31 Day K-Drama Challenge ~ Day 26


Lazy Unnie


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo… I’ve already already watched this twice and I’m sure I can watch it again and again. Any time I start thinking about it, I have the urge to rewatch.

Sugar Baby Unnie

Coffee Prince and Goong…. IT IS A TIE! I couldn’t truly only pick one because I seriously do rewatch these two dramas every single year. It can’t be helped. Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure it is about time for my Coffee Prince rewatch.



Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: ‘Emily’s Five Things’

Emily’s 5 Things/Five Missions


Can a magical letter in a bottle help someone face the most difficult issues in their lives?

Emily (Aviis Zhong) is an assistant in a law firm that specializes in divorce cases. Although she has the help of her best friend photographer, Dou Ru (Sam Lin), life hasn’t been easy. Her boyfriend treats her more like a servant than a lover, she hasn’t talked to her father in years, and she is bullied at work.

One day she finds a letter in a bottle with a list of things Emily has been avoiding.

  1. Say Goodbye
  2. Reunion
  3. Go Home
  4. Be Yourself
  5. Reverse

After her discovery, bizarre events keep occurring around her which leads her to believe that the bottle is actually cursed. Could it be that the only way to break the curse is to follow the list of things Emily has been avoiding the most?

Oh wow… This went from being something good that I unexpectedly liked to absolutely fucking annoying by the end of the series. I actually started watching this because I was bored and going through my kdrama slump which means I have been actively watching this every week since December! THAT IS THREE WHOLE MONTHS. I actually stopped watching when I finished episode 13 because I was way too frustrated and then I ended up forgetting to finish it up and so I did last night.

It seems as though I am falling victim to the bullshit that happens when a drama gets to its later episodes and everything gets needlessly complicated and drawn out in order to create this tension that mature adults should be able to talk through. If anyone knows me they know I absolutely cannot stand the ‘break their heart to save them’ trope. I think it’s stupid and selfish and it takes away the choice from the person that you supposedly love. I mean sure I can understand why characters choose to do it, but I still do not like it. More on this later.

Emily’s Five Things really started off strong and solid. It drew me in because I have such a soft spot for slice of life dramas, and I can enjoy a female lead who has kinda lost her way as it resonates with my feelings. I liked that every episode started with a flashback to her in high school days because you were able to see how different Emily was back then and understand Dofuru’s (Dou Ru) frustration with the way she was dealing with her relationships with the people around her. I especially needed her to break up with her boyfriend ASAP because he was just straight trash.. How she even started dating him was beyond me.

When it came to the plot everything felt like it moved very quickly, but also extremely slow.. I was on episode 7 thinking it was at least episode 21. There were very good themes and a strong cast. The overarching theme of being yourself was very well done. Although the synopsis hints at the possibility of some supernatural events occurring and frankly so does the first few episodes, that is not the case whatsoever. It truly is just a slice of life comedy with its few eccentric moments.. I will admit that I did end up feeling a bit cheated because of this.

So while this show was very enjoyable in it’s earlier times, my biggest gripe came down to how they chose to do this friends to lovers thing..  MILD SPOILERS AHEAD.

Emily and Doufuru love each other. Sure they both have liked each other for more than ten years and may have paused liking each other while they were dating each other people but at the very root of it all, they loved each other. Emily always called him her best friend and he did the same. He was always jealous of both the ex and the lawyer dude and she was jealous of the anchor girl. It was frustrating watching these two idiots deal with their emotions. I think the biggest flaw was that the screenwriter gave us the moments of them being a couple that when it came down to the reason why they couldn’t be together, it felt like the cheapest of cop outs and made up tension. Okay you have an aneurysm so you’re gonna be a selfish asshole martyr and break her heart by feeding her lies about being incompatible, reuniting with the skank lovely anchor lady and then run away from the country.. Boyyyyyyy….. It literally got me so damn frustrated because like he literally could’ve just talked to her and explain his situation. I swear I would rather just watch episodes of slow build steadily and then getting together than having people somewhat get together then break up for a stupid ass reason only to then get back together anyways in the last scene. And yes having an aneurysm or dying or any of that fucking variation of ‘I will break up with them for they’re own good because I am sick’ is selfish and stupid. TALK TO YOUR PARTNER. Deadass just talk to them and figure out whether they love you enough to wanna put up with your illness and like breakup amicably instead of having them look like a fucking fool trying to win you back when you’re literally destroying their world with lies and treating them like shit.. Honestly if it were me it would be fuck Doufuru for pulling that shit no matter how cute he gets when he smiles. It’s just so stupid to throw away ten years because you wanna be a damn martyr.

So anyways… My favorite character was….uhhh no one by the end of it because all of them just really started acting a mess and irritating the shit out of me. Oh ! Wait, I lied.. I liked Jinming’s ex girlfriend.. She was so kind and refreshing because she was never vindictive and worked hard to help him get Emily which we don’t get to see often so yeah I will go for her. Unlike I Will Never Let You Go, I am NOT willing to overlook the end and watch this again.

Would I recommend? Hit or miss… The first twelve will be nice to watch, the last three? Not so much.

phontoActing: 7/10 
Production Value: 6.5/10 
Music: 8/10 
Story: 6.5/10 

Overall Rating: 7/10
** Actual rating is 6.5, .5 points for the LV Cheng Cheng's voice

31 Day K-Drama Challenge ~ Day 25


Lazy Unnie

Lee Hwa Shin in Jealously Incarnate… I know he’s a lead and I am supposed to root for him, but there were times he just did horrible things. His attitude and whatnot wasn’t the best. And lets not even talk about his selfishness. All of my friends hated him when they watched the show, but I couldn’t not like it. Maybe it was Jo Jung Suk, but something about him just made me forgive every terrible aspect of his personality.

Sugar Baby Unnie

Bae Soo Bong in About Time… Oh god this drama was just so irritating. She kinda was the saving grace for me because even though I absolutely love Lee Sung Kyung, her character was not my cup of tea. Instead I found myself feeling very sympathetic towards Soo Bong despite all the fucked up shit that she did. And I wasn’t the only one feeling this way! Even my college roommate felt more sympathetic towards Soo Bong. I guess it was also cause ole boy was clapped and did not deserve either of them.


31 Day K-Drama Challenge ~ Day 24


Lazy Unnie

Jang Geun Suk in A Korean Odyssey… He. Was. A. Freaking. Peacock!!!

Sugar Baby Unnie

Lee Jong Suk in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo… This was a hella cute cameo! I may not have liked W but it was funny to see the references to it in his appearance. Funny enough I also wanted to include Jisoo’s cameo! I love when friends support each other.


31 Day K-Drama Challenge ~ Day 23


Lazy Unnie

You’re Beautiful…There are so many bromances I could have choose from. But I think a bromance doesn’t have to be limited to just two, so I picked one between three (or four). A.N.JELL  had their dysfunctions by at the end of the day, they didn’t let a girl or their egos break the band up.

Sugar Baby Unnie

Goblin… Literally the only reasons I acknowledge that this show exists are the bromance and the bomb ass soundtrack.. Yes I know I am one of the five people in the world who isn’t a shooter for Goblin.



31 Day K-Drama Challenge ~ Day 22


Lazy Unnie

Romantic Comedy… Even when I try to watch something different, it all goes back to how a drama gives me the feels with the romance or how much it can make me laugh. Maybe it’s me wanting escapism, but there is something about a quirky female lead and the male lead who falls for her. I will never not like this genre.

Sugar Baby Unnie

Romantic Comedy…. Sign me up for all of it! It can come in the form of fantasy, historical, slice-of-life, medical.. I am not picky. Give me love and give me laughs!



Lazy Unnie’s Playlist ~ Top Ten Hoe Anthems


Everyone loves a good hoe anthem. And if you don’t know what I mean by hoe anthem, I mean that song that makes you want to shake your ass and take over some shit. To me, these are the songs that get me in the “mood”…

NCT U’s “The 7th Sense” – My favorite NCT U song. Hits on every level. 

Jay Park’s “Solo” – Some would argue that All I Wanna Do is the better hoe anthem. I beg to differ. 

EXO’s “Sweet Lies” – It was a travestry that this wasn’t a single and a MV was released. Damn you SM.

Taemin’s “Thirsty” – Can’t really have a hoe anthem list without this hoe. 

Hyolyn’s “Dally” – COME. THRU. KWEEN

DEAN’s “I’m Not Sorry” – Again, could have picked a number of songs of his, but this puts me on my bad bitch vibes.

CL’s “Lifted” – Everyone’s go to is Hello Bitches but this is equally as a hoe anthem.

GOT7’s “Teenager” – Cause these my hoes. 

Pristin V’s “Get It” – I wish they did more songs like this. 

Seo In Guk’s “BeBe” – I need a moment. The hoe is coming out and I need to simmer down.

Honorable mentions

Monsta X’s “Tropical Night” – Makes me wanna find a pole.

EXID’s “DDD” – Queens of Hoe Anthems.

J-Hope’s “Baseline” – I dance to this with the stankest face ever and love it.

31 Day K-Drama Challenge ~ Day 21


Lazy Unnie

It’s Okay, That’s Love and Fight For My Way… IOTL had been reccomended to me for so long and I knew that I wanted to watch it. I love EXO so it was a must to see Kyungsoo. And I have a hate love relationship with Gong Hyo Jin. Sometimes I love her and other’s I want to smack her. I had just finished Master’s Sun, so I was in the “Love Her” mood. And then midway, I needed a Fight For My Way rewatch to cleanse my soul.

Sugar Baby Unnie


Spring Turns To Spring -: This was such a corny drama and ugh I loved every single moment of it.



31 Day K-Drama Challenge ~ Day 20


Lazy Unnie


Tempted/The Great Seducer… I waited for this and was so excited to watch. And then it actually aired and I got to maybe episode 10 and had to stop. Joy’s acting was just so terrible and they were ruining the parent story for me. I really don’t see myself going back to this one sadly.

Sugar Baby Unnie


Wok of Love …. Oh god there’s sooo many dramas that I have started and can’t complete. I just went for the most recent one on the “on-hold” list cause that’s where all my dramas go to die. Great actors; wack ass storyline.



31 Day K-Drama Challenge ~ Day 19


Lazy Unnie

Goblin… When they go to the movies to see Train to Busan, I lose my shit. Here is he trying to be all strong and “manly” but when it starts, he’s a little bitch! When he screams “I want to leave! I want to leave!”, I almost piss my pants. This show had a bunch of funny scenes like this but this one took the cake. Also, love how meta it was.

Sugar Baby Unnie

Surplus Princes…. When Do Ji Young finds out that Aireen was not into him and it transitioned into a parody of G Dragon’s ‘Crooked. loooool the way he nailed it too! Still makes me laugh so much.