Hit It or Skip It – November 2021 Week 2

We’re winding down……



Just my type and y’all should know this by now.

Billie ‘RING X RING’

I respect the chaotic nature of this. Def gonna keep an eye on them.

B.I. ‘Cosmos’

I’d suck his dick… this blonde. yummm.

lilli lilli ‘Barcode’

A nice debut for a duo.

TWICE ‘Scientist’


Ash Island ‘Poison’

Does this sound like ever AOMG song? yes. Do I care? no.

OVAN ‘Walk

I have a soft spot for him.

VICTION ‘Sweet Travel’


B1A4 ‘Butterfly Effect’

I love B1A4 but zzzzzzz..


I like some parts but other parts i’m like meh… might grow on me though..

Mark Tuan ‘Last Breath’


Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

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