Hit It or Skip It – November 2021 Week 3

I’m surprised I’m awake. This last Saturday us Unnie’s pre-celebrated my birthday with a lot of soju and karaoke and KBBQ! Maybe it’s my good mood but all the music last week was just sooooo good!


I actually love the juxaposition of the verse and the chorus. Makes this a bop for me

Chancellor & Kang Daniel “Fly”

Such a vibe. I can relax to Chancellor’s voice any day. Kang Daniel wasn’t too bad either.


This is the kind of trendy R&B that get you caught up and catching feelings.

E’LAST “To.Lie”

Damn, I’m such a sucker for a cute boy concept. This song is cute and fun.

KidMilli & Dress “Kitty (Feat. (G)I-DLE Miyeon)”

I wanted to not like this but it’s a nice pop/punk/rap track. Damn you KidMilli!

Weki Meki “Siesta”

I thought I was gonna hate this but I didn’t. It’s not out of this world but cute enough.

BIG NAUGHTY “STAB (feat. eaJ)”

Damn it BN! I wanted to not like it but I legit danced around to this. It’s an up-tempo beat that makes you ignore the sad love song it is.

DINDIN “To You (feat. Jeong Sewoon)”

Didn’t expect to like this. Dindin can actually make music! Or maybe it’s Sewoon’s amazing vocals. Either way, a bop.

MONSTA X “Rush Hour”

THIS THAT BITCH!! Even though they’ve used Cravity’s MV set, the song speaks for itself.

Untell “Wake Up (feat. DJ Wegun)”

Beat is fire but the flow is weak.

Ha Sung Woon “Electrified”

Not a bad song, but just nothing different from like his last 3 releases. Also sounds like a slowed-down version of Butter.

Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

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