Hit It or Skip It – June 2021 Week 4

Mmm.. not much of anything happened this week. They were a few Japanese releases, but I didn’t care enough to listen. Oh well.

Pink Fantasy ‘Poison’

This is a certified BANGER!!!! HOLY SHIT! THEY ATE THIS UP!

A.C.E ‘Higher’

Not their best by any means, but it is nice enough.

Yezi ‘Secreto’

She is so freaking talented! It’s really not fair that she didn’t blow up as a mega soloist tbqh

KittiB ‘Let’s Get Lost’

I like that the Unpretty Rapstar girlies gave us some vocals for their releases..

Sam Kim ‘The Juice’

Okayyyy the groove thoughhh. Ahh. Wow.. fine you can stay on this side.

Woosung (ft. Reddo) ‘Lazy’

I too, am very lazy.

Stray Kids ‘애’

Wow can’t tell ya the last time I heard a Stray Kidz song that wasn’t noise.

Xydo ‘Paradigm’

Zzzzz.. It’s not Baekhyun so why would I care?

Huh Chan Mi ‘Haeundae Beach’

When is she gonna finally get banned from making music?

Sole (ft. Gaeko) ‘Why’

I like Sole, but this is giving nothing. We’ve heard this ten times already from her and Gaeko… .

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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