Monthly Roundup – March

March was quarantine month! Ya girl was busy and she didn’t listen to any of these songs (except Yezi’s) until March 31st. So I unfortunately do not have a best song this month, nor will I have any initial vs now opinions. Listen.. It’s been a rough few weeks okay and all my twitter accounts got suspended and we’re fighting hard to get back our account and everything is so annoying. I am annoyed… I also want to remind you that my round ups are not for every song released, but songs that I made the effort to listen to.. So yeah let’s see what was good this month.

Funny how at the end of last month’s round up I said that coronavirus was beating South Korea’s ass… HA. LOOK AT US NOW.


Yezi – Home

I’m going to be honest.. I have been a Yezi fan for a long time. I love her swagger and vibe. I think she is a damn good rapper. After that ex-member basically called her out as a bully and what not, you would think that my feelings towards her would’ve changed, but instead I like her even more now. Hehhehe.

Initial: She looks so different in this MV, but still quite pretty. I won’t lie, going into this song it reminded me a lot of a Chungha aesthetic. It’s easy to listen to and I actually like that about it. No excessive thrills and noise, a more pure pop vibe. I liked that she sprinkled a little bit of rap, but I am craving some BARz… Spare barz queen?

Now: This is still a vibe. It wasn’t on Apple Music when I initially listened so now I can finally add it.

Ong Seongwu – Gravity

I don’t think it needs to be said that I would give him the biggest suck of his life under every circumstance possible. The song is basic, but you know what isn’t basic? How fucking fine he looks. He sounds good and he looks good and quite frankly that is all that matters at the end of the day. Let me hurry up and finish this post so I can listen to my baby’s album.


Yes we get it Sejeong, you can sing.. We got it when you were 89% of Gugudan’s line distribution.. This shit is boring effectively killing the vibe that I just got from listening to ONEUS.


I mean I definitely don’t remember his debut song so like I already feel like this is an upgrade. It’s cute and fun. You go Jihyo’s boyfriend!

Suho – Let’s Love

Junmyeon is like that dependable dad… Like you already knew what his solo debut song was going to sound like. This is that chill coffee shop on music and we are not mad about it. I will be listening to the album when I’m done with this to see if there are any surprises.

Kisum – Primero

Typical Kisum doing a typical Kisum song lmfaoo. Sometimes she reminds me of Moonbyul…. I think Moonbyul copped her rapping style.. Anyways this is cute and fun, but I’d rather listen to Fruity.

Xydo – Betting (feat PH-1)

I don’t know who this is, but he came up after Kisum and listen this song is also fun. Would I likely forget it after one listen? Yes. However, I like the instrumentals.



I feel like I have definitely mentioned prior that I am not an active NCT fan because there’s too many of them and I don’t have the time. That being said Boss and Cherry Bomb are my bangers.. I don’t know if they’re from the same unit but yeah.. Kick It is actually not bad tbh.. Mainly because Taeyong looks hella hot in the music video.

ITZY – Wannabe

Oh I lied. I listened to this when it first came out but didn’t do my roundup with it. Ooops. We actually did a joint review on the album… It has certainly grown on me since my initial listen. I still think the chorus is weak.

Viction – Howling

Just your typical moody boy group music. Nothing to see here.

ONEUS – A Song Written Easily

Wait.. Yall… This is a motherfucking vibe. I am shook. Maybe it’s cause I’m the mood for this party island vibe. We like it.

Favorite – Lie

I actually really love Loca.. The song is a bop and so is that mini. I am glad they have decided to stick to this style tbh. In all honesty, Lie is no Loca..but we will give them more streams so they can have food to eat.

Winner – Hold

The song is terrible but the music video is super funny. Why is Mino so attractive? Give us another album king… oh and with a Jennie feature.



CRAXY is a new five-membered girl group. I know nothing about them at all. I don’t know what to say guys… This song is….. Yeah.. :/

TOO – Magnolia

So this is new boy group with ten members and their being marketed by Stone Entertainment. Their debut is supposed to be on April 1st but they were on youtube from the 30th so like idk who is wrong.. Anyways song is generic and I have already forgotten how it sounds.


  • Hyerim joined Yubin’s agency which means that Hyelim is the definition of supporting your friend’s business because we all know that ole girl does not do anything besides go to school oh and I guess bang her boyfriend of 7 years.
  • Former Nine Muses member Moon Hyuna is 27 weeks pregnant like the baller she is.
  • WINNER Jinwoo will enlist finally so maybe Blackpink will get some music, but probably not.
  • Cho Joo Bin was the one who ordered the hidden camera filming of Shin Se Kyung and Bomi (Apink) therefore he deserves infinite time in jail.
  • In case you didn’t know there will be a male version of Queendom called Road to Kingdom and will air next month. I am too lazy to tell you who will be on it, but I did see Pentagon and The Boyz.

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