Hit It or Skip It – September 2021 Week 4

It’s late, I know. A lot of family emergencies hit me all at once. But it didn’t stop me from taking a listen to all the new shit coming out lately. I was mostly impressed but we will see what sticks toward the end of the year.

Yang Yo Seop “BRAIN”

I knew it was going to be a ballad song but I wasn’t expecting the whole R&B vibe. I’m feeling it.

WJSN “Let Me In”

Another Universe exclusive track. I’m feeling these one offs and WJSN got me vibing.


I was expecting to hate cause Mafia wasn’t it. This is way better and catchy.


No idea who these kids are but I LOVE THIS CONCEPT! And the song isn’t that bad either.

Coldplay x BTS “My Universe”

Dare I say that BTS made this song sound better? Jungkook and V are vocal stand outs and I just think it’s a good song.

Woosung “Dimples”

I was gonna skip because how many 80s style songs do we need this year, but this is actually one of the better ones.

PIXY “Still With Me”

Just the right amount of emo to make me nostalgic.


Korea ain’t ready for the reincarnation of GD in the form of Victon’s Han Se. Well, I am. The rap is so good and concept is so out there. Love.

Blackpink’s Lisa “MONEY”

Again, another song that just sounds like the Lisa part of a BP song. I need her to pick another identity than trying to be an Asian Cardi B without the body.

Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

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