Hit It or Skip It – April 2022 Week 2

Maybe because April is the month of showers, I felt like I was drowning in good music. So many surprising likes and others I just knew I would love. But it was my skips that had me questioning everything about who I was!


Everything about this is so fun. I love the upbeat vibe from Onew.

EPEX “학원歌”

A good example of this garage-pop a lot of these groups try to do. The second verse rap is fire.

Dreamcatcher “MAISON”

The video is trash but the song is pretty good. Reminds me of some early Dreamcatcher. And the melody of the chorus is amazing.


Talk about a rebranding done good. I love this. It gave me so many early SVT vibes.

Jessi “ZOOM”

This shit is addicting and I love it. P Nation has done Jessi some good.

PARK HYEON JIN “Late night (Feat. Hoody)”

This is the debut I was hoping for! Chill hop with amazing R&B Vibes. My child is amazing.


More garage-pop but the vocal breaks in this are nicer than I expected. It’s a good hype song.


Female rappers need a higher raise. They come harder than most.

ELO “Falling Dreams (Feat. pH-1)”

Such a vibe. They really compliment each other musically.

SEVENTEEN “Darl+ing”

This is why I love SVT. They don’t half-ass anything. This song was flawless.


I love the beat but the vocals are so weak it brings the song way down.

BE’O “LOVE me”

As a follow up to counting stars this just falls flat. Rap is good but meh.

NCT Taeyong & Wonstein “Love Theory”

I actually like this. The quirky rap is a thing. But Taeyong’s vocals actually make me not want to listen to it again.


No one asked for this.

Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

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