Whatcha Watchin’ – April 20th – STILL QUARANTINED

Four weeks and a day have passed since we last did this post and we skipped two weeks ago cause time means nothing in the end of the world. Or at least it feels that way. Miss Rona has come and fucked our schedules up. All the days are blending but it is what it is, our new normal.

Sugar Baby Unnie

If it wasn’t for the fact that I have work I would never know what day of the week it is. FACTS. So I have been watching a lot of things actually, but my problem lies within the fact that I have not been finishing them… Ugh.. Sighs.. Wish me luck in that when I do finish them I am motivated enough to write reviews.


Sweet Tai Chi: Yes, I like to pick up random drams. I really liked what I had seen of Sun Qian in Dr. Cutie so I wanted to give a shot to something else she was in. I am liking it so far. It’s so cute!

Find Me In Your Memory: I am truly shooketh by how much I am enjoying this drama. Every single thing about it is giving me life. I can’t even feel the 13 year age gap. It is wild. Moon Ga Young be looking so stunning.

Skate Into Love: I had fell off with watching this because of a bunch of shit and then I’ve just been too drunk on the weekends to do my Sat/Sun binges, but I still like everything about this drama. I am actually quite close to finishing it so anticipate a review soon!

April Dramas On The Radar

The King – Eternal Monarch: I want to watch this, but not for reasons many might think. I am not too hopeful about certain aspects, but I’d like to form an opinion and see. Also, Woo Do Hwan look fine as fuck.

Born Again: So I may dislike Jin Seyeon in modern roles, but I am not missing Lee Soo Hyuk’s first drama back from the military!! Also Jang Kiyoung is the lead.. No way I am missing this.

Good Casting: So excited this finally got an airdate!! I loved Queen of Mystery and ya’ll know I am a sucker for cybersecurity stuff. Plus hello Kang Hee as an agent again? Like yes pleaseeeeee.

Lazy Unnie

Surprisingly, the social distancing hasn’t been very kind to me mentally and to my watchlist. I haven’t really been watching anything Asian related. I blame Carol Baskins.


Hyena: The series just ended so it’s time for me to finally catch up and finish it. I really still love the dynamic between the leads. Some of the storylines hit better than others but I really can’t wait to see how it plays out in the end.

Meow, The Secret Boy: This is one of the cutest shows I’ve started. I admit, its a little slow but the cat is really the star and L is such a pretty boy to stare at so it doesn’t make watching very hard. I do get a little frustrated at times hoping the other characters figure out this cute man is actually the cute cat. One day I assume.

Find Me in Your Memory : I had the urge to watch this since sugar baby did the first impression of it. It’s filled with a cast I’m excited to see and it’s not dragging as much as I anticipated. I haven’t been binging properly but this is an exciting watch. I am here for how it unfolds.


Running Man: I haven’t really been watching weekly like I usually do. Since being trapped in the house, I’ve been saving episodes and binging them to watch. This seems to be the only show that has been able to get me out my funk. Leave it up to these dysfunctional crew to make me smile.

What’s On Deck

The King – Eternal Monarch: I should have started this on Friday since I’ve been waiting for it for like ever. But I didn’t. I will this week.

What are you all watching? Tell us in the comments below. Or tweet us at our NEW twitter account @unnieunbothered

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