Monthly Roundup – February in Kpop

February was kinda boring… Let’s hope March is better. Piri – Dreamcatcher I love Dreamcatcher fell in love with them during ‘Goodnight’ era when I saw Yoohyeon and SuA being extra as fuck on After School Club. Ever since then I look forward to every release and I have enjoyed everything that they had toContinue reading “Monthly Roundup – February in Kpop”

Lazy Unnie’s Playlist ~ MONSTA X’s Take.2 We Are Here [REVIEW]

As a guideline, here are my ratings: Constant Repeat 4.5-5 Tape Decks Love! Daily listens 3.5-4 Tape Decks Meh, it’s okay 2-3 Tape Decks Wae?! No, Next 0-1.5 Tape Decks TITLE: Take.2 We Are Here ARTIST: MONSTA X LABEL: STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT RELEASED: February 18, 2019 It has been under a year since I’ve fully committedContinue reading “Lazy Unnie’s Playlist ~ MONSTA X’s Take.2 We Are Here [REVIEW]”

Monthly Roundup – January in Kpop

Not to steal Lazy Unnie’s thunder but I’m pretty lazy myself. Hehe. Therefore I decided to just lump all the kpop releases I’ve heard this month into a post which will then make it easier for me to do my year end list. Hehehe. Don’t expect a thorough analysis of the songs, this is justContinue reading “Monthly Roundup – January in Kpop”