, yet I persisted.

Initial: I would be lying if I said that I didn’t see the very obvious Red Velvet inspo in the mv, styling and production choices. Nevertheless, I didn’t hate this. I am interested to see where they go. I wish they could garner some charisma though.

Now: This is my second time listening lolol. Not much has changed tbh. I wanna add it to my playlist. I think when I tried before they weren’t on Apple Music.

UNVS – Timeless

This group debuted in Taiwan first and now Korea. Idk google them. I was quite shocked to see that there were like three new boy groups that debuted in the span of one week.

Initial: Eh… nothing much here. Kinda like a IKON-lite vibe.

Now: N/A

XENEX – It’s Gonna Hurt

I regret seeing that person’s tweet about this group cause then I couldn’t pretend they didn’t exist.

Initial: Yes. It did hurt. I lied this one is ikon-lite. Or maybe like BTS if they didn’t at least have half a personality.

Now: N/A

MCND – Ice Age

I could have sworn this group debuted already, but I guess it was just a pre-debut single and that this one is the real deal. They’re from Top Media home to groups of moderate fame such as 100%, Teen Top and UP10TION. Wow so Top Media is also a sexist company it seems.

Initial: I mean.. I didn’t hate this.. There are parts that I like. It seems like NCT-esque noise tbh.. but you know what? It’s amazing what a budget and charisma can do. These boys are adorable.

Now: N/A


Crash Landing On You
Crash Landing On You


I have nothing to report. I am not sure if music was slow or if I just missed a lot of stuff. I am drawing a blank and can’t remember. I also am way too tired to go and revisit. SORRY. The only thing that I know is that the coronavirus is out there beating South Korea’s ass. I really hope this situation gets sorted out soon.


Dreamcatcher – Scream

Runner-up: EVERGLOW – Dun Dun Dun


Sumin x Zion T – Dirty Love

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