31 Day K-Drama Challenge ~ Day 2


Lazy Unnie

Kim Shin Hyuk in She Was Pretty… I didn’t even know Siwon came from Super Junior! When I watched this, I fell in love with the hilarious Shin Hyuk more than Park Seo Joon’s Seong Jun! He was everything that Seong Jun wasn’t and honestly, with the scruff and tan skin, he was so different from other leads. I felt bad for him in the end but just means, I’ll give him love where he didn’t get it.

Sugar Baby Unnie


Oh Jin Gyu in Strongest Deliveryman… A SWEETHEART. AN ANGEL. The idea that he was even supposed to be the “villain” in the story is so ridiculous to me. He showed such impeccable growth throughout the series that you couldn’t help, but fall in love. I was rooting for him every step of the way except I didn’t want him with Dan Ah. I love you my sweet dimpled baby.


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Monthly Roundup – February in Kpop

February was kinda boring… Let’s hope March is better.

Piri – Dreamcatcher

I love Dreamcatcher fell in love with them during ‘Goodnight’ era when I saw Yoohyeon and SuA being extra as fuck on After School Club. Ever since then I look forward to every release and I have enjoyed everything that they had to offer. ‘Piri’ is probably my second favorite title track of all time from them!! I say probably because I am really biased towards ‘Goodnight’ but honestly, I am enjoying this song immensely. It was a nice welcomed change, structure wise, to what I have become accustomed to seeing from them. HOWEVER, let me just gush about ‘Diamond’ for a moment!! ‘Diamond’ is sooo freaking good! Holy shit. I just love the way it flows without sounding disjointed. It is remnant of ‘Trap’ to me. Keep up the quality girls.

Butterfly – Loona

Love Loona. Love their music videos. Love their songs. I loved this song up until the beat drop in the chorus. Just sounds like excessive noise to me. The choreography though!! May force me to like this song after all.

Lips on Lips – Tiffany

Does this count as Kpop? Prolly not but she was a SNSD member so who gonna check me? Anyways, I was beginning to lose faith, Tiffany. Your releases since the split from SM has been less than stellar thus far. However, I enjoy both the song and the EP, especially Runaway‘. The EP reminds me of 2000s RnB and not in an irritating Ella Mai way. Maybe I would’ve liked to see you in New York after all.

Twit – Hwasa

I guess it is true what they say; you can listen to something long enough to eventually like or hate it. I like Hwasa’s voice, I am not sure if I like her voice on the song but I also like the instrumental so you see my predicament… But seriously Hwasa, we need to figure out something with this makeup.. It does NOT look good.

Enough – SF9

For the first time ever in SF9’s career, I am underwhelmed. Nothing on the mini helps me to save face either. I’m sorry boys.

WiFi – Saturday

Saturday makes such fun music! I don’t care what anyone says!!! Coming for Momoland’s neck!

Dalla Dalla – ITZY

Hehehhe. There were so many divided opinions on this song when it first came out and I’d like to go on record and say that I liked it from the first listen! It was a hot mess but it was an enjoyable hot mess and stood out from the pack. I really loved the chorus! I have the receipts!! So now that they’re breaking all the records y’all wanna pretend you was riding! God don’t like ugly… Heheh. As my friend said, Itzy took Weki Meki’s concept of teen crush and did it way better than them. YEJI NATION MAKE SOME NOISE.

Remember – 9Muses

RIP MY HOMIES. MY GIRLS. MY HOME SKILLETS. I WILL MISS YOU. I am severely annoyed by the fact that there’s now two 9Muses song titled ‘Remember’ and when you search for it this shit one will come up first and not the obviously superior track.

Blow Your Mind – (G)-IDLE

I guess this gets a separate post cause it has it’s own MV but as I’m writing this I’ve already forgotten how it sounds. I could hit play to refresh my memory but that takes effort.. I’ll pay more attention to it when the mini gets released. I do know that I loved Minnie and Yuqi’s voices at the beginning of the song. PLEASE GIVE MORE LINES FOR YUQI FUCKERS.

Señorita – (G)-IDLE

#CubeEntHatesChina omg who started this? Prove them wrong @ CUBE! Let Yuqi and Shuhua sing!

Alligator – Monsta X

MX is another boy group that I was super into back in the day and I constantly forget about them lmfao… There are so many better songs on the album that they could’ve chosen. ‘Beautiful’ remains the supreme! Anyways.. I’d still let them hit it though. Kihyun, call me!

Gravity – Trei

I only decided to listen to this to say, “fuck them boys” and give us the banana culture new girl group because I wanna see them debut already lol. This feels like an IKON song but with half the members although it could be argued that it is about the same number of IKON members since most people only know Double B and Junhoe.

On N On – Miso

I first heard about Miso back in 2017 during her Pink Lady era and I was like home girl is heavy on the Hyuna cosplay! Then I watched KKPP and I began to wonder if Hyuna and Miso were actually the same person. I ended up hitting subscribe on the channel and it wasn’t because I was particularly into her but I just felt like I needed to see every single music video that she drops and that’s how we got to On N On. This could easily be a Chungha track. It is very on trend with the sound and the dance which is a roundabout way of me saying that this is pretty decent. The comments said that this is her real voice that she is singing in which is funny to me.

Leggo – WANNA.B

THREE YEARS LATER. I really thought they disbanded.. I feel obligated to give a proper review of this song.. but I won’t… Hehheeh. It’s booty popping music. If the chorus was more fleshed out it would have taken it to like 100. On the topic of choruses though, I am kinda over the repetitive words with a beat that is now mainstream pop and I know my favs are guilty of this too, but I kinda miss actual choruses ya feel?

What You Waiting For – Z Girls

Not sure if this is technically kpop either but was created by Wanna.B’s company sooo… omg that Pryianka girl is very pretty!! Way better than the other famous Priyanka.

No Limit – Z Boys

The male version of Z Girls! Ummmmmm guys… it kinda slaps……

Let’s Shut Up & Dance – Jason Derulo, LAY, NCT 127

I don’t like Jason Derulo. This song is okay for what it is I guess. I feel compelled to like it because a) Yixing, Mark & Taeyong and b) they gave a shout out to Jamaican girls. I’m a simple woman, pander to me and I will like your song. It’s probably why I could never work for a public office because I will 100% take bribes.

Favorite February Release: Piri - Dreamcatcher



31 Day K-Drama Challenge ~ Day 1

day 1

Lazy Unnie

 Coffee Prince… I love that this was my first because I feel it set me up with what is good about k-dramas. It was a classic recipe that didn’t leave me longing for what I was used to with western shows. And small world, through degrees of separation, Sugar Baby Unnie is the reason I watched this!

Sugar Baby Unnie


Coffee Prince…. A classic! A classic! That’s a classic. I actually started this randomly on Netflix and the rest is history. Hehehe. This gave me my Gong Yoo boner and my forever ship of YEH/Yoo.


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31 Day K-Drama Challenge ~ March

This month us Unnies are going to partake in a K-drama challenge. We’re going to try and keep up with it and post every day.  So follow along and even participate for yourself! Check out our answers and lets hash it out.

The days are below and you can follow us on twitter to with the hashtag #31DayKdramaChallenge !


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Lazy Unnie’s Playlist ~ MONSTA X’s Take.2 We Are Here [REVIEW]

Hi! Welcome to my playlist! I listen to a ton of music daily, and sometimes I find that song or album that is deemed repeatable until my iphone is like “That’s enough bitch.” Either way, this is first of many reviews I’ll be doing.

As a guideline, here are my ratings:

  • Constant Repeat 4.5-5 Tape Decks
  • Love! Daily listens 3.5-4 Tape Decks
  • Meh, it’s okay 2-3 Tape Decks
  • Wae?! No, Next 0-1.5 Tape Decks

TITLE: Take.2 We Are Here



RELEASED: February 18, 2019

It has been under a year since I’ve fully committed myself to the Monbebe (Monsta X’s fan name) life. From the moment I heard the lisp come from Wonho’s lips in Beautiful, I was hooked. Now here they are with their 4th studio album and I can say Hyungwon wasn’t wrong when he described their music as MONSTA X K-POP.

As a followup to the explosive and experimental Take.1 Are You There?, MONSTA X answers the question clearly with 10 tracks that cement themselves in the sound of heavy bass-lines, explosive synths and intricate raps mixed with lovely melodies. Even though I found myself getting all nostalgic because some tracks felt like they came from the pages of previous releases, I didn’t feel like this was a step back for the group. To me, it felt like they were screaming, “Here we are! This is the shit we like!” and in the famous words of their maknae, “I am what I.M”


ALLIGATOR – Title Track

Rating: 4 out of 5.

As far as title tracks go, it’s alright. Catchy hook from the beginning. However, the melody reminds me too much of Dramarama at times but without the same hit. What saves the track is the rap line coming for necks with their relay verse. Reminded me of another legendary rap duo, *Coughs* ChanHun in Monster *Coughs*. But just like that, I was sucked into the song. Also helps that the stage performance is ELECTRIFYING.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This sets up the whole album. A build up of epic proportions. It’s like you’re waiting for the drop and when it comes, it feels satisfying. I would have liked it to be a bit harder, but you can’t go too hard out of the gate, right?


Rating: 3 out of 5.

The title explains it all. Everything about this track has a gothic vibe. And then the bridge comes in and makes it sweet and is wiped away after the rap

Play It Cool (feat. Steve Aoki)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Monsta X has dabbled into the house genre before but I think this is their first time really going for it with the help of Steve Aoki. At first listen I was like, meh. But after having it penetrate my whole being, the heavy bass and quick synth beats get me into the mood of 90’s dance music. Also to mention, singer Jooheon is a mood.

No Reason

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This one actually gives me a BTS Love Yourself vibe. I don’t hate it but it feels a bit not on par with the other tracks.

Give Me Dat

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Come though Kihyun vocals! This was a grower song for me.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Talk about AMAZING! This is my favorite track off the album. It has Beautiful vibes but different. It’s if Beautiful and Destroyer had a baby. The hook is amazing and got me wanting to body roll all over the place.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The beat is fire and is a great hype song. Best to listen if you’re working out. I like to call this my Wonho song because if I listened to this at the gym, I’d look like him. (Or not)


Rating: 2 out of 5.

I can do without.

Party Time

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is probably my second favorite track. Very R&B heavy. Deep bass and sweet vocals. This is the kind of track I can chill and groove to. Not a sound I hear often from Monsta X but would like to hear more of.

BONUS: Play It Cool (English Version)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Most of the time I don’t like English versions of songs because it just doesn’t translate well or it just doesn’t have the same vibe. But this one hits as much as the original. It’s pretty on par and I actually don’t prefer one over the other. And Kihyun is a lowkey English King.


I think this album allowed MX the liberty to play with a few new genres but stay true to the sound they’ve created. It was nice to see them collaborate with new producers and step in a broader limelight. Alligator as a title track wasn’t as in your face as Shoot Out was for me but it definitely has staying power.

PRODUCTION : 3.5 / 5
OVERALL : 4 / 10

Least Favorite Track(s): Stealer, Ghost
Favorite Track(s):
Turbulence, Party Time

Lazy Unnie’s Couch: The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Welcome to my couch! This is where you’ll see what has me glued to it and what’s caught my attention. Basically I’ll just be swooning over or booing dramas and your occasional movies.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes


A TV series centered around the unfolding relationship between free and unpredictable yet dangerous Kim Moo Young, who is called a “monster”. He is the first assistant in a Korean beer brewery who becomes a suspect when a woman’s suicide turns out to be murder. His life begins to change when he meets a kind, warm advertising designer named Yoo Jin Kang, who wishes to be Moo Young’s safe haven. She bears as many emotional scars as him. Yoo Jin Kang also has a brother, a homicide detective named Yoo Jin Gook, with 27 years of job experience. He strives to “reveal” who Moo Young really is and attempts to keep his sister, Jin Kang, away from Moo Young, with whom she begins to know. This is a remake on a Japaneses series called Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi.
(Source: AJ at MyDramaList)

I’m not sure since I started watching K-Dramas, that I’ve actually watched something that seemed so serious. But I needed a change from the regular Rom-Com that I tend to go to. My hopes were very high for this because I had watched Jung So Min in Because This Is My First Life, and I loved loved loved that! And then you have Seo In Guk, who I couldn’t help but fall in love with in Reply 1997. And Park Sung Woong really had me anticipating the series in the same way you’re excited to see your favorite film actor on the small screen.

What begins in mystery, with a woman’s questionable suicide, turns quickly into thriller as Yoo Jin Gook (Park Sung Woong) further investigates and finds the truth around the death. But you can’t dig deeper without getting dirty. Things start to unfold about the past of Jin Gook, his sister Jin Kang and the mysterious Moo Yeong. Lies start to unravel and childhood traumas come to light as the series progresses.

At first, I thought this was going to be a ass boring show. There was nothing rather exciting that happened but every minute that Moo Yeong was on the screen, I was interested. Not because he was pretty but there was something about his character that drew you in. There was a line where Jin Gook says that his heart races when he runs into Moo Yeong. That explains the exact feeling I got. It wasn’t a romantic flutter, but one where you just wanted to know more, dive deeper in. His nonchalant attitude toward life was surprisingly refreshing and dangerous.

On the flip side of that, Jin Kang at times got on my nerves. She was such a good character that I kept trying to find faults in her. And I think that her goodness was her fault. It was borderline naivety. But others, I felt myself wanting to coddle her.

However, once I got toward the end, it really took on a whole new beast. What I thought was the truth, turned out to be something entirely different. I took a break from watching for a bit, but the moment I picked it back up, I was enthralled. The way that I actually went on this emotional rollercoaster with Kim Moo Yeong to find the truth left me exhausted by the end. I was whipped from left to right with the shocks of the plot. And the expected dips turned out to be real sharp turns.


At the end, once things came to light, I’m left with a sadness for these characters that I couldn’t shake. Wishing that things were different but at the same time, knowing that it had to be this way. The three leads really carried this plot to the end and made it better. I think if it was anyone else, it wouldn’t have been as compelling.



Acting: 9.5/10
Story: 8/10
Music: 9/10 Overall: 8.5/10

Recommend? Yes
Fave Song: ‘Lost’ – An Ji Yeon

To All The Oppas And Unnies We Loved in 2018


Since it is a new year we decided to treat you all to the ‘oppas’ and ‘unnies’ that we absolutely loved in 2018. It was a lot harder than it sounds to only pick an ‘unnie’ and ‘oppa’ each but we did it! So please enjoy.


Zhang Binbin aka Vin Zhang

Dear Bae Bin,

Let me paint you a picture.. A sweet, innocent little girl who was pretentious and refused to watch Chinese dramas because ‘mandarin is too harsh to listen to’. She scrolled by all Chinese dramas on Dramafever (RIP) and ignored the pictures of this really attractive Chinese man on twitter. A few months later that same girl fell into her typical kdrama slum where nothing seemed to satiate her hunger, she decided to hit play on popular Chinese drama ‘Ten Miles A Peach Blossom’. It was there she found a new love of Chinese dramas and the love for a man, Vin Zhang.

You are absolutely breathtaking! A++ to your surgeon for crafting such an excellent nose! You solidified yourself as my bae when I caught you in ‘Pretty Li Huizhen’, (I kept watching for you, boo!) Soon I found myself greedily searching the depths of Chinese dramas to see your face. I have to admit, I was disappointed by the lack of main lead status and happy endings. You strike me as someone who is a doll and extremely hardworking. I believe that with your acting prowess and face there is great success in your future. Please continue to be the great man that you are and serve me more looks and delicious kisses.

PS- If you must insist on following Dilraba around then can we get a nice modern day romantic comedy with a happy ending? I AM BEGGING. 


Yoo Yeonjoo aka Yoo Shi-ah aka YooA

Dear Dollface,

MY DAUGHTER! MY SUGAR! MY ANGEL. I have appreciated Oh My Girl for years now and I always felt partial to Binnie and Jiho. This was mainly because I didn’t invest much time into your group on a whole. However, things rapidly changed when I saw “Remember Me”.. You stood out to me like no one else and I found your heel on my neck.

Being true to myself the minute I took note of you, I just wanted more and I found myself searching through your fancams and watching anything that you have been featured in before. The way you dance is a masterpiece! A doll-like beauty with exquisite dance skill. The dance with U-Kwon on Hit The Stage was insane. I think you are underrated as an idol and definitely one of the most well rounded of the batch. Your voice is equally as divine. I am sorry that I missed you when you came to Atlanta, but I look forward to seeing you the next time you touch American soil. I will continue to support you through everything because you more than deserve it. Let’s have an amazing year together!

Lazy Unnie’s ‘OPPA’

Park Seo Joon aka Park it right here

Dear Seo Joon,

You came into my life like a upper cut to my heart in Fight My Way. Then you made me want to punch you repeatedly in the face in She Was Pretty. At that point, I also gave up on you. You were hot but pretentious but somehow, I couldn’t get enough of you. The love was cemented when you chased after your own Noona in Witch’s Romance. After that, how could I have not been enthralled with you? Your smile, willingness to be goofy and lets not even get to the countless shirtless scenes and way you can kiss a co-star. By the time I got to your “particular” CEO in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?,  the love could not be denied. Things weren’t the best I have to admit. I haven’t finished Hwarang or Midnight Runners, but given the time, I’ll get there. Because let’s be honest Seo Joon, I just don’t know how to quit you! Let’s keep this one sided love going, shall we?


Lazy Unnie’s ‘UNNIE’

Seulgi aka My Wife

Dear Sweetheart,

I’m not sure where you came from, but one day I was minding my business and the next, I was worshiping at your dancing feet. Maybe it was the way you stole the stage for me with your special stage with Taeyong at the 2017 Mama’s. Or the way that with every Red Velvet video I watched, you seemed to catch my eye. I love cuteness, dancing and pretty people. You check every box off that list. Keep shining my little bear!



First Impressions – How Them Dramas Be?

This weekend I’ve been battling a cold and since I completed my weekly episodes of I Will Never Let You Go and Emily’s Five Things by midday on Friday, I figured it was time to try and get out of my kdrama slump. With many dramas come great responsibilities. So many new dramas have graced us as well as old dramas that I may have been too busy to catch during when they were originally airing. So here’s some first impressions of dramas that I have watched and whether I would recommend to keep watching or to pack it up and move on.

 Spring Turns To Spring

Kim Bo-Mi (Lee Yu-Ri) works as a TV news anchorwoman and she only cares about herself. Lee Bom (Uhm Ji-Won) was once a popular actress, but she is now a lawmaker’s wife. She focuses only on taking care of her family. Somehow these two women switch bodies.

I initially decided I wanted to check this out because I saw Yoo Ri in Father Is Strange and I caught a bit of Hide and Seek prior to deciding it was a bore and dropped it like a hot patty. This one seemed like the age old body swapping story so I figured, “Hey! What the heck.” The drama starts off showing us the difference between the two women’s lifestyle and I thought to myself that maybe I wouldn’t last after all. Still I continued on and immediately figured out that this drama was exactly my style. I am a sucker for female friendships because I feel like we don’t see enough in Korean dramas. I say Korean dramas because I often find that the Chinese and Taiwanese dramas I have been watching tend to have really strong female friendships. Although this drama feels very cliched and predictable I think we’ll be in for a treat!


  • The duality of the lead actresses: they are extremely believable when playing the other person.
  • Family interactions: there’s a very interesting development that is happening with the two leads and their various “families” that will be interesting to see.
  • Excellent comedic timing: I found myself thoroughly cringing during some scenes and laughing out loud as well.

I would definitely recommend checking a few episodes out especially if you’re a fan of seeing vibrant and layered female leads.

Where to watch: Kocowa or Viki

First Impression Score: 8/10

Romance Is A Bonus Book

Cha Eun-Ho (Lee Jong-Suk) is a genius writer and the youngest chief editor ever at his publishing company. He is smart and handsome. He is also even tempered at work, but he has a warm heart and a reasonable personality.

Kang Dan-Yi (Lee Na-Young) used to be a popular copywriter, but she is not anymore. She is now broke and unemployed. Even though she tries to find a job, due to her impressive career and excellent educational background, she is unable to find a new job. Finally, Kang Dan-Yi gets a job at a publishing company by lying about her background. Cha Eun-Ho is the chief editor at that publishing company. They begin to develop romantic feelings for each other.

I have a very tense relationship with Jong Suk or as I like to call him chapped lips (why he can’t use Vaseline??) I had zero desire to check this out and I decided I would cause I saw people had very differing opinions and so naturally I had to form an opinion for myself. It started off nicely and I thought to myself that perhaps the comments against it were just exaggerations. This first episode felt so unbelievably long but I understood the need to build the story. However, I couldn’t make it beyond the middle of the second episode. It is not as horrible as the comments I have been seeing, but I could tell midway that I am definitely not in the mood to watch this type of drama right now. It seems to be presenting itself as a kind of “slice of life” drama, but I found certain aspects to be so thoroughly unbelievable which I won’t say to avoid spoilers.  I won’t continue it but I could see myself skimming through the comments after the show is completed to see how things turn out. The editing in some parts of the episode assisted in elevating the humorous parts and I can’t get over how gorgeous Jung Eugene looked in her frames!!

I would recommend you check this drama out if you are into slice of life dramas and perhaps are looking for something that is romantic with very cute moments. Plus I heard there’s a LGBT couple so like that’s something to look forward to!

Where to watch: Netflix

 First Impression Score: 6/10

The Crowned Clown

Joseon is in a state of disorder due to uprisings and a power struggle surrounding King Lee Hun (Yeo Jin-Goo). To avoid assassination, a clown named Ha Sun (Yeo Jin-Goo) is brought to the palace to take the place of King Lee Hun. Ha Sun looks almost identical to King Lee Hun.

When Ha Sun was a child, his parents died during an epidemic. Ha Sun almost died from starvation around that time, but he was saved by a group of clowns. Ha Sun grew up with the clowns and became one of them. During their performance, Ha Sun would play King Lee Hun due to their similar physical appearance. Now, Ha Sun is nervous that someone in the palace will find out he is not the real king. He falls for beautiful Queen Yoo So-Woon (Lee Se-Young).

If there is one child actor who I have enjoyed watching blossom into an adult it is Jin Goo. I try not to have much expectations when it comes to dramas, but I can’t help being excited whenever I see him in a saeguk. Let me tell you… not even three minutes into episode one and I was already snatched by his flawless acting. HOLY SHIT THIS BOY IS GOOD. I didn’t need to hear the conversation with his father to know that they had a tense relationship, I could sense it from the very first scene. I never watched Masquerade which this show is based off and I doubt I will at this point because I do not want to compare, but wow the first two episodes were certainly something. My attention was just focused on Jin Goo, this boy is an ACTOR. It is just so unbelievable how freaking great he is.. I am equally disgusted by the king but also feel remorseful and it doesn’t make sense to me? I know I am like gushing over him, but he is honestly the highlight of the drama so far and the reason I feel compelled to keep watch. From what I have seen thus far it is not heavy on the romance, but even then I think there’s a nice chemistry between our leads.

If historical dramas aren’t your forte then I’d say skip it, but if you enjoy historical dramas and want to see Jin Goo shine in what he does best then give it a play.

Where to watch: Viki

First Impression Score: 9/10

Clean With Passion For Now

Jang Sun-Gyeol (Yoon Gyun-Sang) has mysophobia (fear of germs) and runs a cleaning company. He meets Gil O-Sol (Kim You-Jung). She has a bright personality and she does not mind getting dirty. With the help of Gil O-Sol, Jang Sun-Gyeol faces his mysophobia and also falls in love with Gil O-Sol.

Like Jin Goo, I have the softest spot for Yoo Jung. I enjoy watching her act and seeing her all grown up just makes me feel like a proud mom. I was anticipating this only for her as I’m not a big fan of the male lead nor the second lead. The story also sounded ridiculously cliched and dumb, but I just knew that Yoo Jung would deliver a comedic performance and boy it didn’t disappoint. Immediately from episode one I found myself laughing at her antics and also how unbelievably gross she is. I appreciate that the drama has already ended because it strikes me as a binge watch kind and I think that if I were watching while it was airing I would probably have dropped it. Of course I can’t be certain how my journey with this drama will go but I am definitely continuing it.


  • Yoo Jung looks absolutely stunning and filthy at the same time.
  • Chemistry between the leads feel very palpable.
  • The supporting characters seem promising.

Check this drama out if you’re into romantic comedies… Skip it if you don’t want to deal with cliches.

Where to watch: Sooo… uhhhh you know 😉

First Impression Score: 7/10



Monthly Roundup – January in Kpop

Not to steal Lazy Unnie’s thunder but I’m pretty lazy myself. Hehe. Therefore I decided to just lump all the kpop releases I’ve heard this month into a post which will then make it easier for me to do my year end list. Hehehe. Don’t expect a thorough analysis of the songs, this is just my opinion on the songs. Also it’s not about to be every single song that was released just the ones that I cared enough to listen to.

Bad Habits – Shaun

This song came from his single album An-nyeong.. The song is okay ? I mean as someone who really liked Way Back Home last year I was a little meh on this song and even the other songs as well (I won’t be mentioning them). I do like seeing Yoo Bi though so it’s not a complete disappointment.

%% (Eung Eung) – Apink

Hehehehe.. Sooooo….. I realized that I am stubborn. When So Sick came out last year I didn’t end up liking the song until they had finished promotions and I saw a live stage.. So naturally I didn’t like %% until I saw a live stage and now I literally cannot get it out of my end. The chorus is just so addictive and fun that I’m literally at my desk going Eung Eung every other minute. Hehe.

No – CLC

Everyone who knows me personally knows that I have always referred to CLC as my flop favorites. I love them to bits and I am always sad that they haven’t made it. Pepe was one of my favorite debut songs by a girl group. Crystyle, Free’sm and Black Dress are a few of my favorite mini albums. Was I salty that Gidle blew up and not them? Absolutely so. Was I even more salty that La Vie En Rose was supposed to be their song but was given to Iz*one instead? You BET! But see… unlike rabid Chesires, I know and understand how the kpop world works. At the end of the day if the public isn’t checking for ya they just not checking for ya. So even if CLC had released Latata (I barely like this song) or La Vie En Rose, it would have just been another song that CLC had that didn’t go anywhere. I mean they gave us To The Sky and Black Dress and still flopped… Anyways my telling you all of this was just to show that I am not a bandwagonist and therefore my words should be taken very seriously. In all honesty.. No was not that girl for me the first few times I heard it and I think it was my bias about the fact that Soyeon wrote and produced the song which meant that if they did hit success then Neverlands would say it was all due to them..It’s petty! I know! (Would you believe me if I told you that I genuinely do like Gidle and bias Yuqi? LOL) But in all honesty, I very rarely like a song on the first listen so I allowed myself to give it more listens and realized it’s not horrible.. However, when compared to the rest of the album it feels like Hobgoblin did on the Crystyle mini. I think No was a good choice as the title track, but my heart belongs to the b-sides as it typically does.

Tic Toc – NeonPunch

Oooh. So NeonPunch was a group that kinda fell through the cracks for me last year as many tend to do especially with how many nugus debut each year. I only ended up hearing this song cause I was on youtube and it started playing after and GAHHHHH. This was so fun to listen to! Gave me such good vibes and visually reminded me of tripping out on acid. Hehhe. Excited to hear more of them.

Valkyrie – Onesus

A recently debuted boy group under Mamamoo’s label and I enjoyed this enough that I would probably check them out again? LOL.

Loca – Favorite

I have seen Favorite on my timeline endlessly since they debuted but I have ignored them every time. I was on YouTube watching Apink stages when this song ended up playing next. At first I thought to myself, “Damn Kard has gotten bigger!” but then I realized that it was that group that oomf has been tweeting about constantly. Loca does nothing differently but is still somehow so immensely enjoyable. Maybe it’s their voices or the way the MV looked but it prompted me to go and examine more of their stuff and I ended up doing just that.. The mini is my taste and even their older stuff isn’t bad. Maybe I can add another nugu gg to my list.. It can be my humbling experience since Blackpink is doing so well.

Home – Seventeen

Ah Seventeen! Lol I really really liked Don’t Wanna Cry, Clap and Thanks, but unfortunately there is like 900 of them and I am too lazy to care. That being said, ahhhh Home really surprised me. I am a boring bitch, I enjoy this type of music so much more than the influx of noise that most boy groups make.. Bonus question: which is the more sexist company? YG OR PLEDIS?

All Night – Astro

It’s a cute song! Very easy to listen to and the video is really pretty BUT I MEAN that still doesn’t mean I’m not waiting on their disbandment. Eunwoo baby, lets drop this singing bullshit and get some acting classes so I can see more of you.

Q&A – Cherry Bullet

AOA’s little sisters! I have to admit, I was looking forward to their debut since we first saw the first member teaser last year.. Did this live up to my expectations? Not entirely.. I did like that it wasn’t a typical release for a girl group debut song and I like the choreo… However, could use more Chaerin and Linlin, but that’s just me.

La La Love – Cosmic Girls

Another group with 9 million members. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for them Starship said “Fuck China lives!!” and China-line has not been active with them. Meiqi and Xuanyi are on temporary hiatus as members of Rocket Girls 101 which is the Chinese version of IOI and I really don’t know what Cheng Xiao is up to but my guess is getting schmoney in China? Anyways I think Starship can eat shit and China-line should continue to live their best lives. So.. now to the song! HEHEHE.. I like La La Love! I don’t la la love it but it’s better than Happy so it gets multiple plays. My favorite Cosmic Girls song remains Secret even though it is 95% Yeonjung.

Say My Name – Ateez

Twitter basically bullied me into listening to this one. I liked it enough. Reminded me of Pentagon if I was listening to only the voices hehhe. I could see why people like them and maybe if I feel like it I’ll listen to them some more.

Gotta Go – Chungha

I. Love. This. Song. I was not into Love U like at all. It just felt like a track that went nowhere and did nothing for me. I legit forgot she even released it until someone on Twitter was like “don’t forget Love U!” So needless to say I was ready for Rollercoaster to be dethroned.  There is just something about this song that makes me feel so sexy?? Now… if you had asked me two weeks ago if Gotta Go dethroned Rollercoaster I would have said yes undoubtedly so.. However, lately it kinda feels like Rollercoaster is still THAT girl. We’ll see by the end of the year.

Even So – Luna

It’s no Free Somebody, but like its way better than Night Reminscin’ so lets take this W.

Heart – Punch

MY BALLAD QUEEN. Everything that comes out of her mouth is gold to me. I just love her voice so much. So sweet. This mini is just everything I wanted from her. Please sing at my wedding, Jinyeong!

XI (feat Lee Hi) – CODE KUNST



Sugar Baby's Favorite January Release:  %% (Eung Eung) - Apink


Love Yourself in Seoul: Film Review


I never got the chance to see BTS live on this tour or any tour. The fates were against me when they were in my city last year. So this was my only chance to experience them.

I haven’t watched a concert film properly since maybe *NSYNC’s No Strings Attached at Madison Square Garden (I know I’m dating myself). But I ventured into the city, against freezing wings, to watch BTS’ Love Yourself in Seoul in theaters. After donning myself in what little BTS merch, my Tata beauty band and Chimmy face mask, I had, I settled in. This was the second time this year I went to the movie theaters to see something BTS related. I went to see Burn The Stage: Movie and I have to say, it was one of the worst film experiences I’ve ever had. That ARMY filled audience wasn’t kind and screamed/talked the entire film. After that, I wasn’t sure what to expect today. With this being a concert film, I went in with an open mind and almost welcomed the hyped energy from ARMY. Boy, what I actually got was unexpected.

I have to admit, I arrived a little late. Blame MTA! Anyway, I got into the dark room and expected fans to be singing along to Same Me or doing a fanchant. What I wasn’t expecting was to hear no audience participation, no lightsticks, nothing! For a second, I thought the theater was empty but alas, people were in the nice recliner seats just enjoying the serenades of Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook.

Quickly finding my seat and catching my breath, I immediately started my own fanchants under my breath and a dance party in my seat. The people next to me, who I kept sneaking peaks at throughout the whole film, showed almost no emotion. Even when V shot hearts to the camera; stone faced. I guess they were stronger people than I. Regardless of the lackluster  crowd, who at times clapped after a performance or two, the highlight of my mid morning excursion was Bangtan Sonyeondan! Let’s discuss the concert.

Due to my tardiness, I missed the opening but with my research, I know I missed IDOL. Not too sad about that because it isn’t one of my fave songs. But coming in on Same Me, truly was a treat. There isn’t much I can say negative about BTS when it comes to performances. It’s the reason why I actually got into them. Their stage presence is always on an 11. The energy is always there and the dedication seeps through. Either it be a movie screen or the screen of your phone on Youtube, you feel what they’re leaving on that stage. The fans in the stadium received that energy and through it right back at them. Watching the waves of ARMY Bombs and the fanchants being sung for each song really gave me goosebumps. My heart swelled when Suga held out the mic and the audience filled in the purposeful gaps of the song. If I knew how to speak Korean, I’d be one of them for sure. Especially during I Need U, I was doing my best to keep up with them.

Now, the fashion! With every outfit change, I thought I was seeing the reincarnation of Liberace. Glitter on top of rhinestone mixed with flowing silks. Flash, flash, flash! Even with their solo stages, each outfit had… personality of its own. Personally, wasn’t a fan. I found myself snickering at one point when Jin was doing Epiphany. His suit basically looked as if a florist had vomited over him. Whew chile… if was much. However, when it came time for them to do their encore stage, each were fitted in white tops and blue jeans. I know from all the fan cams I watched over the summer and fall, that these were coming. But to see them actually performing in it, I felt as if the personality of each of them were shinning on that stage and not a blinged out top. I mean, V took my breath away in his cardigan and circle rimmed glasses. I’m so easy.

What also took my breath away was the set list. In particular, the inclusion of some of the songs that made me fall for BTS. Come on, they did a medley of Boyz with Fun, Attack on Bangtan, Fire, Silver Spoon (hip thrusts and all), and Dope. I was so close to jumping out my seat and dancing along with them with my no rhythm ass. Even though there were songs that I wish were included, *cough* Cypher 4 *cough*, I think the set list was a good mixture of new and old. Each had a solo stage and my bias’ proved why they hold the spots they do. But it was Jung HOEseok, who for some reason always leaves me shook after seeing him on a stage. When he started his solo of Just Dance, I was mesmerized. Maybe I”m a secret Hobi stan in denial. I’ll investigate at a later date.

As the film neared the end of its 2 hour run time, I started to have thoughts. As a multistan, I was torn because seeing the success of this tour and film, I want all artists to reach the heights of BTS. They show that it CAN be done in this age of fickle consumers. I also started to think about concert culture. How precious it is and how it is more than just the few hours that make the experience what it is. It’s the people in your section or the ones you’re pushed together with in a pit. I don’t want to compare it to war because I’ve never experienced that, but it is the closest thing to the trenches I can think of. Strangers, going through this one event that unites for more than that moment in time. I get why some concerts don’t allow the usage of cameras because why have a filter? At the end of the day, it’s you and the gift that artist shares with you. It’s your shared  moment.

Cause of your Euphoria.


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