Asian Drama Bingo : March Check-In

What did March give us? A pandemic, lots of people self isolating, social distancing and binge watching. Let’s see how good we did this month in the new world order.

Us during the Rona

Lazy Unnie’s Card

March was worse than February in terms of what I watched. I didn’t really watch new dramas but instead have been rewatching ones I love. I don’t know, I’ve been finding comfort in it. I already rewatched Fight For My Way, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Coffee Prince and now I’m rewatching Because This Is My First Life. Maybe April will bring new shows. BUT GOOD NEWS! I made BINGO! So I moved on to Sugar Baby’s Card as well.

Sugar Baby’s Card

I actually watched quite a few dramas this month, but I have been too busy/lazy to write reviews. Thus here I am with only one new drama on my bingo card. Heheh.

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