Hit me baby one more time…

As a rule of thumb, at least for me, rewatching is a chore. I’m not a fan because my initial reactions are my truest. Granted, I am a rule breaker and that extends to my own rules. Even though I’m not a fan of rewatching shows in particular, I do find myself hunkering down to watch some of my old tried and trues. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched ER for it would be too embarrassing.

Now when I started this journey of kdrama watching a year ago, my watchlist was lengthy. It still is; over 80 dramas to get to. I anticipated to make it through the list faster than I’ve been going, blame the variety shows I discovered and now the ending of dramafever doesn’t help. (Check out Sugar Baby Unnie’s rant on those matters) But lately I’ve found myself yearning to watch some of the shows that made me fall hard into this niche little hole. As I stated above, I’m not that big a fan of rewatching because my reactions and feelings tend to stay firm. However, with the following three shows, it put my beliefs to test.

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007) – First watched: September 2017; Rewatched: September 2018


I toyed with the idea of celebrating my year marker with revisiting the drama that started it all for me. This was first recommended to me by my best friend. Which in fact was recommended to her by Sugar Baby Unnie, so small world. It took me a while to actually get into it. I had watched the first episode and then kind of abandoned the idea of watching. Promises of going back were hanging in the air, but a boredom of regular television sent me back in its arms. And did it embrace me warmly. I devoured episode after episode, grew frustrated with some of the plot points (I mean how could he NOT realize Eun Chan wasn’t a guy?!), but somehow through all of that I became an addict. By episode 16, I was dying for more and praying it wouldn’t end. Once I was finished, I was completely in love with Gong Yoo and hopelessly devoted to dramas.

Fast forward a year later, and it was time to rewatch. Since watching Coffee Prince, I had watched 27 dramas other than Coffee Prince. Ones that weren’t as old as it and other genres. I was scared that my thoughts and feelings would be different and I wouldn’t even like Coffee Prince as I thought. When I did my first watch, it was rated 10/10. I’m usually generous with my rating, but this was ultimately everything that I would compare others to. When it came to the rewatch, at first I was a little bored. Bored? What?! I know, but I quickly remembered that when I first watched, I had feelings of boredom with certain plot points and development. But once I got into the nitty gritty of the drama, I quickly remembered why it is still one of my highly rated dramas. I got all the goosebumps in the same places and my heart clenched when Eun Chan looked longingly to Han Kyul. Ultimately, I was glad I took that walk down memory lane with this one.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (2016/2017) – First watched: September 2017; Rewatched: September 2018


Already being in my feels and trying to push through Hwarang for the 10th time it felt like, I needed something light and fluffy; Enter WFKBJ. I first watched this during my first phase of k-drama binge watching. I immediately fell in love with the story, characters and all the tropes they were throwing my way. The chemistry was off the charts and when I found out the actors were dating, I wasn’t that surprised. Everything about WFKBJ was perfect to me; the heartache, romance, comedy, and eye-candy was all top notch. When it came to rewatching, it felt like I was putting on a comfy sweater and curling up with a warm cup of coco. My first feelings matched my rewatch ones. For some reason, it felt like I fell more in love with it the second go round, which I didn’t even think was possible. Still a 10/10.

So far so good, right? Rewatching was going good, I was liking everything, I was happy. Why not rewatch one more show…

Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon (2017) – First watched: September 2017; Rewatched: October 2018


I love Park Bo Young. I love Park Hyung Shik. Those are just the facts. I didn’t even know who they were when I first started this drama, but I saw a gifset of Hyung Shik’s character freaking out over Bo Young in a wedding dress. I knew I had to watch it even just for that scene. However, when I started watching, something felt off. All the little boxes of things I loved in other dramas were checked. The plot was hilarious, a girl with super human strength and people who love her. Even had a creepy murdery sub-plot that really held my attention. Throughout the whole first watch, I fell for the cutesie scenes between the leads. But my heart never soared as high as I anticipated.

After rewatching WFKBJ, I wanted to keep with the light feeling. What I thought was going to happen, I was going to fall more in love with these whacky characters and their story. NADA. Boy was I wrong. I found myself pushing through each episodes, getting easily distracted, even skipping scenes! Something about the plot and the characters had lost their magic. Did I still love Bong-Soon and Minhyuk? Of course. Did I still find the serial kidnapper creepy yet oddly sexy? Hell yes. But somehow, it made me realize that not all shows are rewatchable for me.

Moral of this post? Don’t rewatch everything, and try to tackle my never ending watchlist.

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Welcome Back Kdrama Kiss Queen

Allo! I come to you, one week later and one year older (I recently celebrated a birthday) but anyways so I am like maybe one of like four kdrama fans left on this earth who are still very into Yoon Eun Hye. Call it nostalgia because she was the lead of the very first kdrama that I watched  or call it a true appreciation of a kissing goddess, but I love that bitch. My good sis was such a liar though fam…. Like she said that she was coming back from 2016 and I waited and waited but finally, FINALLY, she will be back in a new drama called ‘Love Alert’ airing on MBN which Viki has gotten the rights to. I have been keeping a keen eye on the development of this drama for a while because I was still extremely skeptical of whether or not Yoon Eun Hye would indeed be making her kdrama comeback. I wasn’t quite familiar with the network, MBN, and ended up doing some research on them……. very underwhelmed by the products that I have seen attached to their name.. However, I do believe she made a good choice in choosing a cable network and I am actually really glad that she turned down that robot one that she was rumored  to have been reviewing because robot dramas are usually a hit or miss and more times than not it’s the latter. ‘Love Alert’ was definitely the more appealing drama, a certified romantic-comedy with everyone’s favorite trope: ‘a fake relationship becoming real’. We have seen Yoon Eun Hye in a similar role before and even though I haven’t seen anything with her male lead, I read that this was a pairing that was destined to happen as he was supposed to be the male lead of ‘Coffee Prince’ which I owe my forever ship of Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye to! Yes, I know I am delusional, no I do not care. So basically what I’m saying is that I am giving this my views regardless because I miss her so fucking much! In honor of her return, Wednesday October 31st, 2018.. I present to you my definite ranking Yoon Eun Hye’s dramas and movies.

9. Na Mi Rae – Marry Him If You Dare

NAMIRAEThe drama was boring. Half of it didn’t make any sense. I was physically ill as I tried to finish this drama for Yoon Eun Hye. How dare you cast kiss queen and have no kissing but call yourself a romantic comedy? Get the fuck out of my face. Mi Rae was very.. uhmm.. plain? She was what I imagine that vanilla ice cream would be if it were a person.

8. Lee Ji Hyun – The Vineyard Man

leejihyunI’m gonna be honest, I didn’t watch this drama. It probably could be better than the productions listed below, BUT I do know it isn’t any worse that the one listed above because I actually saw a picture that looked like they kissed and that’s already beating out Marry Him If You Dare.

7. Kang Hye Na – My Fair Lady

KAnghanaThe drama itself was very difficult for me to get through because I do not like either male leads and as such could never actively root for any romance. Her acting did seem a bit immature and OTT here, but I theorize it to being the way the character was written. However, this definitely made me have a desire of seeing Yoon Eun Hye as a bratty character, perhaps with a better storyline and attractive male leads.


6. Han Min Joo – Legend of Seven Cutter

7cuteerI enjoyed this movie for what it was and that is it. I do think Yoon Eun Hye has a certain charm when she plays a less than acutely girly character, however not much dynamic or range where this role was concerned. Still, it was enjoyable.


5. Lee Yoo Min – My Black Mini Dress/Little Black Dress

little-black-dress1Ah! This was actually a really good movie because it contained a few other actresses that I found extremely likeable. I quite enjoyed the role she played here, it was something that someone in their mid 20s could enjoy.

4. Lee Soo Yeon/Zoey Lou – I Miss You

imissyouA melodrama role that had me extremely skeptical. The drama itself is actually pretty good. I’m just not a fan of Park Yoochun which probably explained why I felt the chemistry to be a little lacking. Overall she did a great job at portraying Zoey’s emotions and this was a role that showed a growth in her acting. It was such a shame she went downhill by choosing Marry Him If You Dare after …. Oh also she looked bomb as fuckkk!

3. Gong Ah Jung – Lie To Me

lietomreFor the most part I genuinely enjoy this drama minus episodes 13 to 16 which were frankly just a waste of time. She had really good chemistry with her lead and the cocoa cola kiss was AMAZING!!! I definitely have a high rewatch factor for this one cause it’s Yoon Eun Hye doing what she knows best, having perfect comedic timing!

2. Shin Chae Kyung – Goong

Yoon-Eun-Hye-as-Shin-Chae-Kyung-princess-hours-21827965-1024-768This is another with an insanely high rewatch value! I am literally rewatching it as I write this post. The chemistry between her and Ju Ji Hoon was really good. Yes, it doesn’t really have the best acting, but it’s still better than most. The only unfortunate thing of this drama is how ridiculously long it is and how it kinda wouldn’t be a drama that could be dropped into today’s modern society. Overall though, Shin Chae Kyung was a pleasantly adorable character and fresh faced Yoon Eun Hye did what she came to do!

1. Go Eun Chan – Coffee Prince

coffee-prince-4OF COURSE THIS IS NUMBER ONE. THE BEST OF THE BEST. CREME DE LA CREME. I DESERVE A REUNION WITH HER AND GONG YOO BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW IF THE CHEMISTRY IS STILL THERE! There is nothing I can say about this drama that millions haven’t said before me. It’s really a staple in Korean drama and you’re a weak ass wack ass dumb ass bitch if you haven’t watched it as yet. This drama made Korea gay and that’s the true tea! Give me a Yoo/Yeh drama, movie, CF, variety appearance… anything really. I even took the win when they were both in the same magazine! I will take ANYTHING.

Well that’s it! If you want to check out the teaser for ‘Love Alert’:

And yes, I WILL be recapping it!



Yo, Dramafever, WTF?

Did I plan on my first post being about Dramafever? No, absolutely not but a bitch is heated. If you are like me, you logged on to your favorite streaming site for the best asian content (sorry not sorry Viki) to find that it has been shut down. Now, I have been a loyal Dramafever user since 2011 and I am in utter and complete shock at how blindsided myself and seemingly many others were by this. I was literally in the middle of watching a Chinese drama when my screen went blank, I hit refresh then I saw this message:


I am not going to pretend that I am some business savvy person and I understand anything about acquisitions and all of that. I am only here to complain and vent my frustrations. No email out? Yet I got an email every damn weekend in English and Spanish about which dramas were coming and what were finished that I could binge? This goes beyond me just being upset that I can no longer stream ‘100 Days My Prince’  but rather the radio silence that us as subscribers are getting? How is the refund process going to happen? WHEN will we get our refunds? We deserve answers! Warner Bros sucking ass as usual. Pfft that’s why Justice League flopped.

Okay well I guess I learned my lesson…..Never gonna watch anything legally every again!