To All The Oppas and Unnies We Loved – Second Quarter 2020

These last three months have been a whirlwind of protests, cancellations, reparations, and it keeps on coming. But at least we didn’t forget to do this post… 😏 Either way, see who’s been on our minds in the second quarter of 2020.

Sugar Baby’s ‘Oppa’

Zhang Xincheng aka Steven Zhang

Dear Steven,

I know looks can be deceiving, but I think I got a thing for you….. Nah, but like sir… why did you just come snatch my soul like that? I was sitting minding my business, but you said no and now here I am. I knew I was a goner the very first time I saw you in Shuttle Love Millennium even if I didn’t complete the drama. I was so intrigued and needed to know more about you.I found out that you are quite talented playing musical instruments and you have such a voice on you and can sing… like sir!!!!

If it wasn’t enough that you were good looking, a good actor and a musical genius, you said “Hold my drink” and picked up dramas with some of my favorite people to watch. You completely won me over as Li Yubing in Skate Into Love and you are nailing the expressions in Symphony’s Romance. I will definitely be bingeing everything you have to offer me and I can’t wait for Go Ahead. I hope that we continue on this stedfast path and that you gain even more recognition because you deserve it.

Sugar Baby’s ‘Unnie’

Lee Kaixin aka Eleanor Lee

Dear Ellie,

I just think its funny how I didn’t include you in my Ruled by Venus post hehehe. But now you get to shine in the spotlight outside of those. Words can’t even describe how much I enjoy seeing your acting. It seemed like it was just the other day that I first stumbled upon The Big Boss. You are so lovable and a very strong actress, it was quite easy for me to become enamored.

At this point in time I have watched almost every thing that you have had to offer and I still need more. You are a server! You just stay serving me looks and dramas. I think that a little nepotism won’t hurt as long as someone like you is the result. Hehehehe. I sense big big things in your future and I will be here beside you every step of the way!

PS- Please tell me that you’re dating Leon Leong! I ship it so hard!!

Lazy Unnie’s ‘Oppa’

Ji “Q” Changmin

Dear Q-Tpie,

You’re not old enough to be my Oppa but you get that name for the sake of it. You have always been in the background as I casually stanned The Boyz but it wasn’t until I started watching Road to Kingdom that you danced your way into my vision line. Your freakishly long neck and amazing dance skills hypnotized me into wanting to put you in my pocket.

It was when I delved deeper and found your adorable quirks that I decided to pull a Casper and keep you. I admit, I have spent more time than necessary watching the clip of you saying pigeon and each time it brings a smile to my face. Then watching you command the stage with your persona was equally enjoyable. I mean, the performance of Danger alone was enough for me to stan. Either way, now that you and The Boyz are in the Kingdom, wear that crown baby giraffe!

Lazy Unnie’s ‘Unnie’

Lee Da ‘Kween’ Hee

Dear Kween Hee,

If it feels like I’ve been crushing on you and singing your praises for months, that’s because I have. Since first getting a glimpse of you on Running Man and seeing your hilarious side and interactions with that cast to finally seeing you in Search: WWW I knew there was something special there. From the way you carried the character to your undeniable good looks. I quickly became obsessed and needed to go further down the rabbit hole. Then I watched Beauty Inside and was again mesmerized with you.

So with my crush already in place, when I watched Road To Kingdom this last month or so and watched you as the host I knew you were going to be one of my top entertainers. You showed empathy and excitement when you interacted with the nervous idols and you could see that you actually gave a shit. I can’t wait to watch you in your new drama when it premieres and further my crush.

Thanks for checking it out. We also have a new NEW twitter account since we are most wanted on that bird app. Follow us AGAIN at @EonnisWaMelanin

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