Hit It or Skip It – April 2022 Week 1

This week gave us a Big Bang comeback and T.O.P goodbye to YGE. Wow. Stunning to think about tbh. Not many people this week and I couldn’t bring myself to listen to nugus just for y’all entertainment. Sorry.

SUHO ‘Grey Suit’

I am many things and an hypocrite is one of them.. You think I will put an EXO or EXO adjacent song in skip?? NEVER.

Kwon Eun Bin ‘Glitch’

The production is really good, but the song itself doesn’t really grab me. Will revisit during wrap up.

Big Bang ‘Still Life’

They eat every time! IKON wishes they could do this. A goodbye ~~

IVE ‘Love Dive’

I like this a million times better than Eleven… ok … I am listening, IVE. Let’s see what else you do.

GHOST9 ‘X-Ray’

The chorus is my favorite! It eats wtff

Suho ‘Heardle’

Ok in a not biased way, I genuinely enjoy this one. Like this truly does belong in the yes column hehe.

ILY:1 ‘Love In Bloom’

Although it is a cute debut bringing back the tropical pop nostalgia, it is not very memorable.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW: N/A

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