Asian Drama Bingo : February Check-In

Two months down! I will say that this bingo is a great incentive to watching shows and really picking what stands out in each one. Ten more months to go!

Lazy Unnie’s Card

January felt more easier than February but I also got hella sick midway through and my viewing slacked off a bit. But I still managed to get through 5 shows total and still watch 2 currently airing ones! But I still didn’t make damn bingo. Maybe next month.

Sugar Baby’s Card

I barely watched anything this month. I am not a real person. I literally only finished two currently airing dramas. Yeah.. I was overambitious about how my bingo is going to go for the year. We’ll be lucky if I bingo once before December.

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A couple of ladies who love to express their opinions from anything and everything. That includes shows and music and anything in between. This blog is dedicated to our love and appreciation for Asian entertainment and culture.

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