Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: 3 Will Be Free

3 will be free Genre: Action, Romance, Thriller, MatureOrigin: ThailandEpisodes: 10Air-date: Aug 9, 2019 – Oct 11, 2019Starring: Mild Lapassalan Jiravechsoontornkul as Miw, Joss Way-ar Sangngern as Neo, Tay Tawan Vihokratana as Shin, Jennie Panhan as Mae, Gun Chanagun Arpornsutinan as Ter Neo is a stripper who is running away from the loan shark ThanaContinue reading “Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: 3 Will Be Free”

Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Joy of Life

Joy of Life Genre: Action, Romance, Historical, PoliticalOrigin: ChinaEpisodes: 46Air-date: Nov 26, 2019 – Jan 1, 2020Starring: Zhang Ruo Yun as Fan Xian, Lin Qin as Li Wan’er, Chen Dao Ming as Emperor of Qing, Wu Gang as Chen Ping Ping, Song Yi as Fan Ruo Ruo Fan Xian grew up in a small townContinue reading “Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Joy of Life”

Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Kuzu no Honkai

Kuzu no Honkai Genre: Drama, Romance, School, MatureOrigin: JapanEpisodes: 12Air-date: Jan 13, 2017 – Mar 31, 2017Starring: Sakurada Dori as Awaya Mugi, Yoshimoto Miyu as Yasuroka Hanabi, Ikegami Sarii as Sanae Ebato, Ino Hiroki as Takuya, Mizuta Kouki as Narumi Kanai, Aizawa Rina as Minagawa Akane Seventeen-year-old Mugi Awaya and Hanabi Yasuraoka appear to beContinue reading “Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Kuzu no Honkai”

Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Thirty But Seventeen

THIRTY BUT SEVENTEEN Woo Seo Ri, a violin prodigy at 17 who was about to study in Germany, got into a bus accident and fell into a coma waking up 13 years later. Mentally she is still only 17, while physically she is now 30. Due to a trauma he experienced 13 years before, GongContinue reading “Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Thirty But Seventeen”

Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: My Little Princess

My Little Princess Genre: Comedy, Romance, SchoolOrigin: ChinaEpisodes: 16Air-date: Aug 11, 2016 to Sept 21, 2016Starring: Zhang Yu Xi as Lin Xing Chen, Mike Angelo as Jiang Nian Yu, Kenji Chen as Zheng Chu Yao, BeBe Chang as Yu Yang Yang Lin Xing Chen has everything in life. She is rich, beautiful, and adored byContinue reading “Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: My Little Princess”

Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Clean With Passion For Now

CLEAN WITH PASSION FOR NOW Jang Sun Gyeol has wealth and good looks but suffers from severe mysophobia. He is obsessed with cleaning and even owns his own cleaning company. However, he meets a carefree and untidy girl named Gil Oh Sol after she enters his company as a new employee. Oh Sol has workedContinue reading “Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Clean With Passion For Now”

Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Angel’s Last Mission

ANGEL’S LAST MISSION: LOVE Lee Yeon-seo (Shin Hye-sun) was a supremely talented and successful ballerina with her family‚Äôs Fantasia Ballet Company but suffers a devastating accident that leaves her blind. She is bitter and abusive towards her staff, including her loyal secretary and butler, her conniving family, and everyone else. Dan (Kim Myung-soo) is anContinue reading “Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Angel’s Last Mission”