Whatcha Watchin’ – Sept 6th – Fire or Water?

Would you rather die by being on fire or drowning underwater? The rate at which this earth is depleting itself, one of these two ways seems inevitable. Happy Labor Day, I guess!

Sugar Baby Unnie

Work was a lot these last few weeks so I couldn’t get to tap into my dramas the way I wanted to plus we had a holiday weekend! Still, this is what I am looking like currently!


Remembrance Things of Past: Not much update on this one, but I plan to finish it soon.

The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim: I’m still watching and enjoying this and I think we need more content with these two.

Lovers of the Red Sky: OBSESSED. I AM OBSESSED. THOROUGHLY OBSESSED. First Impressions post: here.

On Deck

My Bargain Queen: I must watch at least one episode of anything Wu Jinyan is in.

One and Only: Still pending…. Need to hurry before part two comes out!

You Raise Me Up: It looks like the type of ridiculous shit that I can rock with.

Lazy Unnie

Not gonna lie, the end of last month really put me in a drama hangover. Besides my main two shows, I can’t really find anything that sticks.


Hometown Cha Cha ChaWho would have thought I would be obsessed with a Shin Min Ah drama? NOT I! See my first impressions here

D.P I could have finished this in like a day but I’m slowly making my way through cause it’s so good.


The Unit – Made it to the finale! But since it’s like 3 hours… haven’t finished it yet.

On Deck

Imitation – Now that this is over, it might be a good time to binge it and fall even more in love with Lee Jun Young.

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