To All The Oppas And Unnies We Loved in 2018


Since it is a new year we decided to treat you all to the ‘oppas’ and ‘unnies’ that we absolutely loved in 2018. It was a lot harder than it sounds to only pick an ‘unnie’ and ‘oppa’ each but we did it! So please enjoy.


Zhang Binbin aka Vin Zhang

Dear Bae Bin,

Let me paint you a picture.. A sweet, innocent little girl who was pretentious and refused to watch Chinese dramas because ‘mandarin is too harsh to listen to’. She scrolled by all Chinese dramas on Dramafever (RIP) and ignored the pictures of this really attractive Chinese man on twitter. A few months later that same girl fell into her typical kdrama slum where nothing seemed to satiate her hunger, she decided to hit play on popular Chinese drama ‘Ten Miles A Peach Blossom’. It was there she found a new love of Chinese dramas and the love for a man, Vin Zhang.

You are absolutely breathtaking! A++ to your surgeon for crafting such an excellent nose! You solidified yourself as my bae when I caught you in ‘Pretty Li Huizhen’, (I kept watching for you, boo!) Soon I found myself greedily searching the depths of Chinese dramas to see your face. I have to admit, I was disappointed by the lack of main lead status and happy endings. You strike me as someone who is a doll and extremely hardworking. I believe that with your acting prowess and face there is great success in your future. Please continue to be the great man that you are and serve me more looks and delicious kisses.

PS- If you must insist on following Dilraba around then can we get a nice modern day romantic comedy with a happy ending? I AM BEGGING. 


Yoo Yeonjoo aka Yoo Shi-ah aka YooA

Dear Dollface,

MY DAUGHTER! MY SUGAR! MY ANGEL. I have appreciated Oh My Girl for years now and I always felt partial to Binnie and Jiho. This was mainly because I didn’t invest much time into your group on a whole. However, things rapidly changed when I saw “Remember Me”.. You stood out to me like no one else and I found your heel on my neck.

Being true to myself the minute I took note of you, I just wanted more and I found myself searching through your fancams and watching anything that you have been featured in before. The way you dance is a masterpiece! A doll-like beauty with exquisite dance skill. The dance with U-Kwon on Hit The Stage was insane. I think you are underrated as an idol and definitely one of the most well rounded of the batch. Your voice is equally as divine. I am sorry that I missed you when you came to Atlanta, but I look forward to seeing you the next time you touch American soil. I will continue to support you through everything because you more than deserve it. Let’s have an amazing year together!

Lazy Unnie’s ‘OPPA’

Park Seo Joon aka Park it right here

Dear Seo Joon,

You came into my life like a upper cut to my heart in Fight My Way. Then you made me want to punch you repeatedly in the face in She Was Pretty. At that point, I also gave up on you. You were hot but pretentious but somehow, I couldn’t get enough of you. The love was cemented when you chased after your own Noona in Witch’s Romance. After that, how could I have not been enthralled with you? Your smile, willingness to be goofy and lets not even get to the countless shirtless scenes and way you can kiss a co-star. By the time I got to your “particular” CEO in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?,  the love could not be denied. Things weren’t the best I have to admit. I haven’t finished Hwarang or Midnight Runners, but given the time, I’ll get there. Because let’s be honest Seo Joon, I just don’t know how to quit you! Let’s keep this one sided love going, shall we?


Lazy Unnie’s ‘UNNIE’

Seulgi aka My Wife

Dear Sweetheart,

I’m not sure where you came from, but one day I was minding my business and the next, I was worshiping at your dancing feet. Maybe it was the way you stole the stage for me with your special stage with Taeyong at the 2017 Mama’s. Or the way that with every Red Velvet video I watched, you seemed to catch my eye. I love cuteness, dancing and pretty people. You check every box off that list. Keep shining my little bear!



First Impressions – How Them Dramas Be?

This weekend I’ve been battling a cold and since I completed my weekly episodes of I Will Never Let You Go and Emily’s Five Things by midday on Friday, I figured it was time to try and get out of my kdrama slump. With many dramas come great responsibilities. So many new dramas have graced us as well as old dramas that I may have been too busy to catch during when they were originally airing. So here’s some first impressions of dramas that I have watched and whether I would recommend to keep watching or to pack it up and move on.

 Spring Turns To Spring

Kim Bo-Mi (Lee Yu-Ri) works as a TV news anchorwoman and she only cares about herself. Lee Bom (Uhm Ji-Won) was once a popular actress, but she is now a lawmaker’s wife. She focuses only on taking care of her family. Somehow these two women switch bodies.

I initially decided I wanted to check this out because I saw Yoo Ri in Father Is Strange and I caught a bit of Hide and Seek prior to deciding it was a bore and dropped it like a hot patty. This one seemed like the age old body swapping story so I figured, “Hey! What the heck.” The drama starts off showing us the difference between the two women’s lifestyle and I thought to myself that maybe I wouldn’t last after all. Still I continued on and immediately figured out that this drama was exactly my style. I am a sucker for female friendships because I feel like we don’t see enough in Korean dramas. I say Korean dramas because I often find that the Chinese and Taiwanese dramas I have been watching tend to have really strong female friendships. Although this drama feels very cliched and predictable I think we’ll be in for a treat!


  • The duality of the lead actresses: they are extremely believable when playing the other person.
  • Family interactions: there’s a very interesting development that is happening with the two leads and their various “families” that will be interesting to see.
  • Excellent comedic timing: I found myself thoroughly cringing during some scenes and laughing out loud as well.

I would definitely recommend checking a few episodes out especially if you’re a fan of seeing vibrant and layered female leads.

Where to watch: Kocowa or Viki

First Impression Score: 8/10

Romance Is A Bonus Book

Cha Eun-Ho (Lee Jong-Suk) is a genius writer and the youngest chief editor ever at his publishing company. He is smart and handsome. He is also even tempered at work, but he has a warm heart and a reasonable personality.

Kang Dan-Yi (Lee Na-Young) used to be a popular copywriter, but she is not anymore. She is now broke and unemployed. Even though she tries to find a job, due to her impressive career and excellent educational background, she is unable to find a new job. Finally, Kang Dan-Yi gets a job at a publishing company by lying about her background. Cha Eun-Ho is the chief editor at that publishing company. They begin to develop romantic feelings for each other.

I have a very tense relationship with Jong Suk or as I like to call him chapped lips (why he can’t use Vaseline??) I had zero desire to check this out and I decided I would cause I saw people had very differing opinions and so naturally I had to form an opinion for myself. It started off nicely and I thought to myself that perhaps the comments against it were just exaggerations. This first episode felt so unbelievably long but I understood the need to build the story. However, I couldn’t make it beyond the middle of the second episode. It is not as horrible as the comments I have been seeing, but I could tell midway that I am definitely not in the mood to watch this type of drama right now. It seems to be presenting itself as a kind of “slice of life” drama, but I found certain aspects to be so thoroughly unbelievable which I won’t say to avoid spoilers.  I won’t continue it but I could see myself skimming through the comments after the show is completed to see how things turn out. The editing in some parts of the episode assisted in elevating the humorous parts and I can’t get over how gorgeous Jung Eugene looked in her frames!!

I would recommend you check this drama out if you are into slice of life dramas and perhaps are looking for something that is romantic with very cute moments. Plus I heard there’s a LGBT couple so like that’s something to look forward to!

Where to watch: Netflix

 First Impression Score: 6/10

The Crowned Clown

Joseon is in a state of disorder due to uprisings and a power struggle surrounding King Lee Hun (Yeo Jin-Goo). To avoid assassination, a clown named Ha Sun (Yeo Jin-Goo) is brought to the palace to take the place of King Lee Hun. Ha Sun looks almost identical to King Lee Hun.

When Ha Sun was a child, his parents died during an epidemic. Ha Sun almost died from starvation around that time, but he was saved by a group of clowns. Ha Sun grew up with the clowns and became one of them. During their performance, Ha Sun would play King Lee Hun due to their similar physical appearance. Now, Ha Sun is nervous that someone in the palace will find out he is not the real king. He falls for beautiful Queen Yoo So-Woon (Lee Se-Young).

If there is one child actor who I have enjoyed watching blossom into an adult it is Jin Goo. I try not to have much expectations when it comes to dramas, but I can’t help being excited whenever I see him in a saeguk. Let me tell you… not even three minutes into episode one and I was already snatched by his flawless acting. HOLY SHIT THIS BOY IS GOOD. I didn’t need to hear the conversation with his father to know that they had a tense relationship, I could sense it from the very first scene. I never watched Masquerade which this show is based off and I doubt I will at this point because I do not want to compare, but wow the first two episodes were certainly something. My attention was just focused on Jin Goo, this boy is an ACTOR. It is just so unbelievable how freaking great he is.. I am equally disgusted by the king but also feel remorseful and it doesn’t make sense to me? I know I am like gushing over him, but he is honestly the highlight of the drama so far and the reason I feel compelled to keep watch. From what I have seen thus far it is not heavy on the romance, but even then I think there’s a nice chemistry between our leads.

If historical dramas aren’t your forte then I’d say skip it, but if you enjoy historical dramas and want to see Jin Goo shine in what he does best then give it a play.

Where to watch: Viki

First Impression Score: 9/10

Clean With Passion For Now

Jang Sun-Gyeol (Yoon Gyun-Sang) has mysophobia (fear of germs) and runs a cleaning company. He meets Gil O-Sol (Kim You-Jung). She has a bright personality and she does not mind getting dirty. With the help of Gil O-Sol, Jang Sun-Gyeol faces his mysophobia and also falls in love with Gil O-Sol.

Like Jin Goo, I have the softest spot for Yoo Jung. I enjoy watching her act and seeing her all grown up just makes me feel like a proud mom. I was anticipating this only for her as I’m not a big fan of the male lead nor the second lead. The story also sounded ridiculously cliched and dumb, but I just knew that Yoo Jung would deliver a comedic performance and boy it didn’t disappoint. Immediately from episode one I found myself laughing at her antics and also how unbelievably gross she is. I appreciate that the drama has already ended because it strikes me as a binge watch kind and I think that if I were watching while it was airing I would probably have dropped it. Of course I can’t be certain how my journey with this drama will go but I am definitely continuing it.


  • Yoo Jung looks absolutely stunning and filthy at the same time.
  • Chemistry between the leads feel very palpable.
  • The supporting characters seem promising.

Check this drama out if you’re into romantic comedies… Skip it if you don’t want to deal with cliches.

Where to watch: Sooo… uhhhh you know 😉

First Impression Score: 7/10



Monthly Roundup – January in Kpop

Not to steal Lazy Unnie’s thunder but I’m pretty lazy myself. Hehe. Therefore I decided to just lump all the kpop releases I’ve heard this month into a post which will then make it easier for me to do my year end list. Hehehe. Don’t expect a thorough analysis of the songs, this is just my opinion on the songs. Also it’s not about to be every single song that was released just the ones that I cared enough to listen to.

Bad Habits – Shaun

This song came from his single album An-nyeong.. The song is okay ? I mean as someone who really liked Way Back Home last year I was a little meh on this song and even the other songs as well (I won’t be mentioning them). I do like seeing Yoo Bi though so it’s not a complete disappointment.

%% (Eung Eung) – Apink

Hehehehe.. Sooooo….. I realized that I am stubborn. When So Sick came out last year I didn’t end up liking the song until they had finished promotions and I saw a live stage.. So naturally I didn’t like %% until I saw a live stage and now I literally cannot get it out of my end. The chorus is just so addictive and fun that I’m literally at my desk going Eung Eung every other minute. Hehe.

No – CLC

Everyone who knows me personally knows that I have always referred to CLC as my flop favorites. I love them to bits and I am always sad that they haven’t made it. Pepe was one of my favorite debut songs by a girl group. Crystyle, Free’sm and Black Dress are a few of my favorite mini albums. Was I salty that Gidle blew up and not them? Absolutely so. Was I even more salty that La Vie En Rose was supposed to be their song but was given to Iz*one instead? You BET! But see… unlike rabid Chesires, I know and understand how the kpop world works. At the end of the day if the public isn’t checking for ya they just not checking for ya. So even if CLC had released Latata (I barely like this song) or La Vie En Rose, it would have just been another song that CLC had that didn’t go anywhere. I mean they gave us To The Sky and Black Dress and still flopped… Anyways my telling you all of this was just to show that I am not a bandwagonist and therefore my words should be taken very seriously. In all honesty.. No was not that girl for me the first few times I heard it and I think it was my bias about the fact that Soyeon wrote and produced the song which meant that if they did hit success then Neverlands would say it was all due to them..It’s petty! I know! (Would you believe me if I told you that I genuinely do like Gidle and bias Yuqi? LOL) But in all honesty, I very rarely like a song on the first listen so I allowed myself to give it more listens and realized it’s not horrible.. However, when compared to the rest of the album it feels like Hobgoblin did on the Crystyle mini. I think No was a good choice as the title track, but my heart belongs to the b-sides as it typically does.

Tic Toc – NeonPunch

Oooh. So NeonPunch was a group that kinda fell through the cracks for me last year as many tend to do especially with how many nugus debut each year. I only ended up hearing this song cause I was on youtube and it started playing after and GAHHHHH. This was so fun to listen to! Gave me such good vibes and visually reminded me of tripping out on acid. Hehhe. Excited to hear more of them.

Valkyrie – Onesus

A recently debuted boy group under Mamamoo’s label and I enjoyed this enough that I would probably check them out again? LOL.

Loca – Favorite

I have seen Favorite on my timeline endlessly since they debuted but I have ignored them every time. I was on YouTube watching Apink stages when this song ended up playing next. At first I thought to myself, “Damn Kard has gotten bigger!” but then I realized that it was that group that oomf has been tweeting about constantly. Loca does nothing differently but is still somehow so immensely enjoyable. Maybe it’s their voices or the way the MV looked but it prompted me to go and examine more of their stuff and I ended up doing just that.. The mini is my taste and even their older stuff isn’t bad. Maybe I can add another nugu gg to my list.. It can be my humbling experience since Blackpink is doing so well.

Home – Seventeen

Ah Seventeen! Lol I really really liked Don’t Wanna Cry, Clap and Thanks, but unfortunately there is like 900 of them and I am too lazy to care. That being said, ahhhh Home really surprised me. I am a boring bitch, I enjoy this type of music so much more than the influx of noise that most boy groups make.. Bonus question: which is the more sexist company? YG OR PLEDIS?

All Night – Astro

It’s a cute song! Very easy to listen to and the video is really pretty BUT I MEAN that still doesn’t mean I’m not waiting on their disbandment. Eunwoo baby, lets drop this singing bullshit and get some acting classes so I can see more of you.

Q&A – Cherry Bullet

AOA’s little sisters! I have to admit, I was looking forward to their debut since we first saw the first member teaser last year.. Did this live up to my expectations? Not entirely.. I did like that it wasn’t a typical release for a girl group debut song and I like the choreo… However, could use more Chaerin and Linlin, but that’s just me.

La La Love – Cosmic Girls

Another group with 9 million members. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for them Starship said “Fuck China lives!!” and China-line has not been active with them. Meiqi and Xuanyi are on temporary hiatus as members of Rocket Girls 101 which is the Chinese version of IOI and I really don’t know what Cheng Xiao is up to but my guess is getting schmoney in China? Anyways I think Starship can eat shit and China-line should continue to live their best lives. So.. now to the song! HEHEHE.. I like La La Love! I don’t la la love it but it’s better than Happy so it gets multiple plays. My favorite Cosmic Girls song remains Secret even though it is 95% Yeonjung.

Say My Name – Ateez

Twitter basically bullied me into listening to this one. I liked it enough. Reminded me of Pentagon if I was listening to only the voices hehhe. I could see why people like them and maybe if I feel like it I’ll listen to them some more.

Gotta Go – Chungha

I. Love. This. Song. I was not into Love U like at all. It just felt like a track that went nowhere and did nothing for me. I legit forgot she even released it until someone on Twitter was like “don’t forget Love U!” So needless to say I was ready for Rollercoaster to be dethroned.  There is just something about this song that makes me feel so sexy?? Now… if you had asked me two weeks ago if Gotta Go dethroned Rollercoaster I would have said yes undoubtedly so.. However, lately it kinda feels like Rollercoaster is still THAT girl. We’ll see by the end of the year.

Even So – Luna

It’s no Free Somebody, but like its way better than Night Reminscin’ so lets take this W.

Heart – Punch

MY BALLAD QUEEN. Everything that comes out of her mouth is gold to me. I just love her voice so much. So sweet. This mini is just everything I wanted from her. Please sing at my wedding, Jinyeong!

XI (feat Lee Hi) – CODE KUNST



Sugar Baby's Favorite January Release:  %% (Eung Eung) - Apink


Love Yourself in Seoul: Film Review


I never got the chance to see BTS live on this tour or any tour. The fates were against me when they were in my city last year. So this was my only chance to experience them.

I haven’t watched a concert film properly since maybe *NSYNC’s No Strings Attached at Madison Square Garden (I know I’m dating myself). But I ventured into the city, against freezing wings, to watch BTS’ Love Yourself in Seoul in theaters. After donning myself in what little BTS merch, my Tata beauty band and Chimmy face mask, I had, I settled in. This was the second time this year I went to the movie theaters to see something BTS related. I went to see Burn The Stage: Movie and I have to say, it was one of the worst film experiences I’ve ever had. That ARMY filled audience wasn’t kind and screamed/talked the entire film. After that, I wasn’t sure what to expect today. With this being a concert film, I went in with an open mind and almost welcomed the hyped energy from ARMY. Boy, what I actually got was unexpected.

I have to admit, I arrived a little late. Blame MTA! Anyway, I got into the dark room and expected fans to be singing along to Same Me or doing a fanchant. What I wasn’t expecting was to hear no audience participation, no lightsticks, nothing! For a second, I thought the theater was empty but alas, people were in the nice recliner seats just enjoying the serenades of Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook.

Quickly finding my seat and catching my breath, I immediately started my own fanchants under my breath and a dance party in my seat. The people next to me, who I kept sneaking peaks at throughout the whole film, showed almost no emotion. Even when V shot hearts to the camera; stone faced. I guess they were stronger people than I. Regardless of the lackluster  crowd, who at times clapped after a performance or two, the highlight of my mid morning excursion was Bangtan Sonyeondan! Let’s discuss the concert.

Due to my tardiness, I missed the opening but with my research, I know I missed IDOL. Not too sad about that because it isn’t one of my fave songs. But coming in on Same Me, truly was a treat. There isn’t much I can say negative about BTS when it comes to performances. It’s the reason why I actually got into them. Their stage presence is always on an 11. The energy is always there and the dedication seeps through. Either it be a movie screen or the screen of your phone on Youtube, you feel what they’re leaving on that stage. The fans in the stadium received that energy and through it right back at them. Watching the waves of ARMY Bombs and the fanchants being sung for each song really gave me goosebumps. My heart swelled when Suga held out the mic and the audience filled in the purposeful gaps of the song. If I knew how to speak Korean, I’d be one of them for sure. Especially during I Need U, I was doing my best to keep up with them.

Now, the fashion! With every outfit change, I thought I was seeing the reincarnation of Liberace. Glitter on top of rhinestone mixed with flowing silks. Flash, flash, flash! Even with their solo stages, each outfit had… personality of its own. Personally, wasn’t a fan. I found myself snickering at one point when Jin was doing Epiphany. His suit basically looked as if a florist had vomited over him. Whew chile… if was much. However, when it came time for them to do their encore stage, each were fitted in white tops and blue jeans. I know from all the fan cams I watched over the summer and fall, that these were coming. But to see them actually performing in it, I felt as if the personality of each of them were shinning on that stage and not a blinged out top. I mean, V took my breath away in his cardigan and circle rimmed glasses. I’m so easy.

What also took my breath away was the set list. In particular, the inclusion of some of the songs that made me fall for BTS. Come on, they did a medley of Boyz with Fun, Attack on Bangtan, Fire, Silver Spoon (hip thrusts and all), and Dope. I was so close to jumping out my seat and dancing along with them with my no rhythm ass. Even though there were songs that I wish were included, *cough* Cypher 4 *cough*, I think the set list was a good mixture of new and old. Each had a solo stage and my bias’ proved why they hold the spots they do. But it was Jung HOEseok, who for some reason always leaves me shook after seeing him on a stage. When he started his solo of Just Dance, I was mesmerized. Maybe I”m a secret Hobi stan in denial. I’ll investigate at a later date.

As the film neared the end of its 2 hour run time, I started to have thoughts. As a multistan, I was torn because seeing the success of this tour and film, I want all artists to reach the heights of BTS. They show that it CAN be done in this age of fickle consumers. I also started to think about concert culture. How precious it is and how it is more than just the few hours that make the experience what it is. It’s the people in your section or the ones you’re pushed together with in a pit. I don’t want to compare it to war because I’ve never experienced that, but it is the closest thing to the trenches I can think of. Strangers, going through this one event that unites for more than that moment in time. I get why some concerts don’t allow the usage of cameras because why have a filter? At the end of the day, it’s you and the gift that artist shares with you. It’s your shared  moment.

Cause of your Euphoria.


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Sugar Baby’s Review Corner : ‘Miss Baek’

Hello friends! Welcome to my review corner. I will be reviewing movies, dramas and music. Some reviews will get their own posts, others may be combined. I will have fun with it. I will try to be as impartial and objective as possible but I am very opinionated so take that how you want to! 🙂

Miss Baek

miss_baekSmall but tough Baek Sang Ah, known as Miss Baek, comes across a young girl, Ji Eun, a victim of domestic violence by her game-junkie father and his girlfriend. A lifetime of abandonment, abuse, and prejudice has taught Miss Baek how to shut others out, but she slowly opens up to Jieun she sees as a mirror of herself. When Ji Eun finally runs away from despairing violence Miss Baek whose sense of helplessness was pushing her to let Jieun go vows to fight for Ji Eun, even if it meant risking her own life.

(source: mydramalist)



Miss Baek is absolutely worth the hype that is has received thus far. Storytelling wise I felt like it could have been better, but I think the strength in this movie lies with the strong delivery from the cast. Like everyone else, I have only ever seen Han Ji Min in romantic comedies and thought that this role was great as it showed her duality as a performer. I felt the tangibility of Miss Baek as a character in today’s present world. Like Han Ji Min, her counterpart, Kwon So Hyun, did an excellent job as the ‘villain’ the vindictiveness and desperation were evident in every facial expression and speech. A even special shout out to the child actress as well, I can see a strong future for her in acting.

It was clear that women were the backbone of this film. And there was a strong emphasis on womanhood through various lenses. We had our protagonist who struggled to forgive her mother for abusing and abandoning her even after she had passed away. We saw the struggle within her mother’s decision to abandon her. We saw our antagonist and her relationship with the child of her boyfriend and she was the one who was the clear breadwinner among them. We saw this child fight eagerly and hungrily for her survival and for the woman that protected her.

Although this movie does deal with a very gritty topic, it was still enjoyable and did not feel like a commentary on society. I was equal parts satisfied and dissatisfied with the ending due to personal preference. However, I would still recommend.

Acting: 9/10
Production Value: 7.5/10
Music: N/A
Story: 7.5/10

Overall Rating: 8.5/10



Goodbye 2018, HELLO 2019!

Ahhh! Another year has come and gone and so many things happened in 2018. Since this isn’t a super personal blog, I decided to just write a post to tell y’all what is on the horizon for this year. Thank you all for subscribing and reading and all the views that we received. Don’t be shy on commenting because we appreciate that as well.

RE: Recaps

Soo.. I have not had the time and will not have the time to sit, watch and write recaps. A full time job does not allow for much time to write these funny and engaging recaps. I’m currently in a bit of a kdrama slump as well and am only able to find sustainability in a few Chinese dramas which puts a damper on my plans to check out a lot of the new Korean dramas that have started airing. I apologize for those of you who do visit the site for the Love Alert recaps especially, but I will be doing a review once I complete the drama. And if it is my wonderfully hilarious commentary that you would love to read, I promise to live tweet over on our official twitter!

RE: Social Media

Speaking of twitter we will be making the active effort to be more active on twitter and more interactive to build up our brand! A simple follow/RT would go a huge way in helping us grow as a site. 🙂

RE: Posts

While we do not intend on making excessively often posts, we will try to deliver content in a more timely manner! We have a lot of fun features planned for this year! I have an insane number of posts that are in draft and half done which is just overall a poor reflection of me. Hahhaah. Seriously, I had a superlatives for the dramas I watched in 2018 post still sitting in draft and now i’m like..mmmm… is it even worth posting now?

Uhhh that’s it I guess? I really just wanted to give a post to wish y’all a happy new year and that I hope 2019 is the representative year for you all!

PS- I’m still thinking about that Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Kai (EXO) dating news.. Maybe one day when I’m not irritated by twitter I will discuss idols dating.. maybe not. All I want y’all to know right now is that I SHIP.



LUKMA or Lazy Unnie’s K-Music Awards 2018!


2 weeks ago I announced the nominees of the awards! The time has come to see who won in this award show more bias than anything MNET could put on, and that’s saying something. I tried to be fair and beat down my bias but sometimes its pretty petty head popped in. See who were my winners down below!

practice 2WINNER:
EXO-CBX – Blooming Day

Wendy & John Legend – Written In The Stars

ost 2
Hwayugi – A Korean Odyssey

new kids 2


music showWINNER:
BTS – Airplane Pt. 2 / Anapanman / Fake Love

EXO – Universe

throwback 2
Triple H – Retro Future


GOT7 – THE New Era

mini 2
EXO-CBX – Blooming Days


This is to honor one group that has that icon status. Some groups already have it but I just wanted to give recognition to one that really stood out to me. And that’s no other group but SHINee!

There aren’t enough words to string together what SHINee means to me and a bunch of other people in the world. The group and shawols have seen the best of times and the worst of times with these men, but at the end of the day, only love stays. They celebrated 10 years this year. Here’s to the next 10.

repackage 2WINNER:

rude 2WINNER:
Kai – Tempo – Comeback Stage

Crush – Cereal

Junoflo – Grapevine

WINNER: (They are all winners cause you should stan them all)
ASTRO – Always You

single 2WINNER:
Pristin V – Get It

concept boy 2WINNER:

concept girl 2WINNER:
Red Velvet – Bad Boy

dance dance 2WINNER:
NCT Dream – GO

soty 2WINNER:
iKON – Love Scenario

Goodbyes we said this year. Albeit group disbandment’s or military enlistments, we bid adieu.

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daesang 2

There were a lot of artists that came out this year with amazing work. From the global punching BTS to the idols who ventured out solo like Key and Jennie. But unsurprisingly, the winner of my Daesang is a group that basically was quiet all of 2018 as a whole. But individually they rocked my world completely. They worked on various things from unit albums to dramas. They were on a tour (that felt like forever) and worked on their late in the year release. Each release was better than the last and even though we weren’t gifted with a winter album this year (THANK YOU YIXING ZHANG), we were reminded why they are one of the top acts to come out of Korea. I mean, they even played the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics. THE OLYMPICS Y’ALL! The vocal prowess is damn there unmatched and the chemistry makes you love them either more. These 9 individuals are more than singers who strip from time to time, even though their visuals are out of this world. I’m talking about none other than we are one!



From Eylxion to Tempo and from Dinner to Young, we were shown what makes kings kings.  I could go on and on about how amazing Don’t Mess Up My Tempo was as an album from beginning to end. I can even tell you how Love Shot is basically the Song of the Year (Sorry iKon), but I won’t. Just watch some clips below of what these men have been doing.




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A year of grief and growth

A year ago in early December, I was still at the beginning of my k-music journey. I was discovering groups left and right and one of the ones that stuck out to me was SHINee. I had watched them on a few variety shows and decided to check out their music. Color me shocked when they immediately became one of my top 10 groups. I started to say, if I was a k-pop fan 7 or 8 years ago, SHINee would be my ult group, that’s how amazing and affected I was.

But it was almost 2-3 weeks after I started listening to them, I heard the news that no one would have expected. On December 18th, Kim Jonghyun of SHINee had taken his own life at the age of 27.

I sat in shock. For some reason, this hit me harder than I would have thought.  At the time, Jonghyun was just another idol, part of a group I kind of knew, and for the most part really liked. However, the moment I read the news, I was thrown into a deep dark hole of grieving for this man who I learned, had touched so many people. I cried at the mention of his name, any picture I saw had me needing to take a break. Every shawol in my orbit was hurting and it was something that couldn’t be ignored. I even became so obsessed with the whole funeral that I had to detox myself from anything related to Jonghyun or SHINee because of it. Eventually over time, I pulled myself out and became a stan of his and SHINee’s work. Even among the sadness that the thought of him gone brought me, his talents and legacy couldn’t be ignored.

At first, I didn’t know how to be a fan. I found myself sad every time his songs came on my playlists. Or I would find myself yearning to see him on a music show and then remembering the devastating truth. For months, dealing with the reality was the hardest. I questioned myself constantly, why did his death effect me this way? Ultimately, it came down to a combination of things. One, I myself was already going through the grieving process over my mother’s death. Two, I also suffer from depression and at the time, was really going through a down swing of things. Three, in that short period of time where I discovered the group, Jonghyun and his music really touched me in a way only a few other artist have. And finally, it was watching how this one person could have such a effect on every person who had come in contact with him. As I watched his friends and colleagues hurt and cry out for him, I knew that this one man was truly special. The last time I felt this hurt for someone I had never met, Heath Ledger had died.

Now here we are a year later. Jonghyun is nominated for an award, SHINee as a whole is moving forward musically, the members are having solo endeavors, Onew has just enlisted for his mandatory service. Life continued on for all. The guys don’t shy away from talking about their brother. They miss him as much as we do. And many have criticized them for continuing on, but I believe that isn’t what Jonghyun would want for them.

For some fans, this was the first time losing someone they looked up to or who had such an impact on their lives. the grieving process is one that is different for everyone and can’t be measured in time. As each day passes, we miss them a little more but hurt a little less. The best thing is to remember Jonghyun for how he lived and not for how he left. For how even now that he’s not physically with us, he will forever touch and inspire people to be their true artistic selves.

Each part of himself that Jonghyun had given us, will live on with every person who knows his name. So for every shawol or anyone that was touched by Jonghyun, prayers and love be with you.

You Did Well… Always Be With Us

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Back That Ass Up – 2018 Year In Music

Yo yo yo! Welcome to my year end list of music from the Asian artists in 2018! Buckle up because it is a long ass ride!


A bop is a bop! No matter the language – Top 5 Mandopop Releases

5.  Luhan – 时间停了 (Time Stopped)

4. Rocket Girls (火箭少女101) – 生而为赢 Born to Win

3. Nine Percent – I Need A Doctor

2. Lay – Give Me a Chance (爱到这)

 1. Tia Ray & Kehlani - Just My Luck

Is what I’m watching good or am I blinded by the music? – Top 5 Chinese OST Releases

5. William Chan – Lucid Dream (Only Side By Side With You)

4. Zhang Bichen – Listening Snow (The Flame’s Daughter)

3. Isabelle Huang – Flourished Dream (Legend of Fu Yao)

2. Sa Dingding – Upwards To The Moon (Ashes of Love)

1. Mimi Lee - Love Guru (KungFu League)


Listening To Echos – Top 5 Japanese versions of Korean songs

5. EXID – Up & Down

4. Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb

3. LABOUM – Hwi Hwi 

2. Blackpink – Forever Young

1. Dreamcatcher - What

According to Knetz, Japan is irrelevant – Top 5 Original Jpop Releases from Korean Artists

5. EXO-CBX – Horololo


3. EXO – Electric Kiss

2. Red Velvet – Aitai-tai

1. BOA - 私このままでいいのかな

Hey! We exist! – Top 5 Japanese Releases From Non-Kpop Artists

5. Nogizaka46 – 帰り道は遠回りしたくなる

4. AKB48 – No Way Man

3. Utada Hiraku – Play A Love Song

2. Perfume – Mugen Mirai

1. Nariaki Obukuro - Lonely One ft Utada Hiraku


Do Men Deserve Rights? Be Honest. MALES

Let’s Get This Bread – Top 10 Title Tracks

10. Wannaone – Boomerang

9. ONF – Complete

8. Day6 – Shoot Me

7. SF9 – Now or Never

6. The Rose – She’s In The Rain

5. EXO-CBX – Blooming Day

4. Monsta X – Jealousy

3. Pentagon – Shine

2. IKON – Love Scenario


You Are Second Best To No One – TOP 10 Bsides

10. Montsa X – Oh My

9. NCT Dream – Drippin’

8. The Rose – Take Me Down

7. Shinee – Chemistry

6. Winner – Air

5. IKON – Jerk

4. SF9 – Photograph

3. BTOB – Call Me

2. EXO-CBX – Thursday

1. EXO - 24/7

Standing On Your Own – Top 5 Releases from solo artists

5. Crush – Cereal (ft Zico)

4. Dean – Dayfly (ft Sulli & Rad Museum)

3. Naul – Feel Like

2. Hoan – Noah (ft Jay Park & Hoody)

1. Shaun - Way Back Home

No Skips Allowed! – Top 5 Mini/Full Albums

5. The Rose – Dawn

4. SF9 – Sensuous

3. EXO-CBX – Blooming Days

2. BTOB – This Is Us

1. EXO - Don't Mess Up My Tempo



Women In Charge – Top 10 Title Tracks

10. Gugudan – The Boots

9. Saturday – MMook JJi Bba

8. EXID – I Love You

7. Mamamoo – Egoistic

6. AOA – Bingle Bangle

5. Cosmic Girls – Save You, Save Me

4. Oh My Girl – Remember Me

3. (G)I-dle – Hann

2. Momoland – BBoom BBoom

1. Blackpink - Ddu du ddu du

Aint No Regular Side Chick – Top 10 Bsides

10. Weki Meki – Iron Boy

9. Loona – favOriTe

8. GWSN – Yolowa

7. (G)I-dle – Don’t Text Me

6. Red Velvet – Blue Lemonade

5. Oh My Girl – Magic

4. CLC – 7th

3. Dreamcatcher – Trap

2. Gugudan – Be Myself

1. Blackpink - See U Later

Independent Woman – Top 5 Releases From Solo Artists

5. Heize – Jenga (ft Gaeko)

4. Jennie – Solo

3. Hyolyn – Dally

2. Punch – Goodbye

1. IU - Bbibbi

No Skips Allowed! – Top 5 Mini/Full Albums

5. Dreamcatcher – Alone In The City

4. AOA – Bingle Bangle

3. Gugudan – Act 5. New Action

2. Oh My Girl – Secret Garden

1. Blackpink - Square Up



Rookie Spotlight

4. Celeb Five – I Wanna Be A Celeb

3. Fromis_9 – Love Bomb

2. S#aFLA – DDu-Ru-DDu-PPa-Ra-Ppa

1. Iz*one - La Vie En Rose


5. Gugudan SEMINA – SEMINA

4. Oh!MyGG – Lil’ Touch

3. Bolbbalgan4 – Travel

2. Baekhyun and Loco – Young

1. Loco and Hwasa - Don't

The Show Is Over But The Music Lives On – Top 5 OSTs

5. UKwon and Rothy – Baby Baby (Jugglers)

4. Gowoon – The Magic (Witch’s Love)

3. Punch – I Will Always Love You (Risky Romance)

2. Junggigo – D-day (My ID is Gangnam Beauty)

1. iamnot - Burn It Up


I couldn’t in good conscience include this song in my list because it came out today HOWEVER, I am positive it will end up being my most played boy group song next to Tempo therefore I have to post it.

I know this was a bit excessive of a list, but I can’t help it hahah! Maybe next year will be different. Until next time! 😉




Welcome to the first annual (let’s see if I do this shit again) LUKA’s! Or the Lazy Unnie’s K-Music Awards. With a little inspiration from Sugar Unnie, I’m doing my own awards to wrap the year up, but instead with music! This year was big for me personally when it came to discovering new music. My playlists grew tenfold and my YouTube had more views than it did in the past. With it being award season anyway, it is a perfect time for this. Also, those awards always make me mad, so why not do one myself!

Only main criteria is that it was released between December 2017 and December 2018. Since there are so many categories (Once I started I couldn’t stop), here are the nominees first. I’ll be announcing the winners on December 24th!

Practice Makes Perfect – Best Dance Practice

It Takes Two – Best Collaboration

Best OST

New Kids on the Block – Best Rookies

TV Killed the Kpop Fan – Best Music Show Stage

Winter Wonderland – Best Holiday

Obessed Throwback – Best Retro Concept

Best English Release

Best Japanese Release

Mini but Mighty – Best Mini/EP

Hit Me Baby One More Time – Best Repackage

How Rude?! – Sexiest Fan Cam

In My Feels – Best R&B

Mic Check 1, 2 – Best Rap/Hip-Hop

Sleeping Beauty – Sleeper Hits

Single and ready to Mingle – Top Singles

Best Boy Group Concept

Best Girl Group Concept

Dance, Dance – Best Choreography


DAESANG…….. Wait till awards day to see who comes out on top!