To All The Oppas and Unnies We Loved – First Quarter 2022

The beginning of the year was hard for us it seems. Sugar Baby had no love in her heart and even though Lazy loves her a good man, as they say, “A good man is hard to find”. So read on to see the one that caught our eye.

Lazy Unnie’s ‘Unnie’

Han Hyo Joo

Dear Bad Ass,

I know I’m late to the Han Hyo Joo train, but please please forgive me! When I decided to start W: Two Worlds Apart this year, I didn’t expect to actually love the female lead over Mr. Chapped Lips. But here we are, big-time crushing. But it wasn’t until I decided to watch Happiness that I found myself in a full-blown girl crush on you. The way you command attention when on screen is magnificent. You have the ability to really take a character and give them dimension and make them relatable to the point where if you were a serial killer, I’d probably root for you.

I think it was when I watch Pirates 2 that I really saw your ability to command no matter who your acting partners were. But once I was in the Han Hyo Joo hole, I found that you’re also hilarious at variety! Watching you play catered games with your company coworkers and the cast of Pirates was hilarious. You’re smart, funny and GORGEOUS! I am a forever fan now.

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