12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Eight Maids-a-Milking

8 Stunning Visuals We all acknowledge how beautiful our Korean entertainers are! After all it is how most of us got sucked into this mess. Just like the eight beatitudes aka blessings that were recounted by Jesus, we have been blessed with faces that were a gift from God! or Dr. Miami but that’s okay.Continue reading “12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Eight Maids-a-Milking”

12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Nine Ladies Dancing

9 Dancers Dancing We decided to go a little literal with today’s post and indeed choose nine dancers dancing. We both did a different kind of approach to this in the way we chose which dance choreography/covers to share. I, Sugar Baby, went the route of picking a few idol main dancers and showing someContinue reading “12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Nine Ladies Dancing”

12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Ten Lords-a-Leaping

10 KDRAMA COMMANDMENTS Ten Commandments speaks for itself! What better way to have some fun than to create our own ten commandments. These Ten Commandments should not be taken seriously and are a composite of Kdrama clich├ęs. Some of which we may love and some of which truly annoy us. It is your duty toContinue reading “12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Ten Lords-a-Leaping”

12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Eleven Pipers Piping

11 Fan Appreciation Moments The bread and butter for idols are their fans! The loyal and faithful, which bulk buy albums and streaming passes. They snatch concert tickets as soon as they go on sale. They buy them gifts such as billboards, planes, stars and literal kingship to show their love. Granted some fans doContinue reading “12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Eleven Pipers Piping”

Unbothered Unnies Presents ’12 Days of Kristmas’

Since we’ve been spoiling you guys with a themed post for the last two months, we have to give a big up to the most wonderful time of the year. Join us on our Christmas countdown as we enjoy the 12 days of Korean culture. What is interesting is that while we were trying toContinue reading “Unbothered Unnies Presents ’12 Days of Kristmas’”

Thankful Unnies #5 – Thanksgiving Dinner of Dramas

Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate!! What would Thanksgiving be without food? Just a day of shopping, am I right? But who wants that?! My favorite part is the food. So, that’s what the inspiration for this last installment . Here is the Thanksgiving Menu with Dramas! THE MAIN DISH – TURKEY THE HEIRS TheContinue reading “Thankful Unnies #5 – Thanksgiving Dinner of Dramas”

Thankful Unnies #4 – House of Jupiter

Let the fall babies unite! ITS MY BIRTHDAY BABY! The precious only child of my parents arrived into this world miraculously on this day some years ago. I am one of those people who freaking loves their birthday. I love the attention, gifts, food. Even when I have to share the day with Thanksgiving, I’mContinue reading “Thankful Unnies #4 – House of Jupiter”

Thankful Unnies #3 – Dramas For Your Soul

When I was a kid they had those books “Chicken Soup for the soul”. This is kind of what we’re going for. 10 dramas that are good for our souls. They recharge us, make us feel warm and gooey and are easy watches. Even some might make us cry, but a good cry can beContinue reading “Thankful Unnies #3 – Dramas For Your Soul”

Thankful Unnies #2 – Fall Back

It’s fall so along with all the good things, comes an extra hour of sleep! Or as most say, the end of Daylight Savings Time. The little saying “Spring Forward, Fall Back” has inspired our post for today. We’re going to be listing some of our favorite November comebacks from the last decade! LAZY UNNIE’SContinue reading “Thankful Unnies #2 – Fall Back”